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Angry French Onion Soup - Epic Meal Time

by Epic Meal Time • 3,291,839 views

LIKE/FAV EpicMealTime, we're taking soup to the next level! Not your dumb vegetable and tomato soup hater! This one's got bacon, french toast and onion rings. Plus we made a whole bunch of...

whiter than the crowd of bieber concert hjahahhahaha
Hottest chick in history!
man i miss the old epic meal times :(
Love looking back t these
I know some one who hates nutela like realy hates it
Omg im actually concerned about you guys. You guys are gonna be soo unhealthy :(
they also dont eat all of it in one sitting, and if they do, im sure there is a large group
I'm pretty sure they eat healthy most of the time but on Tuesdays they don't
RIP founder of Nutella. #Respect  
Just wow, there was enough junk there to give a T-rex a heart attack...
go fuck yourself, Harley.
lol the bieber joke got me laughing
can that actually be counted as a soup anymore?
Yeah but they call it a French soup and the French always like to call something different than what it really is so it makes sense.
If I had a dick, I'd stick it in that soup. 
I have a dick, i'd stick it in your pauosseyx
She gonna get so fat
unless she dies first
I love this show! I laugh my ass off every time!
Go fuck yourself sauceboss! :D hahahaahahaha
lol he's so drunk his eyes are crossed
While I watch this I'm starving
read this comment, Harley.
This is what real men watch food pornos
Go $@&# Yourself xD
Go Fu(quack) yourself.
THAT LOOKS SO DELICIOUS And I want the food too
daaang, love the way she's eatin that bread stick 
DUMBASSES fries in French Onion Soup sick but I love bacon
go fuck your self (i was told to say this)
Watching this, while eating toast with bacon... feeling so jealous right now.
She's gonna have the worst farts ever...EPIC farts....
goooooo fuck yourself
Go f--k yourself also u told me to leave it in the comments
If they got rid of the "narrator" this would be a lot better, just my opinion not asking for yours
a-dripin that nutella a-sauce
That's totally disgusting...
Lmfao that liked better than sex!!!!!!
im elergic to nutela so
Best ''show'' on you tube;) and soon on the FYI network. For Your Indigestion.
Go <insert unknown sound here> yourself.
lol he eats the napkin
I gained 1500 calories just watching
Just like you said, GO F**K YOUR SELVES!!!!
I peed when I saw that girl
where is muscle boy with glasess?
the foooood mealll of a lifetime
Wtf ever happen to Tyler anyway? Did he die?
I felt as sick as just watching this
Man now I want to make three batches of it because it soundzz good
I love you're vidio duds ther asum :)
they're from Montreal
where do they get these girls from? are they hookers or strippers?
Just got a heart attack just watching it
I have only one thing to say: Go fu<k yourself!
Bacon... leave to go get some bacon never comes back too high a cholesterol
"leave a comment below tell me to go fuck myself"  f u  check xD NICEEAAhh
I have never eaten nutella...
This is when the show was still good I remember
Sarah looked better in the meat log episode so innocent looking. She looks like a mean one here tho lol
i like nutella only on booties 
so week. i go back to R.O.S.M. the vikings are most brutal.
all these "angry french canadian" things are making it hard to breathe. onion soup with poutine and french toast. omg, respect and fare well
Next time the dog eats hahhahahahahahahahahahahahaha
if the dog breaths the police might shoot it for obstruction or sum shit
Oh yeah, that sexy soup.
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