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Robot Unicorn Attack Evolution w/Nova Ep.5 - ITS A RHINO OMG RHINO RHINO RHINO...wut

by UberHaxorNova • 524,709 views

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Still a classic video from you. ^_^
it took me to this video to realize that you have to get 3 stars in a row not just 3 all together lol
:DDD i love the first 90seconds so much!! what a good laugh
HAHAHAHAHA maaan you're sooo high  hahaha good
After the rhino is a dragon 
You really had yo spoil it
what what i can"t hear you over your swearing
So if i drink Lipton ice tea and take a piss I can accomplish anything?
1:00 - 1:02 Rhino will be missed.
If I had a nickel for every time nova broke his keyboard id Be able to buy him more keyboards
watch the freaking music video, its so peaceful compared to the game.
Read down just a little more, you'll see someone already replied to me.
41 people didnt get the rihno evolve
nova running into stars/walls will kill you
It sucks that when you hit a star near the left edge of a platform you transform and the moment you move, you die....I had the dragon yet I was inside a platform......
really you havent broken 40,000, this game isnt that hard... its not tough to get to the dragon...
If you could sit around making videos instead of having a job and making equal amounts of money and you wouldn't, you are an idiot. RayWilliamJohnson won't have to work a day in his life because all he does is show us stupid people.
Ahhh robot unicorn attack one of the games that make nova rage quit the most
this is robot unicorn attack evolution and it is in the official site ( adult swim )
@DimitriMevishkov his recorder makes it lag
Now imagine the adultswim crew make "Robot Unicorn Attack Heavy Metal Evolution", that would be KICK ASS!!!
WOOF! correct pronunciation of "Wolf" from now on for me. loveit
Nova: Final Wish My D**k! Me: Impossible Nova. Our First Wish Would Be Your D**k.
...And he never hit the Rhino again :) Story Be : T.G
you don't get a hot ass girl because you got drunk and lost your virginity to a transsexual hooker
Yeah. But Nestea works as well. Any ice tea makes you superhuman basically. But don't tell anyone.
Somehow i drank Pepsi took a shit and got to dragon O_o
Ok I downloaded the first game for my iPod now I'm waitn for the second one to download.... I need to get out more often
unicorn/panda/wolf/gorilla/rhino/Sabretooth tiger/Dragon
Start the adventure! Click the (show the comment) button!!!
You can accomplish anything if you drink NOS BHBHBHBHBHBHBHBBHBHBHBH
Wait... Is the facebook version require 4 stars to evolve instead of the adult swim version which requires 3 stars to evolve?
i don't know if we should know u took a piss
Lol i like how i got to the gorilla my 2nd try
gonna try the facebook version i hear it has more evolutions, the bronies made a version of the was pretty fun
I got past the rhino not even joking
Actually, in this version, since there's a rhino, there isn't a saber-toothed tiger. Instead it just skips to dragon.
LMAO Dude I laughed more watching all your videos for Robot Unicorn Evolution than I did when I played these games, including and ESPECIALLY Techno Kitten, for the first time.
1:10 is the sound of a grown man crying. It made me die a little on the inside to hear it, not unlike a panda crashing into a rocky outcrop.
hahahah i tried doing that but it didnt work XD
all that fucking screaming and cursing for what ???? pissed me off.
does the song seriously fucking say "open your eyes and see, that your eyes are open" ?? WHAT THE FFFFFUUUUUUUCCCCCCKKKKKKK
The Rhino was like the gorilla first time uses dies in a few seconds
always, i wanna be with yooou...
first unicorn then panda then wolf then gorrila after gorrila there is rhino then dragon then unicorn
when he said dash i thought of rainbow dash....
"OH ITS A RHINO!!! *crash* WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?!?!" best. part. ever. XXDDDDD
Sooo does anyone know if the iphone app of this game lets you evolve to like panda , wolf ect.?
wtf.. Is this a game? Or a suicide genre?
Its his job to rage like that, he needs to make a funny performance to make money
I scored 136,906 in Robot Unicorn Attack: Evolution. I even got 80,000 on one wish/run/round. Also I got the dragon.
At the end rage video right there
a perfect run til u get to the rhino, then u fuck up. lol
no one commented how he called it lol he said it is happening and it happened
I made it to the dragon after the rhino
@DimitriMevishkov your mother must be so proud
nova i was drinking the same tea when this vid started a pissed after the other one ended
dude, thats bullshit, people can watch whatever they want, you can't judge, its just a tv show, it has nothing to do with how the person acts, or their sexual preference
"Final wish my dick!!!" Haha that made my day
beer? yeah man im straight. and also pewdiepie doesnt drink beer and hes got a girlfreind you dumb shit.
Nova Classic with the looked so much like a win and then nova's luck kicked in lmao
I cried a little when the rhino died...
Oh oh my god is a rhino !holy shit! oh come on what the fucfjmxknjc! heehahahaah loool <3
i can do any thing if i take a piss and dring ice tea that was boxdynomite3 sade i will try it and if it works i will try it every day and if it dose not fuck you boxdynomite3 i will do it right now just to see if it works it did work OMG! LOL FUCK YES ! :) :O
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