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Double Trouble - Simon's Cat

by Simon's Cat • 26,788,025 views

"A new arrival causes chaos." Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! The official Simon's Cat website and shop: Official Website:...

Simon's Cat Shared on Google+ · 7 months ago
Here's Simon's Cat and the Kitten getting to know each other in our film Double Trouble. Have you had any interesting experiences introducing a kitten into the family? We would love to hear your stories! #Tbt #Throwbackthursday
grease52 Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
anche questo era un classico in casa mia :-))
Il problema era che non potevi ridere altrimenti si offendevano e ti facevano ancora più dispetti del normale.
We live on a small farm and have too many cats. We have noticed that some of the older neutered males will sort of take over a kitten, and lick it and play with it. We have 3 16 month old young cats right now ans they are our core hunters. They come in tired and just flop right on top of other cats and most of the older cats will put up with it.  We have a few crabby cats that will hiss spit and swat at the younger ones but mostly it is a peaceable kingdom. :)) Without these tiny tigers we would be over run with rodents and snakes. We have about half rescues and about half feral trap neuter rehome cats. Some drift but most stay due to easy groceries.
I have a huge male cat who was neutered as an adult and he is always befriending any young cat he comes across. Usually he just sits with them on various favourite walls - until it rains, when he brings them home to play on the stairs.
This is why veterinarians recommend two litter boxes, two food dishes, and two water dishes for cats.
Hahaha... so real ;-)))
Klaudia XD Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
+Agnieszka Stolczyk bdbbzbxhzhshzjz Njxnxnsndkskoqjhjxh
No matter how bad I feel, this video makes me laugh so much and feel so much better! I can watch it over and over! ^^
i love the kitten :3!!
I love the kitten it's so adourable
does cats actually do this? like do they adopt kittens on their own?
I actually feelso sorry for Simon..
Hahahahaha, I can't stop it so funny 😂😂😂😂
I absolutely love you animations they make me so so happy
Simon's Cat is rather like Garfield in the comics.
Как они так точно изобразили маленького котенка, они прям так и бегают xD
Хоть кто-то русский
*PLOT TWISTS* Which 1 is the best?? option a) The smaller cat is Simon's cat from the past and if he hadn't been fed that little bit he would've starved to death and the present Simon's cat wouldn't exist. option b) The smaller cat is Simon's cat from another dimension. option c) The smaller cat is Simon's cat's son from the future. option d) The smaller cat is Simon's cat in disguise and the other cat that everyone thinks is "Simon's cat" is an imposter.
When the little cat hit Simon with the pillow..... And when Simon slat the cat when he was under the carpet😂😂❤️👌
simon cat is soo cute
aaaaaaaawwwwwwwwww the little cat looks like a banana when the big cat pushes it down
my cat actually likes to watch these cartoons
you should make a special where simons cat turns into the nyan cat lol that sounds cool to me! :3
These animations are so clean! Very awesome job. The movement and weight is just flawless!
omg it is like my brother and i ... unfortunately i am the big cat ... lol
this little kitty is so cute!
The kitten's face O3O
This is one of my fav ones. When I feel sad or stressed, I watch this! 😊
At least he never sent the kitten to Abu Dhabi (yuk yuk).
I learned about Simons cat since yesterday and I've seen a whole bunge of them now, and I can honestly say this is the cutest and best so far. Hahaha
Discovering Simon's Cat for the first time is a glorious thing now that there are so many vids out...I found out last year and watched them all in one sitting :3
I mean your animations :P
this one actually made me laugh
z tohto zas plinie ponaučenie takéto: nekŕmte svoje deti!!!!!!!!!!!!!
what are the kittys names?
Remember when Simons cat said Mew? It really affected me. It was such an inspiring moment
Made me laugh so hard!! This is all too true. "Mine!! MIIIII-EEEN!!"
+SuperChristyS With an id like 'Harry Cunth' I'd say it's a safe bet you're right.
+yeismeload its a safe bet that you just said what you did to get a response.
Love these cartoons!
Roni Cordaro Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
This video made me "Cry"!! :'D
Ты хороший саймонс кэт
When we first got my cat dolly on my 1 birthday we brought her home and she went to the bathroom and did a big poo even though she's little
c est tellement drole et vrai en plus j adore :) :) :)
Mariane Denis Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Aaannd that's why my litter-box has a hood
Hello, do you speak Ukreine
Exactly like my cats!
Definitely the cutest Simon's Cat episode yet. :3
Bellissimo gaurdatelo anche voi!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😺😺😺😻😻😻😻😻
I feel bad for the kitten
more like double cuteness
I love this one I laughed so Mich at school but I now you have a lot of other funny and cool videos
So cute and hilarious. Wht is the kittens name
Animation eror where did the food go on the first cat?!?
Its funny Simons cat do more please Your shows are amazing
Veronica Vega Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
This is so accurate to my cats xD 
Tarisa Swango Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
i love this cat <3
Why is he such a fatty
nix da, is mein fressen XD XD so cool die zwei XD !
That kitten is just too cute X3
Michele Bianco Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
The small kitten is a bitch and so annoying if I was the other cat I would rip the kitten apart with my claws
This show has been around for three years and I never heard of it. Instantly subbed.
Yeah, I barely figured that out until I saw the oldest video. :p
To heckler to all the people who dislike the video
I hate the auto correct its supposed to say to heck
Alicia S Shared on Google+ · 4 weeks ago
Кот Саймона рулит!!! =D
ahhhhh i died of laughter!
just how cats act (maybe not) XD
72beatrulez Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
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