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Soul Calibur 5: The Online Warrior Episode 15 'TAKE TO THE SKIES'

by Maximilian Dood • 22,896 views

FOLLOW ME! The Online Warrior series heads into new territory, and the stage of history. Welcome to SC5 TOW, where we play live ranked online games accompanied with...

Your not good with Mitsu lmfao, why didn't you train him before using him online?
Its Red From Pokemon Maxie !
that dude with Ezio is sooo trash, he keep on doing vertical hits that any1 could sidestep it. He 2k a lot but not do WS A? Stupid noob.
This video is so old. I doubd people was as good as they are now
Seigfried is pretty much just 3B B
I suck at this game however you make me wanna play this game more and get better at it. :)
Why do people always say that? I mean there are a lot more game streamers that inspire people to play games you know.
Max wanted to grab her SO BAD!!! That had me in stitches.
So Natsu is..the Wesker/Vergil/Phoenix of SC5..
Hey max, I'd really like to see you playing some Blazblue!! I don't know if the multiplayer is good though =/ but the game is really awesome \o/
max you should film mk9 its awesome
Hell, I might buy one of those shirts.
yeah almost everyone I fight online uses Natsu and they all do the same combo that does soooooooooo much damage
Maxi im wondering if you think natsu is still bullshit.
Mk online is much better now! Especially on Xbox ;)
yo is soul calibur one of those games where each character has like 200 different moves?
2:53 should've taken to the skies. :/
VIDEO GAMES It's something he has always said, so no, he won't stop saying it.
nothin wrong that.I'm glad theirs fighters out there like you.That shows skill as well as bravery.Not to mention it'll actually help people get better at the game.I'm glad I was able to see a galant fighter.
Max you need to more merciless at videogames
Nice i just Soul Calibur 5 the other day.I personally prefer using Ezio(Manliest Man In Video Game History)and Monkey D Luffy(Creation:Devil Jin)I'm kind of curious if they were planning on putting a One Piece character in this since they put in Luffys strawhat or strawhat that strongly resembles his.
Play in the global colloseum next time. Alot of interesting stuff happening there.
Max, you should really get your juggles and oki straight. So many missed opportunities
These people give natsu players a bad name, all they try to do is ninja canon to an air grab.... Disappointing.
Need more soul calibrista max! D:
Soul Calibur V: The only fight game that gets 4 bar connections from Cali to Japanfrica.
hey think about how crazy would vega/balrog be in umvc3 (combo) crounch L punch , M punc flying barcelona attack and Izuna drop ,bounch enemy from the ground, X factor , bloody high claw
hey max, do u accept online warrior submission videos for SCV?
"he looks like someone from Rival Schools" >_< ugh facepalm Max xD
please max kof13 i just buy the game and is amazing i think is way better than ssf4 i feel it much funny and the game have a lot of cancels , well of course is kof . ;p
thats red from pocket monsters
"I shall carve... My own steak!!"
love the Mike Haggar style drop kick at the end of the first match
Depends on you, personally I don't bother doing that, I only do that for a few characters (It's much easier in Street Fighter), so not sure. Also, I use a controller/fightpad (I don't really have a stick) but to be honest, depends on you, what do you preffer and what is your character (I guess some would be easier on stick)
rember max up teleport not safe and fowad teleport burns meter
I would buy fifty of those foot dive shirts
natsu is godlike if you can't block low, i get it, but seriously, he just needs to block low. he has troubles other than that too.
No one uses Tira in my opinion because of the learning curve in using her. She's like a close range character....who want to be long range? I mean, she's got crazy reach on some of her moves but than has good damage on the close ones (like that Hulahoop waist spin thing. Sorry I suck at describing lol) Besides people online just wanna have good looking W/L ratios so they gravitate towards an easy character like Pyhrra, Natsu, or Patroklos
I wanna fight you in SCV soooo badly.
Kind of surprised you missed the Terry Bogard reference with that red alt Siegfried.
"are you ready,are we gonna take to the skies...Yo VIDEO..oh i did the wrong move"LOL
The Red Alt character is from Pokemon :p . Good vid !!
I swear all Natsu players use that launcher like a F**king Crutch! They'd limp around without it lol.
Damn, doesn't anybody play Tira? Haven't seen a single Tira in this series.
The person that was called "Red" is the person form Pokemon red and heart gold and soul silver (a bit fanboyish I know) apparently is the best trainer I think
i award you with the greast gaming comment ever trophy
Soul Natsu 5: The Online Natsu Episode Natsu
how about make the shirts to help with costs for assist me
did anyone else spontaneously burst out singing the pokemon theme song when they saw neither
Hoping you could give pointers for ezio please and thank you
I hate how most Natsu players online just spam the hell out of those low moves... gives the rest of us a bad reputation.
Omg Namco...just fix Natsu! She's such a broken bitch! And here come the fags saying, "she's not broken, you're just a scrub".
Dude maxdood why when you do the attack where he cartwheels his blade you never follow up with the low attack??
is SCV going to be at EVO and such? If it is then I would definitely invest more time in it but I'm trying to decide between that or UMvC3.... hmmmmmm
Max, the Red guy you faced was based on Red from Pokemon Red. His profile picture was the updated model.
lol. Oh ash. you still arent that good in soul calibur. XD
TAKE TO THE SKIES SON, oh jeez oh jezz oh god oh god. haha xD
Don't play Natsu Max, then we'd have to hate you on principle.
I wish we could fight maybe,one,day Aims Iz 2 Pro vs Max anytime
It always gets intense when your fighting against the same character in any fighting game. It testes you to see who is better with your character, it raises your hair to win the battle... Like a Natsu to Natsu fight, insane just insane.
I love the valkyrie profile character :D
Pokemon Trainer Red in Soul Calibur 5. So that's where he has been for three years.
Damn that's a great tshirt idea.
Well for one thing, that's not Terry. It's Red from the pokemon manga/games.
dat pokemon trainer, also you got me hyped for the shirt
he has problems with natsu yet those natsus werent even that good.
1 natsu launcher + finisher using small daggers = 1/2 health gone 1 max super combo with epic take to the skies using a huge sword = 1/3 health. Soul Calibur Logic.
Wow so they made Taki even BETTER in this game? Makes me sorta glad I'm missing out on all that cheapness
back then on SC2 the movelist was gigantic not Tekken Eqsque but it was good. eventuall the movelist gradually lost many moves.SC2 had more moves and cancels than any Soul game period
I dont like guys with Natsu style, they look a little girly as you see them fight D:!
0.o This comment has won multiple Internets, a small fortune, and now a chance to have babies... I must use these comment powers for good. Also, BTW I am making Soul Calibur videos now! Woohoo! First one is up!
dude with ezio would have had a chanse if he had not use that rushing attack so much -.-
Max dude i love your videos and want you to know that they got me back into SC5 and i would very much like to learn from one of the best Sig. players i've ever seen if you dont mind hit me up on XBOX 360 Captianmudflaps Hope you get this and cant wait to hear from you
Max, stop getting gimmicked out by Natsu. It's painful for me and I even use her! A few tips I can give: You can duck the 2nd hit of her 66B BE(the stab). Any time she does that dive attack you can sidestep for a free back throw. Most importantly you can absolutely block that bomb on reaction and you should have advantage for a lot what she can do after that. I say this to help you and to hopefully help flowchart players learn that what they're doing shouldn't actually work.
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