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Sultans of Swing (with lyrics)

by Arlorian Sloane • 5,302,349 views

Song: sultans of swing by Dire Straits help me get to 5 million views by listening to this amazing song :3

how could this song have any dislikes?! this song is amazing
That guitar solo is bad ass
solo(s) are bad ass. 
Can I say... Best song of all time?
Am I the only Retarded aborted fetus who loves this song?!11!11
man the lyrics are wrong! that being said, I love this song!
You can't trust a person who dislikes this...with or for ANYTHING.
448 people don't know what proper music is mate. :/ sad times
453 people don't know shit bout music. classic!
Even though I really like this song (its great music in my opinion), you cant judge people on either being born in a complete different era or just not enjoying this genre
I agree, no need for a dislike button.
At all times and in all places We shall HONOR AND KEEP THESE LEGENDS ALIVE!!!!!
Why the hell is there a dislike button on this song?  No.  Perhaps, more relevantly, why is a Dire Straits song preceded by an advertisement for Fallout Boy?  I'm looking at you, armageddon11.
Only those dislike how understand only dubsteb.
448 people have no taste in music at all.
I like the guitar solo at the ending.
to me best outro ever
447 deaf people who do not deserve to be  here..
The song is perfect. This is the final comment. Any subsequent comments should be vaporized.
It takes a while before the Title Drop... By the way what does "Trumpet playing Band" mean?  
A band with trumpet player(s), obviously.  SOS "play creole", so they have trumpets.  Like eso
I am sorry I did not know it was that literal?
441 people are Rebecca Black fans -_-
soo forgot about this old classic... thanks to a friend for reliving the memory for me =)
         eat some bacon , it will be ok.
try and put more pop up shit in the vid. That's why we watch......
Am I one of the only teenagers who knows/fucking loves this song
I'm with you brothers and sisters
+Seminole Warrior Like my comment,if u wanna be my brother.
I'd just like to know why 460 people have disliked this song, people don't know good music any more, and that's coming from a teenager.
The music is good but the words blow. The music deserves a gifted poet.
Knopfler is actually recounting the time he saw a Creole music group. It's not in any form a poem and doesn't need to be.
write the fucking song yourself next time
A parte che sono i mitici Dire Straits, ma questa canzone vale la pena di sentirla solo per l'assolo di chitarra!
I sultani del Rock♥♥♥♥♥
this song is way too amazing. definitely best song ever
Wow, the annotation says "why the hell is there a dislike on this video?" but 444 idiots dislike this. This song is amazing.
Mimi Round Shared on Google+ · 10 months ago
ℒℴѵℯ ~♥♥~ ℒℴѵℯ
This guitar is delicious af
Proud to be from way down South - London town
Bellissimo caricamento. Per chi non conoscesse il significato della canzone, "Sultans of Swing" è il nome di una band di jazzisti amatoriali, che con enorme tecnica e abnegazione per la musica (he knows all the chords), suonano canzoni non curandosi del fatto che con la loro arte potrebbero diventare realmente benestanti. Ma suonano per il puro piacere di suonare (Harry doesn't mind to make the scenes, appunto che ad Harry non interessa di calcare platee), visto che già ognuno di loro ha un lavoro che gli permette di tirare avanti. C'è anche il riferimento ad un vero jazzista, "Guitar George", ovvero George Borowski: lo stesso Mark Knopfler, frontman e chitarrista dei Dire Straits, proviene dai suoi stessi ambienti blues e jazz e ha voluto onorarlo con un tributo. L'assolo finale è un concentrato di ritmi, accordi e assoli jazz, amalgamati strategicamente alla fine in stile rock per completare un brano che ha molto di jazz, sebbene sia una fusione con il rock. Io lo considero uno dei migliori brani della storia del rock, visto che sebbene non siano velocissimi, gli assoli sono estremamente precisi e abbelliti da tecnicismi in fingerpicking di alto livello. Buon ascolto.
Just shut up and LISTEN!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hi Andy, thank you so much for the lyrics. Amazing song!
The Sultans Of Swing is one of my two all time favourite songs. The other song I list as my favourite is Dancing In The Dark by Bruce Springsteen. I realise there are many other fantastic songs. You have done a great job with the lyrics, Andy.
This will help you stop being a slave to your mind and be fulfilled: Google truth contest and read the top entry "The Present".
this music is nice becoz of Mark Knopler
Eh si...l'assolo di chitarra è magnifico :D
Pam Rebel P Royer Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
my husband heard this on klou 103 and made me play this. of coarse I know the song im a secret fan of classic rock
You need to sort out the lyrics on the video, they are way wrong in the second verse.
Top 20 fav songs of all time. #classicrock  
Money for nothing it's a great song but this is a masterpiece 
People had dire straits and we have nicki minaj and those other bitches
This song gives me goose bumps its that good
Didn't know you could direct and produce on powerpoint
The solo makes me cream.
441 people have a daytime job, but aren't doing alright
Marek Černý Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Some classic :)
This song used to be used to test and tune BMW speakers.
5 Million Views? Mission Accomplished!
I've got you one more view. Hope you'll have 5M views soon.
441 dick's have viewed this video  
412 people don't know good music when they hear it.
this song was written about George Young (brother of Angus and Malcom from AC/DC) and Harry Vanda from the Easybeats I think it's awesome
I read about it from Mark Knopfler....his song, his story ;-)
Not personally heard it from about it, when he says he was in a jazz club etc...
thats what you call music . BRILLIANT .
why is there a dislike button? for this
Just love this song. =)
Thanks Andy
The lyrics are wrong in the second verse.
Grats on 5 million! I could listen to this song all day and not get tired of it
sexy guitar makes me sexy in the sexy...mmmmm
Yes Yes Yes. < - Music oragasim
Shouldn't even be a dislike option for this song.
I am 35 years old and I have not heard new music with this much grit and soul and fun.  Its hard not to like this song. wonder when this was made.?
First released the year you were born 1978 : ) The 70, 80 & 90s music were the best music of the existence of humans!!!! Just my humble opinion!
My humble opinion thinks the 50's, 60's, and 70's were the best music ever, as the origins of most genres and setting the stage for the 80's-present. (:
433 people don't know a thing about good music! Great chune, love it!!
435 idiots there were..
why are there so many fucking annoying annotations 
Part 3 outro make it happen.
428 s mens names start with an big M
I like the part that says music
I don't know why there's a dislike button, and I feel sorry for those people with the faulty mouses.
One of a handful of songs that it's virtually impossible for me to get to tire of...was in high school when this plenty of air time!!!
The song rocks. Your video sucks.  The pop-ups are annoying and you have mistakes. Let the music speak for itself. 
Angelo Bermeo Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Why is the bass boosted?! wtf.
you have to press the dislike button three times, damit somebody understands you...
ya, try telling it to the guy (i dont know his name) that posted, "compared to the greatest music on earth, rap, this is dog sh**" without asterisks.
Good job you've done Andy, congrats it's a pleassure and it is swell nice i always all ways adore straits...
30 000 more views to his goal?
427 folks must like trumpet-playin' bands.
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