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WFW 61 - How well do you know Wes, Ted and Phil?

by Wong Fu Productions • 702,381 views

ISA FESTIVAL LA has passed! Thanks for a great show! Extended Footage: In this episode of Wong Fu Weekends Wes, Ted and Phil play a game to see how well they know each other....

You guys are The Three Musketeers :P
No how bout the Three Wongateers 3⃣
If they were food they'd be Wongton Noodles. haha 😂
Wes: Totoro Phil:  Finn Ted:  Cat bus
Wes: Uncle Iroh [I can see it] Ted: Aang  Phil: Sokka
Phil is Sokka all the way
U guys are power puff girls.
Wes: negi Ted: kabuto Phil: rock lee
Phil-handy Wes-toothy Ted-sniffles You guys are htf characters Phil because...well...he seems like a Handy. Wes because in the series, sometimes he's shown to be an animator or an artist. Toothy barely has a personality, and he's kind of boring Ted because he's an indoor person, and Sniffles is the smartest character in the series
Wes- Light from Death Note  Phil- Tamakifrom OHSHC Ted - Honey Senpai OHSHC
+Alyssa Balomadres yas i've watched the series like 10 times lmao
Ha Ted would be Kyla senpai
I want to be Wes's or Phil's child cause Phil says he care and Wes cause hes just a cutie pie to me xD
Wes: Death the Kid from Soul Eater Ted: Clear from Dramatical Murder, minus the yaoi Phil: America from Hetalia
Phil's gonna be the strictest dad! XD
Wes Totoro Phill Any awesome good guy Ted any rebel or smart guy
i  did rhe superheroes question: Phil: robocop Ted: cat(wo)man Wes: silver surfer
couldn't stop laughing at animal question: Wes is a sloth/giraffe!!!!!!!!!!!! I love WONG FU!!!!!!!!!! they are hilarious!!!!!!! :):):):):):)
Wes: pikachu Phil: totoro Ted: sailor moon
Wes-goku Ted- Jerry from tom and Jerry Phil-mr.Krabs
phil- snivy wes-tepig ted- chespin
Wes: Totoro Ted: Pikachu Phil: Sponge Bob
you guys should do this again!!!
Wes - Buttercup Phil - Blossom Ted - Bubbles POWERPUFF GIRLS ♥
This is really heart warming
Wes is totally chicken little
Wes: TOTORO!! Ted: who cares. Phil:who cares.
Ted is definitely the snail from sponge bob
Phill-spongebob😝 Wes-chicken little😀 Ted-micky mouse
Wes-kakashi Ted-shikamaru Phil-naruto
Phil is manny from ice age Wes is deigo Ted is Sid
Ted is so cool and funny
Wes:Totoro Phil:Naruto Ted:Jake the dog
Wes:koala Ted:bird(robin) Phil:tiger
Wes: Howl from Howl's Moving Castle Phil: Ashitaka from Princess Mononoke  Ted: Stalker Creep from Perfect Blue
Wes- koya - ouran academy sorry if I spelled the name wrong Ted - kinji-aria the scarlet ammo Phil - I really don't know
wes:clark kent because he wears glasses ted:iron man because he loves money phil:batman because when he becomes a dad he is strict
Philip: Naruto Ted: Sakura Wesley: Sasuke
Ted: We can write ourselves right No WHAT!?!!? I literally peed(not really)
Wes: pikachu  Ted: spongebob Phil:Umino(sailor moon)
Make more of these videos
Phil: Captain America Wes: Spiderman Ted: CatMan from Fairly Odd Parents
Ted, you actually kinda look like a mouse 🐭
Phil- Master Wu ( Kung Fu Panda ) Wes- Arnold ( Hey Arnold! ) Ted- Peso ( Octonauts )
Wes: Totro Phil: Sokka Ted: Calliou
Ted: Patrick Phil: Spongebob Wes: Squidward/Totoro
wes-tortoro phil-nothing ted-batman
without Phil wong fu would be nothing. Phil is like the glue to the whole group.
Phill = Naruto / Kiba Ted = Kakashi / Pain Wes = Sasuke / Shikamaru
The only superheroes they know are Ironman and Batman? xD
The cartoon character for Ted would be Beast Boy, because he is funny.
Wes~Flounder(little mermaid) Ted~Squidward(Spongebob) Phil~Mr.Krabs(Spongebob)
Lol, for some odd reason when I tried to think of super heroes for them I just thought of them dressed up as cute cuddly bears.
Phil-Po frm kung fu panda Ted- Leonardo frm teenage mutant ninja turtles Wes-mei frm totoro
Phil: Naruto Ted: Konohamaru Wes: Shikamaru
Phil = naruto Ted = kakashi Wes = sasuke
Wes-totoroi Ted- ? Phil- Vegeta
Phil - Goku Wes - Vegeta Ted - Bulma 
Phil : Charizard Ted : Jigglypuff Wes : Pikachu
Phill:Johnny Bravo Ted:Cat Man Wes:Tatsuya Yuki in Gundam Build Fighter series.
W:TOTORO T:bugsbunny P:Daffyduck
It's nice that people still watch this three years after it was uploaded :) #WFP
Phil: Chopper (One Piece)  Wes: Pikachu (Pokemon) Ted: Mokona (Tsubasa Chronicles)
Phil - Batman Ted - Optimus Prime Wes - Iron man Case closed.
Phil is poe (kung fu panda) Ted is Patric (spongebob) Wes is squirtle (pokemon)
Wes totaro Ted sora Phil pikachew
Phil:porkipine T:cat W:rat
hey wes, amoeba is not an animal
That's eco-friendly Wes!
until that lithium battery ends up in a landfill
Wes- Kenny McCormick Phil - Stan Marsh Ted- Mr.Hat
Phil: Batman Wes: Iron Man Ted: Speed Racer xD
Ted is spongebob Wes squidward Phil mr crab
Ted: Timmy from fairy god parents Phil: Eric from sidekick Wes:this character is not from a cartoon but he's from Charlie and the chocolate factory willy wonka.
Phil:mr krabs Ted:pikachu Wes:goku
"Phil's has a lot of moral issues." Omg Ted you make me laugh! 😂
Wes you are so torturou!
phil: totoro ted: mini totoro wes: mini white totoro
Wes is sponge bob Phill is me crabs Ted is jerry from Tom and jerry
ted - misae (shin chan's mom) wes- totoro xD (deal with it! i like totoro!!)
Phil: Rayquaza XD Ted: Garfield Wes: Pikachu
u guys should do a vid  pranking each other
sloths r actually really cute! and ted does remind me of a mouse but also a cat. Wes: Jake the dog (cuz he's wise) Ted: Patrick or Garfield (cuz he eats A LOT!) Phil: Totoro or Tom (BECUZ I SAID SO! and cuz he's mean) but for real, Jerry (idk why, he just does. if i wanted to cum up for a reason y then i would've picked another but i could'nt think of any other cartoons that Phil reminded me of)
Phil- mr krabs?? (becuz he is so big no offence)
Phil vegeta Wes piglet Ted waldo
ted: Sailor Moon wes: hello kitty phil: domo
Phil:ponyo ted:mashimaro Wes:totoro
Phil Patrick star Ted popper Wes bugs bunny
Ted:jerry Wes : totoro Phil:domo
Phil: squidward Wes: bugs bunny Ted: meat boy :) :)
Phil: King Candy Wes:Totoro Ted:Stampylongnose/stampylonghead
Wes: Totoro the awesomeness Ted: Paul walker the car lover Phil: craig ravel the strict one
Thank you for your production over the years.  Many of them are great examples for young people like my college children!! Go Wong Fu Production!!
Phil: spongebob Ted: Ryu Tsuji from Special A WES: Gaara from Naruto
Wes: TOTORO Ted: a person Phil:???? (unidentified)
jk all you guys are awesome :D
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