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Dubstep Beatboxer

by TheItaliaUsa • 17,094,420 views

DAVE CROWE beat boxing in Milan, Italy. Amazing performance! Real Talent!

TheItaliaUsa Shared on Google+ · 6 months ago
Great Artist - Dubstep
Shit, If I could do that I will show off at school lol
Focus on learning in school bruhh, it's too.. Not two.
People only gave him cents? ;-; I would of gave him my whole wallet 😭 god bless this man.
I would give him my whole house if i were there ;-; 
gave me the goose bumps when the beat had dropped :P
This bitch swallowed skrillex
I can only dream about that .. If I could do that ... All girls would be mine :D
wtf why ppl just give him a cent? atleast give him 5$ or more 
How to make some dub without a DAW. My respect.
Finally i found master Dubstep.
You obviously haven't heard Reeps One my good friend
But now... And he is a Dubstepmaster too. o.o
This was edm, not dubstep
gabriel as well as Oscat are right dudes
1:know how to beatbox like a boss. 2:know how to make a ton of sounds and at one. 3:practice like crazy
Damn that was cool and attractive lol.
absolutely disgusting beat drop....i shall name it and keep it
More astonishing is the 2000+ people that disliked this. Fucking hell people.
Reminds me of excision
I would give him 50 dollars 
+Vinyl Scratch Vinyl what are you doing here xD
that second drop was amazing
DAT bass drop is over 9000!!!! puts wallet, keys, and all possessions in box
I swear I've had heard this song before, and I think he is inspired in that one, but I don't remember its name, could someone tell it to me? thanks in advance!
Goosebumps Anyone ??
I can do that to and I am only 12
Im only 3 and i can do that
if you guys wanna hear real dubstep click on this link nothing compares to this Dubstep Beatboxer:
You're a genius.
Holy fukkin shit!!! Lmfao Badass
its all in the hand motion
MUHTEŞEMM.... (İnadına TÜRKÇE puaa jshjshjsj)
I.M.O 1:10 sounds the best :D
Damn son where'd ya find this?...
The only thing that makes people think Dave is better than soclosetotoast is because of his speaker... It adds an echo effect but soclosetotoast doesn't use any
This guy made skrillix look so shity
wow wow wow wow wow omfg it was fucking awesome loved it.
와.... 멋집니다. 배우길 원해요.
E-DUB KR3W Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Check out this video on YouTube: SICKEST BEATBOXER
โอ้ มาย ฟักกิ้ง กอ๊อดดดดด
fakt hustej týpek
Cien porsiento. Otacus
dayum that deep bass tho
His Name is dave crowe . one of the best dubstepers ..  . 
Daaang, that is amazing. This guy's got talent!
thats the best piece i have seen yet on dubstep beatboxing 
Do you even smex, bro? /:
I've search dubstep beatbox for months but never found a video like this!! This is what i lookd for!! <3
Finally i know how to that dubstep very simple and easy
Honey, give this man my wallet.
some people are making a lot of money with his talent in their youtube videos and I bet they dont give him nothing, people are garbage
Wow this guy is AMAZING
Check out this video on YouTube:
I've search dubstep beatbox for months but never found a video like this!! This is what i lookd for!! <3
who didn't watch this twice and not be like ;o
That was fuckin AMAZING!!!
1.15 little girl dancing so cute
Name of song? Are you all fucking retards.... He made it up it's a beatbox.....
16млн,он этого заслужил
Damn freeloaders all that work for a few coins
who the fu ck Unlike this?
That's a modified mick I have one I can do the same exact thing he does
aight u are the haters not me so
+Sebastian Exline Upload it then.. its almost certainly overdriven, doesnt mean you can do it. 
Can anyone tell me why he has to blow on that musical instrument at the end I forgot whats it called
+cheatmasterpokesav your joke is bad and you should feel bad
If this guy here did that with the mouth, his songs could be amazing producing on a computer
Yeah, that's his mouth, I can do it too, but only I don't know anyone else who can do it
+Josh Lea Reeps one, Alem, K.I.M, Babeli, Robeat, Dawan Playa, Vahtang, Pash, Zheton, Masta Mic, Beasty, B.M.G, Lytos, Slykku, Heartgrey, Dharni, Krnfx, Skiller, Slizzer, Ball-Zee, Scott Jackson, Ibarra, Sid fx, B-art, Two.H, Daichi, Hikakin, Dome, Looperman, Beardyman, Zede. You know, just to name a few other beatboxers.
Dayummm!!! That Beat Tho!!!
david wisecup Shared on Google+ · 9 months ago
This is fucking illuminati m8
Wow dupstep is a good sound lololol
I want him at my birthbay
gary downing Shared on Google+ · 5 months ago
completely awsome
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