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Jan -- Behind the Scenes: Entertainment on Demand | Feat. Stephen Moyer & Virginia Madsen | WIGS

by WIGS • 20,402 views

Subscribe to WIGS on YouTube today! "Jan": Behind-The-Scenes 1 of 12 -- "Entertainment on Demand": The stars of "Jan" - Stephen Moyer, Virginia Madsen, Caitlin Gerard, and...

Caitlin Gerard is so pretty.
i really enjoy these series so far. please keep this up!
Maybe I'm missing something in translation but I can already view all your episodes on my phone!?
The girl playing Jan is so sweet and gorgeous! Can't wait to see more :)
Jan is so pretty without her glasses! I mean with them too.. but without them she's GORGEOUS.
Wonderful idea! We may or may not have one in the works ;). Also, the non-email option is default for YouTube, unfortunately. We are trying to educate people to check the box, though!
WIGS was right to cast Caitlin as Jan. She's certainly growing on me. [c=
Thank you. It's offensive that they're calling them pioneers just because there are a few famous people in this one and they have huge advertising....I've been watching Awkward Black Girl and Fly Guys for a couple of years now.
YAY!!!!!!! we love tracy, awsome showcase trace. I love watching behind the scenes and finding out just how much goes into what we watch.
Hope they write more and keep this going
Recently discovered this thanks to my brother--I think Jan is my favorite so far and I would so love there to be more!
Love the series. Want season 2. Come on, don't leave us hanging like this. Give us more.
You guys should do a mobile app for the channel. You should also push the email option when people subscribe since you release multiple videos in a day.
anymore "Jan" episodes to come?
Well tell him to keep writing and make like 20 more!!
It's true! But a mobile app would mean you don't have to search for them.
Most people are only now learning what a vlog is, if they even know... plus, why would I care to her a random stranger online talk about their own life in videos? Most of us don't have the time or interest in that. I liked this because it was an interesting show. What are vlogs? Ooh, bad day at work today, next day - my kid made the honor roll, my dog pooped on my carpet. NO ONE CARES!!! THATS WHY WE LIKE SHOWS LIKE THIS BC THEYRE ENTERTAINING.
This is my new favorite web-series!
AMAZING!! I hope that keeps happening and maybe MORE episodes will be born??
Mel said 12 episodes... I thought it is 15 episodes?
I need more Jan. Ever since it ended I've been waiting for season 2.
I don't understand why everybody is like "i love 'blue', hate 'jan'" cause i love both of them. 'Jan' is awsome.
I am enjoying this series very much but I watched,at first, for Stephen Moyer! (so YUMMY)
It actually started out as 12, but then Jon Avnet, the writer and director, just kept writing! And three more episodes were born.
I'm hoping for another season of Jan! Love this series. :)
Enjoying this YT Channel so much! Love this series and the behind the scenes extras!
When will there be a season 2.
12 episodes?ive been watching 15! kyle <3
BLOWN away by Kyle Gallner! First time I have seen him. Fantastic actor! He reminds me of Joaquin Phoenix. Very sexy!
is it weird that im still scared of virginia madsen even when shes not playing her role? lol
Stephen Moyer is so charming in this series. Love his weird shower habit.
I hope you do a season 2, i loved these series!
It's cool to see the girl who plays Jan talk on this. Such a bubbly personality I wouldn't expect knowing her character on tv
May I ask how WIGS funds all of this? I love it so far, and I can only wonder where the money is coming from, because I don't think it's from Youtube.
would you mine telling me what camera you use for this?
Those little ads pay enough to pay for all this?
Hey, welcome to the world of webseries. It's been around for a long, long time.
Cool, you should check sxePhil iPhone app for his channel. It's one of the best I've seen.
Wow. They really think THEY'RE the ones who are cutting edge. WE are the ones who built YouTube through vlogs, collaberations, and whatever WE wanted to do. And I've been watching TV and shorts, and whatever I can find ONLY online, for several years now. Hollywood has their heads so far up their butts that they just now realized things have changed? Wow.
I didn't know Kyle Gallner was in this series! Love him! Can't wait to see the episodes with him in it
Please make a season 2! This one was so beautiful!
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