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by Drew Daywalt • 2,094,286 views

DIRECTED BY DREW DAYWALT Terror always follows the phone call in the middle of the night...

Hijos de la chingada creo que ya me cargo el payaso ya estubo que no dormi hoy
Me asusta pero me gusta jeje. Tampoco dormirè ....
+Lady D te asusta pero te gusta cuando me pongo como lobo en luna llena jajajajja que pex conmigo jajajaa me acorde de ana barbara no manches saludos
so THAT´s where that gif came from... huh...
Oh yeah! Tumblr has many gifs of this video, I always had doubt about it's origins \o/
The end was shit. I wanted to know what happen to her.
+6wm  They would go on to write a book together, 50 shades o- oh wait...
The jumpscare TOTALLY screws it. Really bad ending, like reaaaaally bad. Just the face of the dude at the end would have been so much better
Well I honestly think the jumpscare was unnecessary, but it definitely isn't a "bad" ending. The face of that thing was enough for me to freak out though, and I'm usually not that easily scared.
+Nighttame Kitsune Indeed, the face was really unsettling. 
credits are twice as long as the film
Man this face is really creepy  If only they could use that kind of faces in horror movies , the video is paused i still dont want to scroll up 
Really freaky but not as anticlimactic since we saw what was under the why did it jump at the camera? ._. sure it would have scared her but it would have made the monster look like a right fool
WTF was that? Looked like some weird looking vampire.
Horror is like telling a joke. The punch line has to be a curve ball and has to hit at the end. If she had got a heavy breather on the phone threatening horrid stuff, then woke her husband to find it was the demon with the phone under the cover, that would have hit harder.
+Michael Brooks You ain't seen my missus mate. She would make a fly sick.
Pazuzu? What are you doing here? Ah, get outta here ya crazy kid. 
good news everyone! :D
Finally someone told the name of that ugly like hell creature! Hahaha
the fact that she would even try to uncover whatever was next to her bewilders me if i were her i would've jumped out of bed and run the hell to danny because fuck that
That is exactly what I would have done. I don't need to know who is in bed next to me because it ain't my man.
So... anyone here from 9gag?
Three 30 Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago (edited)
......I am traumatized...that was the most terrifying thing ever....what was that thing...?
Emperor Palpatine, is that you?
I knew that thing looked familiar.
THANK YOU! Exactly what I needed! I was so sleepy already but I need to study, now im up!
Came here bcs of 9GAG, and man you're amazing
And of course 9geg stole it from reddit.
+mutater8 doesn't matter where someone saw it first since both site didn't discredit the author
An unknown number called my mobile phone the exact second the phone in the video started ringing...
I thought it was a scene of a movie. Nice short film or wathever it is.
video ends Me: aww shaz I need to go to the bathroom gets off chair finds that chair is covered in piss
Was that the Unwanted House Guest?
That's really creepy. Especially how it just lays there staring straight ahead with that face.
That was scared me! 😦 it doesn't look like the boogeyman... to me it looks like Jeff the killer.. 😱
So how come it jumps straight at the camera instead of at the woman?
аааааааааааааааа чуть не насцал в трусы 
That was the unwanted house guest.They did a good job
Yeah, i was thinking they look alike
his face scared me so much i stepped away from my computer
Scared the poop back up my butt
Why am I watching this at 2:00 in the morning?
Alan D Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
( todos los fin de semana comparto algo relacionado al genero del terror ) ( Corto-video de terror ) Si eres chica o chico, y sueles dormir con tu pareja , seguramente te pasara esto en algun momento, de verlo/la ahi al lado tuyo en la cama, y no podras evitar pensar si es el/ella, o......
Am I the only one who thinks it looks like the unwanted house guest?
Tht is ccccrrrrreeeeepppppy aafff
Someone give him an apple.
Why is that her reaction tho is be outta that bed so fast not leaning over the thong
shit that was cool. Makeup tutorial please
..Lmfao..!!, BRILLIANT, one ov my faves.., youre too good babe..!!!
sounds like he's preparing for he's special scare type, the turbo sound scare!
Hey looks like Nosferatu's still got it!
Is this a movie or is this all there is?
estupid video omfg...................................................this fucking video is so terrible.......godd....
I think the phone call sounds creepier than what was on the bed. Who the fuck just goes walking in the dead middle of the night? It could be like 9pm maybe...but I'm here thinking it's like 3am.
I've done that.  Insomnia is a bitch sometimes.
Lots of people do, its really not that uncommon. If you can't sleep, taking a walk helps.
hahahaha pause on the scare and you see it turn into a guy with a t-shirt on
There is a movie?
That monster is a troll....troll face written all over.
I should be studying for my huge final tomorrow. What am I doing? Watching this shit...
When I watched this for the first time, I was in my room with the lights off... When I saw that ugly like hell face I felt a chill in my spine and turned the lights on quickly... It scared me a lot O_o
that face...god damn..but still loving the song at the end
Angélipad Estrada Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
But then who was phone?
The shitty electronic music ruined it.
jajaja da risa antes que miedo, encima parece que el fantasma tiene mas miedo que la chica, y la itad del corto son creditos
Great, super creepy.  Love the timing and brevity!
Yeah, the jump scare kills it.  Would have been better with a cut to black, scream and muffled shouting from Daniel overlaying silent credits.
would have been scarier if it was a rapist
check out my scary short film called FLUFFY!
Awesome Film! As a horror filmaker myself, i found it really great. Great story!
cheap jumpscare :v but the rest - cool
If you slow it down or pause it in the part where he jumps out of bed, you'll see it's just some normal smiling guy wearing a black sweater lmao
Short, but the end is extremely scary
The jumpscare at the end didn't actually scare me...i was all like Meh...
Haha! Yes. Short and to the point quick scare
It would've been better without the jump
This reminds me of +Pinkstylist  and he looks like one !
The first time I watched this I was like OMG
Muhammad Alsageer Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
اخطر مكالمة يمكن ان تتلاقها
Film Riot brought me here
Would have been perfect if they cut it before the creature/man jumped up to attack her. Its more scary just seeing her reach over and it smiling
Really good clip! That monster had a, Oh I'm gonna get this bitch look on his face! Scary and funny at the same time.
AmandA DRAGO'S Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
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