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Lady Gaga - Born This Way

by LadyGagaVEVO • 144,927,285 views


 My 11 year old little sister who has anger issues says that this song gives her chills because of the lyrics. She really struggles with communicating properly, and has been different since the day she was born and this is her favorite song. Lol, I thought it was cute that she said that she likes this song for it's lyrics. When I was 11 I wasn't paying attention to song lyrics.
i don't understand that comment.
This song made me gay, no grandkids for my parents :D:D
+trha2222 and the source is? First time I even heard of it. Also, the word "hate" might revolve around the "because you are gay, I am also being judge by other" not because of "I hate you because you are gay." So, the fault lies within the society, not the parents. Therefore, children of gay parents might hate their parents for a different reason than bigotry, they are still more open mind than other kids. Oh before I'm making guess, where's the source? As far as I know in real life, children with gay couple are doing fine with their life. 
+16973774 The source is science. The reason is gay people are more arrogant, annoying, condescending and judgmental.
My mama told me when I was young "Son, you better get a job"...
I don't even know what song you're talking about tbh.
there would be like 80% less hate in world without religion...
Bull. That's the belief of a simple mind without any understanding at all of the real world.
Ok, God lovers. Here's your proof that being gay is genetic, from yours truly, a biology major!! Omg!! Ok so firstly, we have a dominant heterosexual gene called H and a recessive homosexual gene called h. Because genes pair up in meiosis and mitosis, this means you can have 4 possible pairings: HH (exclusively heterosexual) Hh x2 (mainly heterosexual) and hh (homosexual). This means that for every 4 people born, 3 are straight, 1 is gay. God probably "wanted" this so the population could flourish. However, that population seems to be getting out of hand because someone can't control their dick. Over 1000 species were recorded to show activities of homosexuality. Don't moan to me about it being unnatural. Let me lay the SMACK DOWN FIGURES on y'all. 1000+ species are gay. Only 1 species are homophobic. Can you guess which one?! Yeah, me too. And at what cost? You guys make SATANISM appear better than Catholic Christianity. The only people who do Catholic Christianity justice are Pope Francis and Lady Gaga herself. If it weren't for them, i would jump to conclusions. But for their sake, i won't, and let you keep your values for another lifetime to come. Have a lovely day! :)
+Maurart B No, they aren't. People are not born gay. That is wishful thinking on your part.
i think it's a mixture of nature and nurture.
Illumanti is a complete bullsh*t theory. Only narrow minded and degenerate idiots would think that. And Born this Way DOES NOT ONLY apply to gays and bisexual. It applies to EVERYONE. To love yourself for who you are cuz God made u that way. It's common sense people. LEARN!!!
+AshleyBaby019 Ha, well if you believe Satan is in the image of the pop culture world, then you are REALLY stupid. I did do my research and a lot of the illuminati crap refers to the Devil, Lucifer, Baphomet and religious stuff. So please, don't even.
+qincy jones quite aware of that. I'll correct it.
It's funny how the LGBT community knows more about the Bible than most Christians. The bible does not condemn homosexuality, and that is a fact. No Greek or Latin word corresponds with the modern term of "homosexuality". The bible does however condemn homosexual pedophilia, which was common in the Roman empire. When the bible was written, there was no concept of homosexual marriage, so it couldn't have directed towards us "homosexuals". The bible does condemn sex that's exploitative, or out of marriage. But it could not have have been directed to homosexuals, because there was no concept of homosexuality. It was just one man loves another man. By these Christians preventing us homosexuals from marriage, you are making us sin, and blaming it ON US. And I congratulate every christian that realizes this. 
Scotty, the stuff that says that being gay is wrong is in the old testament, y'know, the stuff that Christians don't use.
The only thing I can't understand is how people can hate this song. You don't have to love the melody, you don't have to love this genre, but you gotta love this lyrics. It helped so many people, including me. Thank you Gaga for writing this song. You brought the bravery in this world. 
I totally agree with you, this is the best lyrics i've ever heard, and this song helped me... thank you so much gaga!
You weren't born that way, though.
gross...put some clothes on already!
+Jason Triplett You sir, are an arrogant person, who can't take a hinting gesture from others for your own biased views, so you sir, can kiss the lower part of my back side as I stomp on what you would call "a personal view" as it is demeaning towards others as body shaming
+eternal .PLUR i want to thank everyone whom my comments have really affected :)  you all took a LOT of time out of your day to sort of read and understand my point, not so good on the understanding part, but the fact that you are all putting so much passion in to sharing with me really makes me smile :D  
Quite frankly, I see no problem in loving who you want to love. I'm a Christian, and believe in gay/lesbian/bi/trans rights, I don't think any God who's worth anybody's time would condemn someone to death, and force them to go to hell because of who they truly love. And if God happens to be that way, fuck it, I''l go party with Satan, because if God condemns people because of who they love, and Satan broke away from him, Satan's probably a pretty cool dude. 
bla bla bla, i say impressive words bla bla bla i'm a whore bla bla bla look at my vagina artistically bla bla bla sounds from mozart bla bla bla i suck for art bla bla bla
The lady is definitly a tramp.
It is strange that it seems like non-LGBTs care more about how things should be when it comes to LGBTs... I mean, like... Why don't you mind your own business? Noone needs your opinion, just zip it and fuck off.
I wish the LGBT community would zip it and fuck off. They are way more annoying than the religious right.
This is about how illuminati created humans.
+leonhang Thanks for showing how stupid you are but , in arguing with you is nonsense. Believe what you want to believe but dont expect me to do so.
What is 'pansexual'?  Is that like having sex with bread?
Was lady gaga born retarded? Or did she become retarded?
Alvun N le chipmukz Chiprekted
Noice 111111111111
+Al Elietto Go on and believe what you want. Ignore the blatant symbolism and the signs they shove in your face because you're too dense to even believe they're there. That is their way of saying to the world, "we have the masses so programmed that we can put our agenda right in their face and they don't even realize it!" The bible is true because it described what is happening today millennia ago! Have fun being a slave in the New World and a slave of Satan after this it...
+AshleyBaby019 The Illuminati is just another Christian scare tactic to get people to like them more with the supposed idea that anyone who follows the Illuminati is evil off their ass. Too many people who have done too many good things for the world have supposedly been Illuminati. If Lady Gaga is Illuminati, I'd still take her side over yours any day. At least she backs up her beliefs with actions. All you "Christians" do is bark at nothing and bite, never doing anything good and always hurting people. Meanwhile, the REAL Christians are out ignoring your nutter butter conspiracies and actually trying to make differences in the world, not caring about differences in beliefs between them and the people they're helping.
This is the Most positive and uplifting song which gives me hope in humanity. I dedicate this to those who are mocked for their individuality, rejected for their uniqueness, struggling to find acceptance, starving for understanding and empathy, those pressured to fit into society, most of all, to those who are denied love for who they are. Don't give up. Stay strong, stay genuine. Someone somewhere loves you.
I didn't choose to be gay. The gay chose me. >;3 Fuck, started a comment fluster.. Eat a dick, religion, because I will suck dick till the day I die, no vagina involved. :D I don't choose to be gay. I was born this way. (Did it again.) For fucks sake, EDIT: I was baiting people. You guys can't tell by the obscure writing and complete assholery? I am actually gay, yes, BUT I DO NOT HATE RELIGION! Welcome to the fucking internet!
+TheGaymerJake but I haven't even really read the bible only the first 15 pages of the comic book version. Like I said I'm barley religious. But anyways just don't be mean to people just for believing in something. Be mean to Homophobes not to innocent christans that actually support your cuase.
+justice sanders Have you read the comments above? This'll give you time, because replies are being turned off. And the bible's an interesting read. You can see what your book would've caused if it'd been taken literally, word for word. Bye!
You're copycat, get back I'm always on your mind Take a photograph like that Always ahead of my time I'll give you a heart attack, bumbaclat Where is my royalty? You're a pretty girl, I'll give ya that Stealing my recipe Here we go again, in your fantasy You can try it all, but you can't beat me You can walk the walk, even talk the talk But you'll always be two steps behind me In my shadow, two steps behind me Out of ammo, you're never gonna be on my level Two steps behind me, in my shadow, you're just a wannabe me Like a sister all messed up Who's gonna help you out? It's a ugly look princess What are you all about? Did you study way hard enough, trying to be a bust? Yeah that's cool and all now get in line Tickets are gonna cost
+SkullMasterSakai I think what he meant was this was before lady gaga flopped. Artpop? more like artflop
este es el video mas diabolico que he visto en toda mi vida. despues de "Die Young de Ke$ha" casi todos los videos de esta tipas son satanicos
Si es satánica que haces viéndola? ._. Es demasiado para ti mejor vete a jugar muñecas :v
Here's a thought: Gay men are born this way right? Then why the hell do GAY men hit on STRAIGHT men?? HUH? If you are born gay than that means that you will stay gay and if you're born straight same thing. Then why have I had gay men flirt with me or my buddies in public places? Why would a gay man even attempt to change a straight guy? Aren't you supposed to be "born" this way? I have seen gays hitting on dudes who have their lady by their side. I"ll tell you why... because NOBODY IS BORN GAY. I just completely DEBUNKED your stupid mindless gay philosophy. Gays should only hit on other gays, but the reality is they do not. If a gay man ever winks at me again I will punch that sucker right back into manhood. Yes, you have the freedom to be who you are and I'm okay with that but I have the freedom to protect myself from your sickness.
it wasn't sexist, he's just pointing out that some people don't care about each other's sexual preference.
Honestly I can tell you. I'm gay myself and don't hit on straight guys. I can find them attracted but I don't chase them. If they are gay or bi then that's cool.
For all you people that think homosexuality is a NATURAL act, please answer this....... You take 100 million gay men {only} ages 18-80 and put them in a country the size of the USA. Give them the very best of everything. Housing, sports, hospitals, theatre, restaurants, ect.ect. They have everything they will ever want. Now, how long will this "paradise" last? We know that heterosexuality has worked for thousands of years. Again, how long will this land of 100 million gay men last? 80 maybe 90 years tops? ...Yea, very natural.
Eellenne Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
WELL!!! If you're a conspiracy theorist you will love this bonanza of NWO symbolism if you think its all bunkum enjoy the music or  take out it what you will I love it  I was born this way :)))
+Billy Bass I have found an interesting thought you'll love billy I have a theory people have been locked up with thoughts like mine but I found I am no longer alone I will post it when I go find it again I think you  might be interested 
Yea do it +Eellenne​ I'm intrigued already
what the fock : poker face : gaga = hot Paparazzi: gaga= hot born this way : HOLY SH*T what the fuck is wrog with her O_o how can one get so ugly in 2 video skips
not only does this cunt rip off Madonna's look but also the music. how sad. just another filthy crack whore  :(
DJ パッカー Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
Lady Gaga - Born This Way: 久々聴きたくなりましたー( ・∇・) hiro tayaさん、ありがとうございます( ̄∇ ̄*)ゞ
僕もつられてガガ様 聴いてみます!
4 years ago... time flies.
Like if your watching in 2015
I'm gay but this is literally the worst song ever. I wouldn't wish listening to this on my worst enemy.
well that is your opinion.
Poor Little Mons-turds! Tony Bennett announced he and Gaga are working on a new jazz album of old Cole Porter songs! ...ha ha ha! 
Gaga,  congrats on your 6th Grammy win!  How many did Katy get?  None, nada, zippo, zilch.  LOLOLOLOLOL!!! Katy Kunts be crying
so what she is trying to say that she is a trans gender? i have no problems with trans genders but didnt she tell the press that she wasnt a trans gender at all but now she is trying to prove that she is... am i wrong cuz i absolutley love this song but once i really listened to the words it really confused me,...can anyone explain?
When.....when did she say she is transgender. She said 'no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life' she did  not at any point say I'm Transgender.
It's a song. A song. Not a biography.
OMG she wants to be madonna so hard
Gross she has surpassed that old hag already
video intro stolen from goldfrapp's alive bitch get a life
+Nikk Cole that cheesy 80's video? noooo. I think they both use a lot of esoteric/craft symbolism... but a triangle has been used in many, many videos. clearly you're the one that needs a life- focusing on stupid crap like that...
if you were born gay you are OK
I mean, I like this song but... The "birth" was awkward..
shes got the wrong the wrong body for this video I HATE LADY GAGA
That is ok but we hate you
27.02.15 : 4 YEARS Born This Way Clip !!!! :D 144 887 994 Views 534 452 Likes 138 325 Dislikes 401 427 Comments
I just wanted to see the dick.
lady gaga ahahahaaa more like stupid idiot fans...its a man ....yup
lmfaooo u r so funny o m g
Born this way , a beautiful song with a meaningful lyrics , i love you my super idol Lady Gaga , YOU’RE ALWAYS THE BEST PERFORMER FOR ME .
Let me just say something, no celebrity is PART of the illuminati. They can only be controlled by it. Do your research.
newsflash, kiddie: There's no such thing as illuminati. There's only the ruling class, aka corporations and politicians, and we the people below them.  If you want to do something about it, first let go of the conspiracy BS, then read some actual social study material (preferably anarchists like Kropotkin, Bakunin or even other socialists like Marx). then you'll have some basic understanding of how the world works. it's comforting thinking you know "the truth". however, that's just another lie, made up to keep you fighting invisible enemies while the real villains fill their pockets and purchase otherwise productive lands in order to profit from speculation. they're not even hidden, like the imaginary "illuminati". they do it right in front of you with the approval of the state. they call it "private property rights".
Well before you think you were just born this way. Bpa is in plastic and is toxic and causes hormone changes in males and females. If you like the same sex you should just fuck yourself rather than ruin you life and make your family hate you. Lots of chemicals are in our water and food supply. Everyone just wants to think they were just born this way. What lazy gay people. They do no research and just wait for an answer just to show up. Bpa look it up. Oh and by the way gay means happy not the stolen term you people use. You cant be happy when you ruin your kids lives by being two dads or two moms. Think they might grow up gay now because of you slugs. Peace. Showing gay people another non fake reality. My life is shattered now and i have to rethink my illusion.
The only illusion you should rethink is your assumption.
aren't you a cheery fellow...
there's more devilry and Satanism imagery shit in pop than there is in metal
I love this.This should be the theme of the world.
the downward facing triangle is a symbol of humans, it is half of the star of David which represents the joining of humans and god. the unicorn represents purity,grace and possibility. i think she's trying to say that we humans have a pure and graceful potential.anyone who thinks lady gaga is stuipid is SOOOOO WROOONG.  (alex woz ere 2015)
+jake dalzell Actually the triangle is now considered the symbol of homosexuality, the Nazis used it to tag homosexuals
and then we used it as our symbol.
+Julio Ramirez And performing in 2 days at the Oscars. They clearly only let flops perform. > laughs < > rolls eyes <
Este video es el mejor que aya visto😍😍😍😍😍
im in 2015 like if you are too
Wow. Parts of this song really do sound eerily like Madonna's "Express Yourself." Yikes. How did that slip past everyone? Lol...I do like the song, but it's a shame no one noticed that it sounds like Madonna's song. If it had been acknowledged and seen as some kind of tribute, it would have been even more awesome since "Express Yourself" has a similar theme.
its theme of the past pop music, not madonnas!
I hate Lady Gaga that i can not put it into words
Thats a man converted to female
proof? there's been no sufficient proof since 2009  sit down!! 
i absolutely love the song, but unfortunately, I am completely confused about the beginning scenes. 
Look up sweetheart, she's talking about a race or (birth) where they will not judge, a "species" where there is no hatred.
oh okay, thanks! I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed lulz
lol you guys are so fuckin dumb Lady gaga worships Lucifer, i don't fallow any religious group at all, but i do study symbols and occult symbolism and it's clear she worships lucifer, I aint a conspiracy theorists either, what im telling you is true and you don't have to believe it, either way it doesn't matter to me, im just mind blown by how blatant her symbols are and whats more shocking is the fact that a lot of you Christians or other people who claim to be religious, listen to this shit, completely oblivious to the diabolical message. it is truly mind numbing, she rubs these symbols in your face and laughs at you idiots because you have no idea of her true motive. she is literally taunting you. it is amazing. and before you jump to assumptions  trying to get at me out of anger, do your research. if you want proof, hit me up, but don't come at me on some anger shit, because i wont read or reply to it.
'I do study symbols and occult symbolism and it's clear she worships lucifer' 'the diabolical message' 'her true motive'. Who cares? Taken way too far, I would think the vast majority of people come to just listen to the music, regardless of her personal views or symbolism displayed in the video - doesn't cause harm. Out of curiosity too, what is her 'diabolical message' she's 'taunting' people with?!
It's gonna get worse, hatin ass app thot
this video is very disgusting and its all just wrong.  God LOVES everyone but homosexual behaviors cannot be condoned its sinful and wrong.  
and it IS true that God does not make ANY mistakes.  never has never will all people have a dignity that should be respected.  All people have value.  but again. Homosexual acts are sinful and need to end.
Fuck off, you Madonna fans are hopeless. That song is a flop. LOL
wth is wrong with lady gaga
In hindsight,,,,this might be one of the best pieces of pop art ever made. Born this way (the album) might be one of the best pop albums of all times #JustSaying. This is the most honest Gaga ever, 
And besides the fact that I'm obviously gay...this video is dedicated to all of us weirdos and misfits. Bad kids everywhere. It is refreshing to have the biggest act in pop culture saying to you "you're not a freak, you're awesome just the way you are". This is why Gaga will always be my mother monster ♥♥♥
She really screwed this song up. You wanna hear it like it's suppose to be, listen to Carl Bean's ORIGINAL version. This is TERRIBLE. BLASPHEMY.
who tf is carl bean
fucking fags should burn in hell
Haha haha shhhhh fag lover
I enjoy this song and I am straight. However, if sperm from a male which entered into the egg of a female how are you born a homosexual? That makes no sense and if anyone has an actual viable response please let me hear. I will not release whether I have a religious stand on this subject or not but I do not believe someone who was born from parts of a Male and a Female are born Homosexual it is 100% a choice
Margarida Campina Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Is it weird that I felt so happy and about to cry when you mentions LGBTQIA and race
also when she mentioned people with disabillities and etc.
this song is a cheap copy of the letter of vogue madonna and lyrical expres yourself the same artist, this woman copy everything and it is no secret that is in decline, which may all who said they would Asher Queen pop, it was just an artist of current consumption period.
+eder alvarez para ti para mi no y para muchos NO lo es solo qporque lo dijo la ansiana esa asi nlo crees que tristeza !!!
John Wiseman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I Know ? Shut up now john ? Love this XXXXXXXXXXXX
This video is my first time wuhing it 😂😂😂😂😂
"Oooh there aint no other way I used to be a dude Check out my man ass baby I was born this way"
+re13ecca904 How does an ass look ''manly''? 
Yesterday I saw an alien running naked on my street, so I raped him in the ass
leonie borkes Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Welterusten...gute nacht...bonne nuit......goodnight.
I never liked me extravagance and pornographic it is but I have to accept that the song is great just the song
how is this video pornographic??:)) cause she dances in her underwear and bra and gives birth to a new race? you should look up the definition of pornography
leonard christensen Shared on Google+ · 2 hours ago
lady  gaga is number 1
omg I didnt know it has zombie boy in the song! I love him and his tattoos and i love gaga. the only thing I question is why have him in the video when he wasnt 'born that way' with tattoos?
It's like a 'you're not along' kind of thing.
i am gay and i don't give a fuck. come and get me motherfuckers 
sabrina sab Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Aperitivo e musica Lady Gaga - Born This Way:
+sabrina sab are you a spanish people ha pls anser to me okay
Honey I think u have the wrong vid
She stole it from Madonna's song 'Express Yourself'.  I knew it sounded like something I had heard before.  Come on, Gaga, you have more creativity than that!  DIsappointed. 
i'm gay and fking hate myself for it...
+UrbanGirl Paris you're going about it that wrong way! he first has to be honest with himself and then the public
The beginning was kind of weird but I like the song because its saying you should love you who are. Like all about that bass kind of.
except 3 and a half years before lol
It is a beautiful song yes. It's one of the songs of Gaga that made me a Gaga fan. But knowing she is OBVIOUSLY one of the Illuminati, I was highly discouraged. It has a message that whatever your race, sexual preference, disability it doesn't matter. Because God made us what we are now. He has plans for all of us. Some are destined to be rich, to be poor, be a girl, a boy, an American, a Canadian but it doesn't matter. God always knows what's best for us.
You know what's best for you!...just putting it out there
Why does she do this weird stuff I like the song not the outfits
so just hear the music and performances =d
+Jonny Setzler i know he is just a stupid ashole
i wanna fuck her she is amazing sexy
This is a horror movie...
for u for us is just be ur self and no matter what others say
Jimmy Lee Thurman Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Blast from the past :)
"It slowly opened up, and the wings were so dramatically different, it was immediately apparent what it was," said Johnson, who recognized in an instant that this butterfly was half-male and half-female.
Steve Hasting Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Hey Sally Kern (R-OKC) this one's for you! You could learn a thing or two from this song. #RecallSallyKern
Like Sally would listen to music that had meaningful lyrics. She probably gets her music straight from Westboro.
Wait, she's not gay, is she? I am too confuse.
baby i'm born this way
Age of aquarious ...
+Max Seven yep... will it be a bad time? or good?... hmmm.
nivaldo ribeiro Shared on Google+ · 2 months ago
Gatona Rebelde.
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