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Party Bras IN OUR MAIL!

by Smosh 2nd Channel • 2,755,059 views

WATCH THE NEWEST EPISODE: Check out Smosh gear: OUR NEW CARTOON CHANNEL: Epic thumb wars, party bras,...

u guys always end with one of u dying xD
The Shut Up Cartoons thing at the end is very annoying
Ian's eyes are sooooooo pretty....
That lamb was from Timmy Time/ Shaun the Sheep
That bunny looks like old bonnie from fnaf
Anthony is a stripper from grand theft auto 5
That webkinz dude hat tho xD
Fucked up you don't know Edward Hilja ?
ian does not suck whoever sent that suck
the white container ]might have had sperm in it.
I dont know Anthony, why are you pole-dancing while cradling a turd in your arm? Why are you pole-dancing? Why are you cradling a turd? I guess no one will ever know...
the death thing at the end of every video is getting old.................
The whole 'Hulk Slash' thing pisses me off... I hate it when people think that ALL emos cut -_-
Yup I was just about to comment that
The princess is from tooth fairy
You f`!@#ING assholes! why exactly did you have to be all pregidust with the expanding disk? I am going to unsubscribe next time you act like that, Ian. Now it's definite that you're the dick and Anthony is the awesome hot one.
you should name the purple bunny you got bonnie... just dont let it stuff you in a freddy fazbear suit.
I was going to say that
Is that a bunny beanie baby??!!!! PLEASE check and see if there's TY tag!!!!!!!!!!!!
Omg I I've the same pikachu backpack that's so weird but cool
Ian is funnier than anthony
I was drinking hot milk and I kept on laughing.
is charlie actually still alive
I have a broad with me when I woach your vids
Hulk slash? Not cool ian. Some people really have problems out there. You were my favorite bro. :(
you should play five night at Freddys on game bang
I have that same backpack. Twinsies!
Valerie Walsh Shared on Google+ · 2 weeks ago
Check out this video on YouTube:I
Cute little Beenie boo
Ian is fit :-) Anthony is not so much...
Heyo the sheep is on an English baby tv show called Timmy time (I don't watch it!) And he is also on Shaun the sheep if u know what that is
please stop with the emo jokes it hurts some peoples feellings we cut because its our way to let things out its not funny and I don't give a f if pple hate over my comment
Wut if a gurl alrdy wor dat brah o.o
all are fucking awesome.lasercorn is awesomer can we all agree with that.
i have that little stuff sheep at my house his name is timmy
OMG i has dat pickachu back pack XD
max, max max is hard-core
Thats a webkinz hat with the dude on it.
I want that purple bunny ;-; looks like bonnie,but... ._.
+quetzal perzabal five nights at Freddy's!!!!!
Charlie dies I'm magic
but it could be anthony is bored but it would be the intro backwards instead :3
OMG I have the same pikachu backpack! LOL <3
Ian you don't know. You never tried. Cause you are alive.
OMG i have a sock monkey TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo
No wait shaun the sheep
did anyone else notice that was the Dude hat from Webkinz
hey Ian I love u p.s hi
That Sheep was Timmy from shaun the sheep lol :)!
attention falcon lovers STFU
1234 i declare a thumb war, 5678 i used this hand to .......
Anthony I got the same pikachu back pack
i wonder where Ian and Anthony live because i want to send them a tub of cookies because i won like 9 in a raffle
check the vid about the creepy nurse in our mail, at the end they say it
Antfony is a fuked emo,Ian is awesome PS i misspeled antony on perpease
+David Lakatuš Je vois que tu ne parles pas francais aussi, mdr
I almost feel like crying actully I do cus that some shet in yo mail hair you guys are so troled worst vids ever wrong games bras I would use gloves
How much of this stuff do you keep?
You guys should totally do more stuff with charlie like putting him in a hamster ball and rolling him around.
do they not have shaun the sheep in the US, the thing ian said what the fuck is this and it was a sheep with a dummy ( pacifier ) and it's off there, it's called timmy
That sheep thing, that is 'Fåret Shaun' from Sweden😂 Fåret Shaun = Shaun the sheep :)
5:05 AND THATS why I hate beanie babies. so damn creepy
and blastoise is humping nedoran 2:36
the sheep is from an english kids show :)
Timmy from Shaun The Sheep
0:54 i know what that is and i am not saying it! 
I had that pikachu backpack too!
that wasnt horse semen...
Dudes if I can let me know to send you stuff cus I can send you a gift card
idk why but Ian looks like someones dad to me.... sorry don't hate me..... it IS 4 in the morning. but i seriously do love smosh. and Ian. but Anthony is way hotter.
u guys r both really hot :/
Anthony still has boobs no matter what
5:04 creepy..."I'm watching you...!!
send me some Pokémon toys
anthony is soo hawt im a girl
XD lol im a girl no rlly
This video suuuuuuks bad
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