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WFW 78 - End of Season 5!

by Wong Fu Productions • 329,554 views

Wong Fu Weekends Season 5 is brought to you by MORE FUNNY FACES: Thanks for watching this season of Wong Fu...

haha Phils laugh as he knocks on the side of Teds helmet :D u guys are so entertaining to watch!! <3 more WFW please! <3, ur adoring fans.
i thought it was kevjumba at the start!! lol..
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OMG It's IU, the singer! 5:30 at the top right corner. You can only see like a quarter of her face but it's her!
0:42 OMG!! Ted looked like Einstein...
wes look too cute when he did the asian piece sign. Ted look cute when he look square and phil u made me laugh all night
Was looking at Ted's face the whole time! XD
i was just watching ted and wes the whole time
how did you make that cork rabbit? can you make a video of this?
that's because it's the same music... wong fu and kevjumba both use music by david choi.
it's bcuz he already had peices of gray hair so he dyed all of it grey
they hung out with pretty much all of them but not at the same time
which episode is it when they dress as the dragon ball z characters
Your Next Video Should Be on Fan Mail! >.<
whats;s the program used for the beginning?
Can't pay attention on hearing what you Phil's saying with those face =))
Ive seen the same posting of you on wongfu videos.
omg phil reminds me of the director guy in heartstrings.
You guys should take your nerf guns and have a search and destroy fight.
You mean the rest of the Asians on youtube and 2 white guys
Lmao Wes look like Simon D lmfao when he had the large forehead
What is the episode is it where they are in a recording studio?
Phil looks like my character on Minecraft!
And that's how Wes was born :D 02:35
That's really sad because Wong Fu started using the song first then Kevin decided he use it too.
whats the song in the beginning that goes papapapapadapapa LOL i want it !!!!!
PHILE looks FUNNY / WES made me LOL / TED made me LMAF !!
They have soo much laughs together! Wish i had a group of friends like this :(
Wes! -3 omg yeah i wasnt even listenin to phil-,- ted so cute....:D
im doing a mask right now, and I REALLY can't help but laugh out loud at 3:30 HAHAHAHAH
Wes is still hot even with the camera effects why how what oh wait i forgot he's Wesley Chan
I noticed your videos Edgar..........awkward...... yeah....WONG FU NOTICE EDGAR!!!!!
I really won't paying attention to Phil lol he was right I got distracted by Ted funny faces
That was soo funny!!!!! And we're did you guys go for the slide and the walk on the wall?? And we're did you get those costumes??!!
it is kevjumba's background music sometimes, but it's actually their really good friend, david choi's. he makes the music then he let's his friends (Wong Fu, Kevjumba, etc.) use it.
OMG, Ted is so cute at 01:15!!! :) <3
This is so funny that I enlarged the screen XD
LOL Ted looks like a cartoon LOL 1:15
1:14 Watch ted's cam he's so cute haha :P
Yeah , And they should do more of those kind of things .
in the beginning wes loooked like kevjumba
thumbs up fyour waitingfor ore wong fu weekends
Oh how Regina makes me laugh!! :D
Phil=wtf?!?!?!? wes=cute ted=anime
Phil looks like Bart from JK when he puts on the filter
On the picture you see when you lick on the video I thought it was kevjumba lol
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