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Home:Word - Magnetic North & Taiyo Na ft. Sam Kang - Official Music Video

by Wong Fu Productions • 1,048,857 views

Dedicated to our families. Like the mother and daughter, we all have those moments where we neglect our parents, too busy living our own life, we often forget that on the other side our parents are...

Love how this hits all peripheral demographic targets; teens, adults, mature kids, seniors, the lonely, the stressed.  
Lan Hoang Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago (edited)
"Home, is where I come back, all night we laugh and vibe and soul clap. Home, I find that in friends, I find it in things, a life from within. Home, is a song on a subway, the howl of the blues, to be free one day! Home, is every true note, every real lyric and any new hope in. Home, is something to fight for, the soul of a man AKA his life force. Home, when you close your eyes  And you feel in your heart how your soul’s alive!" -- Can't wait. Can't wait!!!
This song gives me the feels. :/
This song reminds me of my family so much because me and my brothers would go help my mum at her second job and we all started working to feed ourselves at the age of 7... wish all the best to people going through a hard time... Started From The Bottom , Now we here
+Dj Sese  You ruined it with that gay ass Drake line bro.
Funny how this was upload on the 70th Anniversary of the Pearl Harbor Attacks (2011-1941=70/2014-70=1941 & 1941+70=2011)
Home resides in the heart.
it's been two years, i'm still very much in love with this song
makes me realize how much I suck as a child lol
Ugh the feels. it's making my eyes drop a weird liquid make it stop.
Wow, I never saw this video until now. Beautiful, just beautiful. :')
sexy and fucking perfect
U should know, eh?
Can not downvote enough.
Beautiful!   Great music.  Great blend of styles.  Great personalities.  Great message.  Congrats on the performance at the Brooklyn Museum as part of their great evening of tribute to Asian Artists (May 2014)!
Love listening to this song especially when school is getting tough, my sister that is away at nursing school, my dad that works two jobs, and my mom that works hard everyday to keep my life comfortable at home. With thanksgiving coming up thank you for a great family that works hard everyday!
Sounds like you got a good happy family. I wish you the best stranger:)
what a nice and touching video :)
Beautiful song 🎶😏
Hey Wong Fu family! We have released our short film AMERICAN ODYSSEY, which I was developing when we shot this music video almost 2 years ago and finally premiered at the Soho Film Festival last weekend! Thank you so much for including me, and I cannot thank my family enough for their support!  Starting out in film isn't easy for anybody, so we made our tribute to the struggle, telling the story of George Lucas with a psychedelic twist!
This forever tears me up
That was heart touching.
I feel happily and lonely ... when I listen to it
What's the name of the song in credits?
Cold - Magnetic North & Taiyo Na Ft Sam Kang
thank you very much
So touching, and everyone did such a great role! :) Thanks for producing! :))
Think about all the things you have at home. :D
Really miss my home and my parents cooking.
This song gives me major FEELS and OMG Derek is sooooo HOT!!! FAINTS Magnetic North 4EVA! 
I love this song so much! :)
In this video, it shows the Vincent Thomas Bridge in LA being gray, but how come when i researched this bridge, it showed it being green?
Right before the credits roll, I feel like crying
I want a coat like the guy who sings the chorus.
It's pretty easy to find, look for "pea coat".
Everday i go back and think to myself. I gotta get gotta gotta get home.
This is what I like about them , In there songs there are no swear words and it actually had meaning :)
OMG , I was crying ever since 3;15
Beautiful job. Mom and Pops working to express their love. Yeah, saying are you hungry is a good way to say I love you, but isn't it better to just say I love you? Culturally it's a difficult thing to do, but if your folks won't say it, you say it to them. Keep saying it an they'll get used to it. Great video!! Tugs at your heart.
the tears just won't stop coming down...
Just open up.. Sometimes we don't need many friends, but just one or two closest to us.. But do try to get close to your family, they are the people who will be there for you.. ^_^
I cry like a bitch everytime I watch this...
진짜 최고다 여태껏 들은 재즈힙합중에
This made me love my family more
Does anyone have the lyrics to this song?
I've felt more connected with my family now and realized I missed out so much being without them. I treasure every chance to talk, to share now.
i feel a tear rolling down my cheek TTwTT
the girl whoz singing the rap , i really like her style :D
home x family / so important. <3
the song was just too awesome! my gosh!!!
The girl with the scarf is cuuuuuuutteeeeeee > 3<
One of the powerful song that brings tear to my eyes every single time I listen to it !
how has this not hit one million views yet
i discovered this song while i was still in high school, living with my parents. now i'm 3000 miles away and in college, and it's starting to really hit me, what this song really means.
my mum is downstairs and this made me miss her.
yep. brb while i go give my mom and dad a huge hug now.
it's been 2 years already? Why must time fly by so fast :/
英訳はわかりませんが、最後に娘が母に抱き合うシーンで自然と涙が出てしまいました。 どんなに辛いこと、悲しい事があってもこれがHomeって事ですね。
This video has me tearing up every time I watch it because right now, I'm just like the father in the video. The loss of a job to a father is very devastating on many, many levels and extremely hard to get over. And like him, family is really the only thing keeping me going. Great work guys on capturing a good glimpse of what us fathers go through!
Is there a Instrumental version of this?
suddenly i got this really warm feeling as if i was hugging my mum...
now i cried and this new years i visited my family =D
I'm homesick. Listening to this is so triggering the water pipe.
I don't know why but this makes my cry every time I watch it 😭
All I can say this song is great
I cried, because for the first time in my life as it began, I know the true meaning of family as my own is reconnecting. Thank you for sharing this. I am so blessed and grateful to have my family that includes my extended fosters. I'm the luckiest person on Earth to love so many and be loved by so many.
no you're wrong asdkfjaslk i just want to love her every day .-.
almost 2 years....i remember when this first came out and i liked it....sure refresh memories
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