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Top 5 Wins of 2011

by Hidden Masters • 49,759 views

Top 5 Playlist: These are the Top 5 Wins of 2011, Feel free to follow me on twitter if you haven't yet. "Top 5 of 2012" coming next year....

Always cracks me up when it goes *ta-da* on the "Win!" bit xD
3rd one the guy was like stay away ! NO NONONON BOOOM
Wait, so what happened when they were all out that one night?
can we stop with the tops fives and just get to mw3 hiding
@MrEaman12 I should be! I am Lui Calibre, the Hidden Master Blaster!
haha did you hear that guy?! So we were all out that night.
So... we were all out one night..
no one turn on the green saber theres no handle to hold it!!!!
you guys are the only ones who can get me to laugh when watching a call of duty video
proof on my channel xjaws is gay
how many more 2011 vids are you going to post?~
We're going to be in 2013 and there still going to be doing top 5 "***" of 2011. Stop reusing old video to make money without working :O
enjoyed naming on the stream nice job u guys :D
Qspkidsickness. just type it into the search bar and watch. U will jizz.
ending was the best it made me LMAO
Knowing that you helped name some of these :)
can i share this video in my page of facebook?
i want to play with you guys but i live in australia so i would be lagging like a fat kid in a marathon
I hate to be this guy but what song is it?
Hidden Masters you should pose in front of them without them noticing :)
@HawkTRiikZGaming i like the one it makes when u dislike them
when the next full episode of hidden tactics?
Music/Sound inbetween the clips please?
at the end i think the kid was just taking a sip of juice
@killzone081 this is the final episode for top 2011
thank you, i cant stand that kids voice "Boom! Check me out!" Shut up!!
0:00 so everyone can skip watching roxio game capture...
Lol reaction to number 5 What the... So I was out one night...
0:25 I did the same in a game and it worked very well! ^^
Write on TooGoodToTryHard on elite if u wanna do this
@sourmilkification he used to be original then he took over 9000?! arrows to the knee
This channel is epic. You have to sub now or u'll never see their channel again -trololololololol
I played with some Hidden Masters an hour ago
thumbs up if you are watching this in 1842 XD
@HiddenMasters u should do the ghost pro thing more often i wish i could play with u guys =3 now if you will excuse i will annoy FPSRUSSIA fan boys =3
I wish there was a "Love" button... :'(
@VintageNewb your joking or do you really think it was a tomahawk? Srry can't tell, bit tired.
@DarthScosha haha bro they haunt played black ops since MW3
I wanted to know why they were out all night!
Troll-Cxd? I trapped my friend in a corner, with a recon-drone!
Did you see the floating attack dog at 5:21
Weren't this also 5 heckn moments?
@HiddenMasters What editing program do you use?
And yet still no TOP FUCKING 5 LUI CALIBRE!!!!!
0:50 So we were all out one night...
.......He was trolling. There is no 5:00, only 4:40.
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