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by The YOMYOMF Network • 3,438,715 views

Meet the creative minds behind the new YOMYOMF Network -- Director Justin Lin ("Fast Five"), YouTubers Ryan Higa, Kevjumba, Chester See and their friends including Jessica Alba, Tyrese, Sung Kang,...

I think most asians in america are kind of like bananas. You are asian, but inside is just american
Never mind... we are just confusing ourselves. Lel
yeah, how the hell did they get jessica alba?
+tterressa abellera huh is she friends with kevjumba??
+jnetlife yah i think so, it started when Kev dare Jessica for staring challenge and she respond.
How doesn't this video have 2 billion views?
Damn id forgotten about this one. So many celebrities and you tubers together. And this was back in 2012, When youtube wasn't even respected much. Makes me sad that this channel stopped, they had something special
Can someone please tell me who's the dude next to the guy from Tokyo Drift in the shaving part?? 
this video was the best thing to come out of YOMYOMF! and it came out almost 2 years ago...
lol yomyomf was a failed project
I freaking love this all my favorite youtuber is here, including wong fu and now i know why chester is one of YOMYOMF its because his halh asian (he said he is half filipino). So cool, so freaking great
What happened to this wonderful channel?
I wanna see the behind the scenes for this.
Is that John Morrison in the wrestling ring???
woah what the hell? I want to be in the YOMYOMF Network. D,: I Love this video tho :P
your acting is excellent. Level of a professional actor, Kev <3 I guess that's your inborn talent
john morrison in the ring? loool
OMG All my fav youtubers are in here!
Britta you're the worst
Lol I know a community fan when I see one
Bruce buffer too?
chester is half pilipino!? wow
I realized someone had to come up with this video
pls make more vids like this
On you side rayan Higgs to ze end !!!!!!!!!!!
Love it. That's All I can say.
Outstanding fun, witty, talented, skillful and hell yeah! Five stars!
I was seriously just eating a banana🍌 while watching this for the first time. It's a sign😱
Make internet icon season 3
That girl in the pink dress at 2:25 looks like LianeV
It has only been 2 years and Ryan's subcribers grown to 12 millions now!
who's that asian girl on the left at the end? 
Jamie Chung, I think....
yeah thats Jamie Chung...
so. much. potential. what happened, guys?
So, is he legit Filipino?
Huh...? I don't get it either... It was funny though. :3
This whole yomyomf channel was a whole success! :)
i hope that was sarcasm....
Wtf how much was the budget for this video
4:08 Hey its John Morrison from WWE
was that really jessica alba!
Am I the only one who noticed Gilian Jacobs asking " how'd they get Jessica Alba?"?
Chester looks like Moriarty from Sherlock!
Wayne Brady is a Beautiful Black Man.
when ryan says he is calling his 5 million subcribers,i say to myself "am i included?".
I saw jkfilms in this video 3:15
Ryan never called me :(
So that's why there's a banana next to subscribe XDDDDD Damn I love this video!!!!!!!!!!! Ryan Chester and Kevin! AWESOME MAN!!!!
What has happened to this channel?!
When did this turn into call of duty banana warfare oh around 3:00
This video! This video! This is my 1st top 5 videos!!! Its has all my most favorite people in my entire LIFE! Asians are truly the most intelligent people in this world... (Americans, Europeans and everybody in this lovely world, sorry. You all too are smart :)  )  Man, I wish I could be a youtuber someday :)  just someday ...  #YOMYOMF  <3 And also uh, sorry that this is the first time i watched this video. Im too late :(  Im new here on youtube...  and also im an asian
Britta Perry at the end.
:) Just now seeing this and freaked out at see the one and only Masi Oka, he is the best character in Hawaii 5-O and loved him in Heroes! :)
Still just as awesome as the first time I watched it ^u^
2:12 water bottle laying on the floor is that supposed to b there
I am sincerely embarrassed for anybody that spends this much money on a YouTube video.
This was once a network with the old most subscribed youtuber + more
+BluLav ahem that's Mr Mr vlogging channel to you Mr. I just think sometimes business people think they can drop a ton of cash to make a good youtube video. And often it doesn't work out like that.
Hey there. I loved this Skit. I would like to know how I could submit my web series to your channel for review. Its called underPAID
I'm the little blonde kid with the white shirt :D It's actually true look at my instagram page (thepigcolony)
wow! ryan is so cute here!!! and also kev and chester! love them!
Was that really Jessica Alba?????
Morrison yeah but why was he getting his neck broken
Jessica Alba breaking John Morrison's neck XD
The only thing worth watching Cheers
is wong fu on chesters side or ryans side?
Really awesome. Become subcriber of this channel
Who were the three girls in the end?
loved how ungry was chester in this vd !!
totally did not expect gillian jacobs at the end, haha love her. 
I cant stop laughing....silently cuz still in bed and when i laugh loudly they would throw some stuff at me! Cooooolll video!!!!
that...was...AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOSH I'VE NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THAT EVER!!!!!!!!!! Chester tied it all together.
Mulan asks the big questions...
1st comment in a year
I'm half phillipino you know that!- Chester see What deh puck, I didn't knwo you were pillipino
I remember when yomyomf was like machinima, but in real life. And now it's like a rotten skeleton of a rich man. Rip yomyomf :(
internet icon season 3 please?
This video is amazing!
This never turned into anything
Nada Aly Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Anyone else really want a banana right now..?
All this trouble over little old me! Wow!
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