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by Smosh 2nd Channel • 1,488,494 views

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Loki is the prince of Asgard. Asgard is in the Marvel universe. Marvel is owned by Disney. LOKI IS A DISNEY PRINCE
+Marilyn the Person I think that title belongs to Kuzco
What was the song in the Loki bit?
Who clicked hoping the thumbnail was Mari?
Porn: Offensive Prom: Awesome Any-anyone? Well... I hope he doesn't read this... *sigh* Ian Hecox... (Smart, Funny, Cute... What else could I want?) No I don't even like Avengers... Actually... Who are them? Heard of 'em, never saw 'em... I really hope he doesn't read this... Oh well...
My lord this is old wow the angles
Holy shit I read like 4 different titles from the title itself... -_- First I got Prom Porn, then Prom mom, then Mom Pron, than prom prom.... I need sleep lmao
what was that song at 1:29?
SoCloseToToast is a better beatboxer.
Psshhh Prom is just a $60 waste of cash where you pay for other dumb teens to screw in the bathroom, car, football field bleachers, etc
I like better saying "gifs" than "jifs" too :D
1. Don't care 2. I would think I'd like to go to prom with... Elle Fanning 3. No. 4. Out of the 4? Or out of the 2 and then out of the next 2? Because if that was the case, Cap'n America and Black Widow
Shanfo lanmeso Mari da kawaii
i lihe the back ground song in work that pole scene can somebody tell me what is that song. please reply
Wait is that why that dude got on that goDaddy commercial? Just cause of this? guess it was the best night of his life lol
I love you Mari 💛💙💜💚❤️💗💓
"Why is there so much fan art of Loki naked? He's a freakin' super villain!" Me- "..... But you like it."
1. Don't care 2. England from Axis Powers Hetalia. ;) 3. NOPE. 4. Don't know, don't care.
I just don't know any more
1.Dont care 2.Dont know dont care 3.what do u think?YES 4.Captain America
1) Offensive and shouldn't be aloud to go on that early.  2) Already went to prom in 09' with my date  3) Iron Man and Black Widow 
what if my arguement is yours... mind blown D:
1. don't care 2. Veronica Gomez (yep, p0rn prom) 3. almost made juice come straight from my nose to the computer screen 4. Black Widow, who do you think?!?!?!
Vincent Marcus is good beat boxer
1. dont care rlly :P 2. one of my boys in school or my crush ( if we go to the same prom :P ) 3. a little X3 4. BLACK WIDOW BIATCH
1. no comment 2. L from death note ;) 3. what do you think? 4. none >.<
AWSOME you mari! no black widow
Don't care, Loki, Yes, iron man ;) Loki work dat pole anytime for me (AKA) Tom hiddleston
1;dont care 2:Glados 3:no 4:black widow
Actually, the porn convention being next to my prom would me AWESOME!(I'm a girl btw!^_^)
Of course a million views
Pointing out your shirt is awesome only gives us a reason to look at your boobs.
So your saying that Graphic is better than Jurrasic?
what the hell I went to the porn prom thing and the video was privet did this happen to anybody else
don't care lauren boakes yes and black widow
Captain america and black widow! ^u^
1.AWESOMES!!, 2. Someone that I like, 3.Hilarious, 4.Spider woman all the efffffing way, then ironman. :)
1.don't care best friend 4.iron man
what is this song name where the loki is dancing
1. Offensive 2. LOKI OF THE FROST GIANTS/ASGARDIANS 3. Yes, definitely 4. Iron man. Loki. THERE IS NO HOT WOMEN IN THE AVENGERS! Well, I am a woman, so that would make sence why I'm not attracted to any of them xD
First of all, you can't say it is pronounced, JIF, if you just say because it is g as in graphic. Someone can also say it is GIF as in Giraffe. So your argument is forever invalid.
cough ..loki fangirl .. cough  XD
1. Awesome 2. Kari Lewis/Colette Shaw 3. In certain situations 4. Black Widow
That porn convention thing was hilarious
Every time a pic or tweet disappeared I always saw the umbrella and thought it was a picture 😂
/)_-  I can't even....
don't care don't care yup with background story and watching full series spidy,else iron man
I cant go to prom, I'm a little too young. :(
You think he's good check out soclosetotoast
1. awesome 2. mari 3. yes 4.spider woman
1. I would stab everyone in the room if I found it. 2. Seriously? No. NO. 3. It depends on the day 4. I like Iron Man since he has tech
Obviously most of them don't have real friends
1. Don't care 2. Loki 3. It doesn't 4 .iron man
that was awesome when he  did skrilex
Ok Loki is hawt no gifs
why are you watching this stuff?????
1.dont care 2. Pewdiepie or skydoesminecraft
Okay whats the name that song!?
loki turned bitch quick i like to call it instabitch
1.Awesome 2.Hard decision 3.Yes 4.Black Widow
Damn, Mari is really pretty...!!!
I wonder how many teens sneaked over to the convention?
David Karp actually let Obama say that it's gif with a hard g through a tumblr Q&A. ))
YAY!! HIKAKIN!! I was immediately like ERMAGERD YES!!!!
awesome/veronica vanoza/wtf?/black widow
I'm not sure if it's only me but I think Tom Huddleston is cute
nope not the only onr
1 dont care 2 crush 3 no 4 black widow
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