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SUK Flawless Knife-Only AoN!

by StraightUpKnives • 106,190 views

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and not a single shoot was fired that day
lol on a three bar aswell!!!!!!
I was trying to put this video on pornhub, but it said rape wasn't allowed...
i like the spetsnaz music when they win
and southpaw legacy with look inversion enabled, on 1 sensitivity.
Why does suk only post troll videos now
It was just an idea, I didn't think it'd actually happen. But it would be the most fair way to see who's better at a Knife Battle
nice vid . everytime i go for a flawless AoN i always get pussy pistol users to catch there score up -.-t
I proved your point to be invalid. To say you 'fucked' Megan Fox is completely out of context if you were trying to say you 'hugged' her. However, in this case, flawless is referring to the fact that he did not die a single time- flawless. If you still can't seem to comprehend this, search 'flawless mw3 gameplay' or something along those lines.Did the people using the ACRs or whatever they used miss a few times? You can bet that they did.
only thing i hate about AoN is everyone who shoots
Finally reloads at the end. OCD!!!!!!!!!!!
i shoot my gun all the time in AoN just to be on the mini map
Throughout the whole video is was like "OH MY GOD!!! JUST RELOAD ALREADY!!!"
I know you were trying for a knife only AoN game but for god sakes plz just reload that clip. Besides that the gameplay was amazing
I just got a Flawless AON a few days ago and I thank straightupknife for making me so good at AON
why does he reload cancel all the time?
Nice aimbot. joke... but very nice game now aim for that gun game M.O.A.B
can you please play bf3 you can troll so hard in the game its not even funny
DAMN STRAIGHT HE WENT FLAWLESS!!!!!!!!! HE GOT STRAIGHT IN HIS NAME! great job. You deserve a like button and a subscribe sir.
OK, I don't even give a shit anymore. I don't understand why you just can't accept the fact that a flawless gameplay, used in this context is referring to the number of DEATHS being zilch, not the number of 'misses' he makes. Bye :]
Have fun setting up a split screen match? Pretty sure they don't live near each other.
holy shit the second highest was fing 4 dame
i know lol its a joke becuz they knife only. t makes itfuny
U make the best videos by the way search speedyw03
I like how the guy shooting is complaining about suk
This is the way AoN should be played! I hate people who run around with the USP. 45 loaded, shooting it, it's meant to be TK/MK only.
Impressive, I've seen flawless AoN but not many flawless knife only AoN
Yeah, but fucking hasn't got anything to do with hugging. Invalid.
ilove how his elblem and title Shows Recon Drone
..Without reload all game. :o haha congrats on flawless
that kftiz guy shot. wat a FFFFFAAAYYYYYGGGGGGGG
hahahah his title was recon drone expert
Then they weren't right either. If something has a flaw, it's not flawless. You can fuck with the word's meaning all you want, but that doesn't make it right.
I bet 8 of the dislikes were from people that he beat in the video :P Then they each made 3 more accounts and disliked it :P
all the way through the video i was like ' F***ing reload. . FFUUUUU'
Lalka Chacky,Lalka Chacky,Lalka Chacky.Jeśli to przeczytałeś przeszła na Ciebie klątwa.Dziś w nocy równo o 24:00 Lalka Chacky przyjdzie po Ciebie ,w swojej kryjówce weźmie siekiere odrąbie Ci głowe i zaniesie do łóżka!!Możesz uniknąć klątwy wklejając to do 20 komentarzy!!!! Fakty.Zgineło już 200 dziewczynek i 100 chłopców'
That's like me saying I fucked Megan Fox, but by fucked I mean hugged. You can't say one thing and mean another.
You just proved my point, you can't say it's flawless if has flaws out the ass.
Yeah i went 20-1 knife only, i died on a 17 kill steark
...and he didn't even allow the pistol to reload xD
when you use to be good what happened chuck :(
You are fkn awesome bro, GRATZ!! That was epic, and it made it so much better that the guy you were playing with recognised it too;)
All that's missing is some e-dubble
He doesnt like knifing in black ops 2
that is some really good throwing knifes my friend, killer stuff
this is freaking insane nice bro... sorry im at a loss for wo....
watching you makes me feel terrible at videogames
Max I think in one of his other vids he said 10
Do u use default or tactical?
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