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VGHS Behind the Drift

by BrandonJLa • 270,894 views

We did a commentary of Real Life Portal Gun! We were crazy enough to write a drift sequence into our script. We didn't have any idea how we would pull it off, but...

omg DKs voice @2:35 hahaha you're awesome!
1:32 brandon, you do realise that is so slow compared to some other drifters E.g: ken block
The funniest/most awesome part is when you're watching the actual drifting scene, you think they must have a professional camera rig, but nope. Just a tripod taped to the car.
Kids who think they know how to drift thought they should be in VGHS.
Oh man, I can't believe you use your car for this matter. VW rocks! :)
Chris Forsberg and Vaughn Gittin JR...fuck yeah.
Passat's are actually pretty fast and fun to drive
Protomen: Light up the night instrumental, (With lyrics its better in my opinion) Welcome!
4:45 how can someone don't know the Ford Mustang i mean it's one of the popular muscle cars
lol I recognized your car in the Disneyland parking lot today...
anyone else notice that there wearing jackets in the middle of a desert area lol
Everyone loves Vaughn Gittin Jr.
Where did you get the instrumental version of Light Up the Night? I've been looking for it since the release of this epic video :D
i don't think he boasted about his driving at all but ok. If we are pointing out random facts or beliefs, then here i go.... "at least he is fucking successful and does what he loves". Oh wait that was a not what i was going, for oh well.
It's amazing how you got to see Vaughn Gittin Jr in person. The closest I would get is Shift 2 Unleashed. Atleast I (fictionally) won his Mustang RTR-X and the ME Mustang with my Cobra 427
They didnt hire Ken Block because Ken Block is not a drifter.... Vaughn Gittin and Chris Forsberg are two of the best drifters around.
Why go through the trouble of doing that? The Mustangs used in the video were tuned to perfection and went around the bends flawlessly.
Noob, and NO Trucks do have no weight over the rear which is why they are incredibly hard to control, its easy to start the drift and get the end loose, but once it is loose you cant control it well. its very hard to get it back under control without backing off heavily fron the power, its not smooth and if you were in a drift competition you would loose points. So you are wrong and i am right, sorry.
Someone in the 'group' made it. Can't make money off someone else's work.
2:38 Bosch is from Austria *.*
Anything rear wheel drive and can be a drift car. Japanese cars are just way more stereotypical. These Mustangs just sound so bad ass though. Good choice for this scene.
VGHS is one of my favorite web series of all time!
How is everyone wearing a jacket or sweater? Aren't they in the desert? In June?
Drift King is so weird when he's no acting xD
dude, why can't you just explain everything in terms of center of gravity? Trucks normally has its center of gravity higher than racing cars and so are more prone to tilt over when drifting.
40 people were ex-drivers in pimp racing.
Because manuals are cheaper to make, cheaper to run, and if you know a few tricks, faster too. In the UK (and I suspect the rest of Europe), manual cars are standard. Automatics are for people that have had there left leg amputated, and old people that have retired and bought a real luxury car and can't be bothered to drive properly because the "racing days are over", so my granddad says. The fact that American 17-year-olds in the prime of their are driving automatics is disgraceful. I'm sorry.
freddie and brandon in the car, weirdest position ever!!!!
Freddie must love The Protomen
They should of got Ken Block to drift his ford
I envy you guys... I wish I could do this kid of stuff all day.
The new mustangs are good drift cars, even stock. There's Vaughn Gittin Jr. easily beating S15 Silvias on drift courses.
Just curious, does anyone else think that a matte finish on a car looks better than a glossy one?
Freddie's driver. Cholo-ing it up.
XD I hear you! Hey... I see what you did there! DO NOT LIKE THIS!
enjoying life man! thats what its all about... thanks for sharing
It all matters on the driver but Silvias or any Jap car would make a better drifting scene.
I know how much work goes into these cars. Yes performance wise they are at really good but look wise mustangs don't fit the drift role as well. But if you have to put effort into finding a drift car might as well look for a jdm one. Don't get me wrong the drift scene was awesome but if Freddie wants to really go over it would be awesome if he was drifting ae86s, RX7s and silvias.
Dang Chris and JR traveling to the West Coast to shoot that lol It's good to see my hobby in Freddie's video. When I was looking thru the list and I saw the Episode 4 picture I was like is that JR?! Why is JR in Fred's video? Holy crap! lol
This was a great series...this would make alot of money if it were on G4
yeah, unfortunately they all like riced out with ridiculous bodykits. A good vielside rx7 would look awesome though.
I assume Hollywood directors have a tid bigger budget and don't have to use a stick to rotate their camera
VGHS is THA best serie of all time ! :D
tire slayer. it even is in the 'Slayer' font. you know Slayer... one of the biggest metalbands of all time lol
I was pretty confused when I noticed it, but I understand now, thank you
Chris Forsberg looks like chuck norris- 15 years .... 4:15
Actually, skylines are RWD, if its a GTR, then its an AWD. A RWD Skyline is would be Skyline Gts-T.
In soviet Russia car drifts you!
I like the drifting in action, here's comes gittin jr monster energy drink mustang
Me too, I started with my drivers license today in The Netherlands and most people need about 40 hours of training before they can do their exam, if most cars would be automatic here all you'd have to still learn me is how to park in between 2 cars, would have made it SO much easier..
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