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NBA 2k11 MJ Create a Legend - 18 Milestones in 1st Game

by Chris Smoove • 663,606 views

Hall of fame difficulty has the Raptors playing like they have superstars on their team. My player's PG got offered to go to the Bulls or the Thunder for season 2 so I don't think I will upload...

They should have this mode with more legends on 2k16
In 2k12 you can do it with all the legends
come on smoove................gotta continue this mode............................come on cuhz
The Knicks wish that they have MJ.
I have micheal jordon on the heat with lebron and wade
I put him on San Antonio
Regina Wilkins I do to
A Chris can you buy me nba 2k15 I'm your favorite fan of all your 2k videos
Hey Chris subscribe to my channel please I love your vids you are the man
That move at 7:29 is classic MJ. Nice.
You gamble? I make you scramble. - You reach? IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII TEACH Any resemblence?
Smoove sounds like John Cena
Lol means laugh out loud but basically its a way of saying that something is funny
That puberty cheese Smoove. You can hear your voice being unstable
melo was 2-10 so 3-25 combined
How do you have all those points bra
Your voice sound like John Cena from WWE wrestling
In the Jordan video were you on this wii
He is dude who beat and posted assassin's creed 3
This isn't where you enter the code.
scored 48 points in first game
I remembered when I watched this video first time , good job smoove !
Omg I got 25 milestone lol
just keep playin you will get better i use to get the same grades when i first started
he is using michael jordan of course its gonna be easy..and he's prolly on pro
3;54 If you gamble I make you scramble
"What about the bulls that's the only team you could imagine him playing for" What about the wizards
He said why he went to the knicks when he was picking the team
It's not immature you dumb ass, its just a pref. Now STFU.
no i started with him 4 months ago and he at overal 99
U a bum puttin Jordan on da Knicks
"You Gamble I scramble" to "You Reach I TEAAACCHHHH."
In 2k14 they should do this idea with Lebron
Smoove why did you stop makeing them?
@VictorSanchez No because we are waiting on the playoffs on nba 2k13 vs Nuggets
Smoove with the noob move putting MJ on the Knicks. is this a fake video?
He's a shooting guard (SG) maybe sure
i played nba 2k11 create a legend jordan again and i sent him to the lakers. i got 82 points, 10 rebounds, 10 assists, 4 steals, 1 block and i shot the ball 62 percentage. But once again i got 8 turnovers!!!!! That was my first triple double in a basketball game. i also got 19 milestones, but i'm not that good at the game, i was just playing with jordan that's why i did that good
@david smith because that would be to easy....duh
You guys do know that this is not the real chris smoove
Thumbs up if your watching in 2014!
they need to bring back the heatcheck pop up
Billups 1-15 3PT Is this a fake video ?
but it must go away with the 28 points he average
how is mello and billups on the knicks on 2k11?
actually i have 2k13 but i just wanted to see if i can update the roster
OMG I JUST NOTICE WHAT YOU MEANT! That was clever as hell dude nice one.
Billups sucks in every nba 2k game haha
He had to make it a private video because of copyright problems.
i put him on the lakers. they started kobe at SF
lol i remember being drafted by the knicks back in 2k11. billups used to chuck up terrible shots all year. his 3pt% was at like 25%. i dont know why 2k messed him up like that lol.
1-15?! you aint steve kerr babyyy lol
It hurts my eye to see MJ in a Knicks jersey.
His overall is the same. The overall number you saw was the value for the team.
reading this with my i dont give a damn t shirt
Dude, this might seem like a bad choice but you might want to restart fresh, its what i did and im getting A minus every game with at least 25 points, if you do, definetely make your player of the athletic category when selecting, makes life easier.
He can't, he's their top player, and so he has to get more touches than the other players.
i have 2k11 for ps3 and the roster it not updated do u know how to? if so can u make a video about it? thank you!
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