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Skуrim Тheme - Igor Presnyakov - fingerstyle guitar cover

by Igor Presnyakov • 1,484,793 views

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You've learned a new shout: Unrelenting Fingerstyle Pres: Guitar Nya: Fingerstyle Kov: God
Those fucking finger nails D:
You should go play in the inn of whiterun!! I would totaly come and listen :D
Когда-то и я играл также, а потом мне прострелили колено.
То чувство, когда комментарий лучше самого видео.
For the most part I like Igor's renditions, but holy fuck his fanbase is obnoxious. I believe it's what you would call "shiteaters".
why are you looking at his hands instead listening to the guitar ?  must be a hand fetish faggot.
+Sum Fear What's it mean to you wether someone has a fetish for something? If he wants to look at his hands, that's his own damn business.
I'm amazed how no-one haven't made any mods for Skyrim yet, where an Bard plays this song with his lute.  : /
I wish I had igor's soundtrack in skyrim. Sounds much better than the original theme
I like the fact that you're playing the most awesome songs on the world, but even Skyrim. You're my hero now
In their tongue he is Presnyakov, Guitarporn!
you're both stupid because you both went to completely childish remarks like a bunch of morons....
True , i may look the part of dashing swordsman , but i preffer the art of wit
In this video you look like a native american :D Excellent Performance :)
I was playing skyrim then i found this video. You made me cry :')
They should really hire you for some background music in the next TES game haha
ill tell:thats the weirdest way of guitar play ever.....but hell i like it.
I am sworn to carry igors burdens
Our Hero, our Hero, claims a musicians's heart! I tell you, I tell you, the Igor-born comes! With a guitar wielding power of the ancient Nord arts! Believe, believe, the Igor-born comes!
lol, the igor-born comes.......
I wonder if he's actually played the game.
Any plans to do a rendition of The Bannered Mare from Skyrim?
+GmTy its more famous but i agree
After many years of practice and confinement, learning deeply about the world's diverse sounds and how to play them correctly with a string instrument, you become a bard. Then, and only then, you are 1/100 of the way to become something that sounds somewhat like Igor.
Никогда не был фанатом гитары, но этот мужик вкладывает душу в игру. Теперь я его фанат.
I took an Igor to the heart
Мне то же когда-то прострелили колено, и теперь пока мое простреленное колено находится на работе, я наслаждаюсь прекрасной музыкой, от прекрасного человека!!!)))
He might me good but ffs get a camera that's not from the 1980's man
If there was a Dovakiin of Guitar this guy is it.
I love how in his covers, he dresses with clothing somewhat relating to the song being played. He looks a bit like a typical bard in Skyrim xD
Истинный норд Скайрима
Incredible! Can you make Far horizons cover pls :)
I remember this video as soon as it came out after 11/11/11. This one instrument cover is simply awesome.
i could play like that until i took an arrow to the knee
Can you do the theme from Morrowind?
+Conan T My point is, the melody is the same. Sure, they sound different because of the instruments used. This is skyrim on guitar. If morrowind was on guitar as well, it would sound practically the same because the melody is the same.
+Shape Work Studios No it wouldn't. Morrowind is the original full song with the same repeated melody. Oblivion and Skyrim used that melody but only as a relatively small part of the whole thing.
I took an Igor to the knee
which is the hallmark of this wonderful guitar?
Make an Assassin's Creed cover, Assassin's Creed 2, Revelations, 3 and 4 all songs in one
he uses a techique called finger picking , if you notice his nails are a bit long so he can pick different melodys while he plays
Omg thank you captain! Without your obvious help i would have never knew what he was doing!
hold your orgasms ladies
матом от восторга ругнутся хочется, это за___сь
Extremely awesome! Those who dislike this video may prefer Ice Cream Theme :-)
Hands down, coolest old man on the planet.
Espectacular saludos desde Argentina!!!
A video game company should hire you to make all their music... bravo!
Make some guild wars 2 arrangement s
great job. heres your beer
Amazing, very moving.
Мне после просмотров ваших видео, все больше и больше хочется научится играть на гитаре :) Сам раньше на фортепиано занимался, теперь немножко жалею, что учился на фортепиано :)
by the nine! this is incredible
So much style! Igor is to see an imperial or so playing the skyrim theme :) very nice!
The drigorporn cums. Soundwave approves
greatest bard in all of tamriel
ruh hasan cihat örter amk
в скайрим не играл, но лайк поставлю
блин мне одному кажется, или аккорды крайне схожи с пиратами карибскими ?))
he was presnakovakiin, Igorborn
Игорь без очереди попадет в рай. Спасибо за хорошую игру на гитаре.
Wonderfuly played by Igor, the Skyrim theme. Enjoy
ААААА!!! Как это круто!!
it seems he's singing a bit of the lyric, i'd like to know the lyric, but what's the song titled? "Dovahkiin"?
It's simply called "Dragonborn". :)
Do you come by the cloud district often? Oh what am i saying , ofcourse not.
Awesome how it is Skyrim but is played a bit different so it's like its own song.
Paul Eric Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Igor rocks Skyrim!!  :D
I am Brazilian and I think the magnificent way that this guy plays guitar. Is to be congratulated!
+Chris Ansell It's because Brazilians suffer from a severe small dog syndrome. They still can't deal with the fact that the internet allows them to communicate with the rest of the world.
The best bard ever seen!
I think he was recording with a potato
His camera and your brain have something in common then. This is very good. Do better or go away troll.
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