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omg omg omg my real life friend is internet famous I've been on that front yard omgomgomg
its his hands slapping his knees when he tucks
Congrats on getting your watch back!
Oh thanks for telling me that! I was worried
I want to be friends with OP. OP, can you make this happen?
I can't do a flip. I can do two half-flips, but not in quick succession.
reddit and youtube comments mixed into one
Dear Diary: OP is not a faggot anymore, in fact hes kinda cool.
How did you get 100 likes for doing 2 backflips?
OP DELIVERS!!!! You, sir, get all the internets.
Original Poster, in this case me. Most of the viewers of this video came from my post on Reddit, in which Osiris32 requested that I do some backflips.
Nice flips lol ps, you're hot. just saying
OP will surely deliver Oh...that he did.
I want one from the side and while you turn I want you to stare profoundly into the camera
thats a back tuck dammit. AND *take off your shirt* :)
I hope it's clear to everyone that this is a blatant troll rather than a fan of the show. You can tell the annoying fans (me, sometimes. Sorry!) from the trolls because instead of just yelling at you to watch a show they like, they get too enthusiastic and make a lot of references that don't entertain anyone but themselves. The more you know!
Is that your body making that knacking sound when you jump? :o
If only the watch had been in the video, then you would get all the internetz.
Dear Diary, Today, OP was not a faggot.
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