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7 Mistakes Girls Make (When It Comes to Boys)

by Brittani Louise Taylor • 387,919 views

Thank you so much for COMMENTING/SUBBIN/FAVIN/THUMBS-UP-ING!! When it comes to love and relationship, just be confident and be yourself!--XoXo--BLT :P BLOOPERS! POSTER...

I love My girlfriend the Way She is
A sense of humor, light eyes and hair, always confident, well dressed, and nice
1. Confidence 2. smells good 3.LIGHT EYES!!! <3<3 
I love my boyfriend just the way he is.
Personality sweat he always calls me butifall
respects me and are kind and loving and does the right thing and stick up for the things they believe in xx love ya brittani 
In my opinion I don't think you should say like your cute wanna date no get to know them first my boyfriend isn't that cute but he makes me happy and he isn't that romantic I wish he was more but he is funny and sweet
If they are taller than me and my age
What attract me to a boy is how they are kind they have a hummer and not afraid to be him
Personality, humor, and smile. Also,confident and comfortable who likes me for me and likes herself for herself.
Cuteness big eyes and a person I can cuddle!! .^. {:
When a guy isnt afraid to be himself && doesnt mine being weird with me in public
It the emo hair that cute right
The boy that I like is funny
Mostly personalities, but also looks. I mean, if a guy is nice to me, that's fine and good. But if they're nice and hot, then that's it. I ask them it asap.
the girl i like is pretty kind and cute. :)
I like guys with a good personality and if possible a country side
At first its when you first look at him or her and you notice all the cute details he does Or is then you slowly fall in love with him and dont wait to tell a guy u love him I did and now je got a girlfriend and I found out that he did like me any ways dont wait for love
Personality because if their good to you it means love!! :D
Personality <3 i'd rather date a sweet ugly guy than a hot jerk
A guy who's not afraid to be himself.
hes cute and amazing but i dont know if he likes me back what should i do 
Personality and eyes! Dont ask about the eyes thing It doesnt matter what color or anything i just LOVE eyes! Im weird!:D
blahblahblah i only care on how cute they are lol jk
Funny, cute and hopefully we both look at echother like were in total love
I'm a girl, and saying no to Black Ops is so mean!
People who are sweet and funny and have a bad boy side and a good boy side
Their personality and their sense of humor
I like a guy with a nice sense of humor smart and funny cute and loveble
I like a smart girl.
personality, and then if they can make you laugh so hard milk comes out your nose. Looks are just an added bonus.
Their personality and their background
when a boy makes me laugh and when im sad he'll make me happy!
What if he dosent want boy time and I feel bad I want him to have boy time
slowly must I die, a painful death, and all because Joey FRICKING SHOT ME IN THE FACE!!!
My boyfriends name is joey o.o
I want a girl that can make me laugh, smile and make me happy no matter where we are. I want a girl that likes to be cutesy and cuddle and romance, and most importantly I want her to be as into the relationship as I am.
I'm the type of guy who will date a girl on their Personality (Sometimes if their funny as well)
When there sweet and shaky and weird around you
Personality and funny
I like tall guys :D
I like when a boy likes me for me
There eyes,personality
His hair, and if he takes good care if his younger sister,idk why it attracts me but it does!
Brittani is my best friend I absoloutly love her! She can litterally talk about anything and I relate to it in every way :)
I like a guy who is Funny nice and sometimes he can be awkward And If he's cute that's a BONUS
if there funny there mine..
Their personality, if they're cute, that's a bonus
I go for a guy with a sense of humor and isn't afraid to get in a little trouble and someone who will listen when I talk to them I don't care how they look I fall in love with personality not looks but it wouldn't hurt to date someone that's good looking
Mainly personality, because when I get to know someone that makes them seem SO attractive. <3
Honestly I normally go for the personality then when I know them better I notice how they look.
I like a boy who's not afraid to break rules, is lovely, nice, kind and love animals and is a good kisser
When a girl is sexy
My kind of boy is he likes geting dirty like in mud and likes dogs and pizza
Their heart is important
Honestly, I hate clingy, or if they try too hard. And complements EVERY SECOND. overusing things just make them have no meaning so calling a girl beautiful every second is just not attractive.
Funny,nice and understanding
Their sense of humor, but not someone who thinks everything is a joke!!! Someone who is kind and caring and that will comfort me when I need it and who has a great personality!! But I don't want someone who will change themselves so I will like that. OH!! And we can't forget goodlookin!!! ;)
I really love it when a guy is nerdy... I'm talking like the full fledged plays mmorgs, can not only fix your computer but can MAKE a computer, and oh god its important they be good at math because BOOOOOY do I suck at it.
U are amazing. U have helped me with all of my problems I am still battling through but its a lot easier with or videos that give me advice
I like guys who look good but have a awesome personality
I like a boys hair and how funny there are
I have a boyfriend funny,cute,nice
Smile defenetly a smile
Its personality . But if they have a good personality and there cute.
Pretty much every three things you said their eyes, their personalities, and the way they look
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