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by Philip DeFranco • 1,636,469 views

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If I was your wife... ::STARES OFF INTO SPACE, DREAMY-EYED, AND SIGHS:: ...If I was your wife, each night as you rolled off of me in a haze of sexual satisfaction, the first thing I would say is "I've just been Phil-ed in." Now, is it more weird that I've thought about this or that I felt the need to share it? Judges?
I am in the middle of laughing my a$$ off and shaking my head saying "Gross" at the same time.
Joel Farrelly - In response to your question, yes.
Fake News reports: Brad Pitt has infected Angelina Jolie with AIDS, that he contracted from a brief fling with a Somali schoolteacher.
Next question shoukd be "did you hear Charlie Sheen will be running for Governor next term?"
always good to watch stupid people xD
Next question, did Paul Walker survive?
Eh people should know that the US owes china a lot of money and China would never declare war because US make up more than 60% of their export goods
The fake news story: Bruce Willis was murdered in a hotel today by a hooker that he hired. The drugged up hooker stabbed him 3 times in the gut during sex before he bled out 10 minutes later. She is on the run now. A box of viagra was found near the body which at he time of death... had a boner. This is a very unfortunate story but he truly did DIE HARD...
this is just pure perfection!!
Next fake story Justin Bieber comes out the closet with his Mexican boy band lovers
Dude. How about you go do this to every other commenter as well. Surely you didn't just single me out?
i say tht u ask people how they feel about kim kardashian removing some of her booty lol
the hell is the black dude in the blue hoodie wearing on his head?
Ya and they don't even use toilets lol funny
puahaha im Korean so i dont know ahahha
@AyukuraChan we just gave out some great insights and knowledge on toilets to the people of Youtube. hahaha
1) 2pac reveals he was in witness protection. 2) North Korea changes its country name to Korea Lite, to entice more tourism. 3) China starts outsourcing jobs to America just because they can.
i watched the dark knight in the cinema once with my sister, and few days ago i went again because my friends asked me too, so yeah, cinema>my tv/computer screen
I really like your attitude keep it up.
The Beginning of the Zombie Apocalypse, perfect fake news story.
A Korean nuclear missile malfunctioning and exploding at the silo killing thousands in a nearby town.
Fake News Story " Charlie Sheen admits he has a problem and is now going voluntarily to AA, SA and rehab!"
Anyone know where i can watch/read that shia lebeouf interview?
AHAHA well little do you know apple makes more money per hour than the US gov dose, well saying that I do so meh.
She's prob referring to when we dropped the A-bomb on Japan and fucked 'em up.
Philip Defranko shoein to win presidency
QOTD: Terrorists have bombed the International Space Station
Just another reason for me to want to be Megan Fox... /: Lucky .
Next fake story: Pixar has said they are doing a Toy story 4:Retirement life.
@imtonasty that and none realizes yes china has a billion ppl but realize most of them are starving and could probably barelly fight would say there are parts of china still in 3rd world stages
Fake News: English (grammar, punctuation) or arithmetic will no longer be taught in schools as studies show it's become obsolete
What's the colour called of your room. The Blue? It's cool.
Ha! Out at a movie last night in Atlanta where a fight started in the theater. It prompted us to start quoting this. Too good!
Shia Labeouf is like the prince douche.
You remind me of Christopher Mintz Plasse LOL!
Why did she say they don't use toilets in China
The queen has stepped down from her role and now boris johnson is queen
5:03 wat does she mean come out on top again america has never won a war by themselves! the only time they can win is when its against themselves :/
Lady in the Purple: Oh Wow.... Ive Been to China...
fake news story: A ~lady gaga in running for the goverment B~ justin beiber got a texas girl pregneant and offered the family money to keep quiet.
I would have responded: WorldWar3!? I'm going home to play MW3!!!
Fake News: Osama Bin Laden Ressuracted.....A church declares him jesus' brother...(maybe too offensive)
The Story Should be Apple declaring bankruptcy or discontinuing the Iphone
4 movies for $30 a month, I would go for that.
Sorta HEADLINES: 1) Archduke Ferdinand found alive - World War 1 a hoax! 2) Hitler confesses - I just got lost on highway - sorry about that Poland thingy! 3) Sweden/Russia Apologize - Chernobyl was just a bad joke - nothing really happened - we got bored and just made it up!! It was funny to us - for a while!! 4) Dell admits - laptops MAY explode if certain keys are pressed in sequence! 5) GM Admits - We were just below $1 billion in monthly sales - we didn't really need government bailout!
Figures. The black chick believes him when he says China declared war on America.
you should tell people that a study shows that dubstep can cause seizures.
You should say that Ozzy Osborn is dead and then they say izzy then you say no Ozzy then walk away like a bosw
how about you leave the captions up for more than 1 second you inconsiderate cunt
We love Lindsay as much now as ever.!,,Lindsay is a kind and loving person.,Everyone needs to practice loving kindness and peace.,,Jesus ONLY teaches peace.!
"Preliminary reports have said that she passed out in the hot tub." "I think there's more to it than that.." Me: OHMYGOD IT'S FAKE WHITNEY HOUSTON. [Too soon..?]
You should do the fake news every now and then
"we will pull out on top again" its funny cus if that really did happen, no one would win. nuclear wars a bitch lmao
5:09 love the panda express in the background while talking about the chinese declaring war on the US...lolol
Brian Austin Green and Shia LeDouche? You Mr DeFranco are correct, no standards at all.
Remember that one time when jimmy kimmel did the same thing...but called it Lie witness news
@patriciafreitas93 that's actually kinda true. I'm chinese and most places have urinals for pissing and a hole in the ground for shitting. it is rare to find toilets in china
We had the assistance of the French, the only war the United States has ever participated in without participation was the Civil War and as he pointed out, that was against ourselves.
Crop Circles? I know, I know, but really there are no easy answers out there. Seriously, just look into it a bit, massive, unique, perfectly symmetrical and often profoundly beautiful geometric patterns appearing in a few hours or less and are still occurring in numbers that make them virtually impossible to explain... best of luck trying to make sense of it...
Taco bell bought the liberty bell to call it the" taco liberty bell" and "the Lincoln memorial is now renamed to the " Lincoln ford memorial"
What did that girl meant when she said I'm Korean I don't know what is going on...FFS
So basically your new segment could be called "HOw Many People in the US, are as Stupid as the Rest Of the World Thinks They All are?" HOMPUS SROWTTA! Yeah that was me failing to be funny, or even clever. Anyway, take it easy US, vote for Obama and give up your right to carry a gun.
I know what you mean about the movie theaters in Atlanta.
@AyukuraChan Yeah i know that. i was being sarcastic because of that woman said. I've been to China and Malaysia. I'm used to that idea already. and I dont think that you're supposed to wipe with your hands, wash with the water provided next to you, or like a water hose or something. Toilet paper is usually provided as well. so people, Chinese use toilets. there.
no the worst is having children cry/yell at a movie you really wanted to see while their parents sit back do less parenting
Ummm last time I checked Terrorist Hate everyone Thats what makes them Terrorist. Dont they teach that in German Schools? btw I dont Hate you I think your stupidity is funny.
the they dont even use toilets girl was cute
tell them the beib's and rebecca black had a child
Fake news story: justin bieber got too angry and killed selena gomez :)
next new fake story: kate middletons baby boy has ginger hair
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