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Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial

by Carli Bybel • 4,351,823 views

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i actually think she was better with no makeup
Haha I couldn't tell which one was Megan Fox and which one was you!
You are perfect without any makeup!
This is amazing! Thanks so much for making this tutorial. You're very beautiful. ^^
With or without make up shes still gorgeous
Am I the only one who thinks she sounds like mila kunis
You are very beautiful, way more beautiful then Kim Kardashian and Megan fox  Seriously! you also do their makeup way better then they did or the makeup artists did for them, im just saying you make great makeup and hair turtonials this is my first time watching some of your videos, thats why i added myself to your channel, So keep up the Good Work.
at 7:03 she literally looks like Megan Fox <3<3 carli you are perfecttttt!
you look way better than 
What is the powder you put on your lips to make them look bigger? Not what brand, I mean what is it? I love you!
You have really beautiful eyes!!!
I think if it wasn't for your different lip shapes you look exactly like Megan fox
if katy perry + mila kunis = you
Its PER-FECT ! <3 I appreciate ur talent
I really like u whatever u post
my mascara is the same
if anything she should be aspiring to look like you......GORGEOUSX3
amazing just love it.. but how does your eyes look really white like that
Yai.... we make it !
You are more beutiful than her ;) ( Without make-up too!)
I got the same shirt lol
More like Eliza Dushku
you look just like. ain't that cool!So does Megan Fox<3
just my make up is completely different!
i think this video is kind of funny..because you evolved so much..i se much you've learned..i think you are amaaazing
you trying to do makeup for celebrity that you look like !! massage delevired !!
How to look like Megan Fox:........... Step 1 - Look like Megan Fox.
Aw this is the video that made me subscribe to you years ago. You look so different :)
Seus olhos são lindos demais!!!
needless to say, you dont need any makeup :)
you were more beautiful before
Do you have Instagram with photos of your make up?
you look so much better than megan
2,449,032 peoplel wanna look like megan fox
The reason why you look like Megan at the end, is that you look like Megan in the beginning..
it's easer to you looks like her cuz you are brunnet and has blue yes. I'm kind of bond and have mud yes Collor. But congrats you a re beautiful
Wow u look nearly Identical to Megan!
wow you. have made yourself look just like megan. thank you for the video
your sooo gorgeous w/o makeup your the prettiest youtuber! lbs
I think this look is AWESOME! I would maybe have used a different lipliner but otherwise, you look beautiful, thumbs up from me
I think you look in this video like Jesy Nelson (Little Mix) maybe you can do some video in style of Jesy Nelson.
Gata , Você é Linda Naturalmente :)
hacı sen megan foxtan beatıful olmussn
Which eyeshadow pallete are you uisng?
She also looks a bit like Mila Kunis!!
I dare you to go out with that look & see peoples reactions . you seriously look exactly like her ((;
Lol that so funny When I do my makeup I always do this fun little challenge to see if I can keep my mouth closed while putting on mascara.
You did a great job you even look a lot like her
Love the way you do your mascara
дааа. губы то, как у шлюшки
I love the music in the's a beautiful track..
DAMN YOU kinda look like her omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!
since i first started watching your videos, i've gained so much more self confidence--thanks!
I love how she does her make up very nice....
perfect ♥ whats this song called ?
Omg you look just like Megan!!!
You are so beautiful!! I watch your videos a year now and I love you soooo much!!! Youre perfect inside and out. Dont care about some haters, they are just jealous of your personality and beauty. 3 xoxo
you already look like Megan Fox
That's the first video I saw of you! and my first thought was 'how can someone be so beautiful?' gorgeous <3 <3
she looks like Megan Fox and sounds like Lindsay Lohan..
Fantastic video editing. I like that you're using drugstore makeup, too :). Great vid.
dark hair, blue eyes - perfect combination <3 wish i had blue eyes :D
megan fox who?.... you are prettier :)
you're beautiful without makeup and with it, I wish I was as beautiful as you xo :)
so no disrespect to Megan Fox because she is Georg!! But I think you look way better girlfriend!!! You nailed the look!
7:02 looks exactly like megan fox!
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