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Triceps kickbacks

by Passion4Profession • 2,033,298 views

Triceps kickbacks is an excellent exercise for the triceps muscles because it can involve all sections of the muscle.

FUCK look at dat ass,better than half of girls in my class ;)
burda böyle domalanı sikiyorlar. sizin amacınız ne lan?
I did this one day & I feel pain in my triceps for next 2 days. but really give pumps
hola!, estos mismos ejercicios son para mujeres?. y si es asi, son las mismas repeticiones?
how many should i do?
stupid sexy flanders.
Thumbs up if u think that passion4profession is the best youtube chanel!
i cant do this exercise cuz i dont have yellow pants lol
احنا العرب اللي اخترعنا التمرينات دي اصلا حتي اسالو بتاع حتب
really well professonal ..i loveit ..
Perfect fucking position ;) look at that ass
"It feels like I'm wearing nothing at all! -nothing at all -nothing at all"
It looks like the guy dropped the soap...on purpose =S. Do you have to stand in ass rape position #1?
if only he had long hair and some boobs.. i'd tap that ass
p4p is a goverment's tool to turn us all gay just by watching that ass
is it me or does his breathing sound like a pervert calling you
Hi I'm 16 years old trying to gain mass.will I get anywhere from doing 50 push ups a day?
You dont wanna do this to close by a gay bar
This is for women and weaker men. Go out and work on a bar, dips.
Holla! Have you tried the Fat Blast Lifestyle (do a search on google)? Ive heard some awesome things about it and my cooworker lost insane amounts of stubborn fat.
@realspecialhits i know, id love to stick my dick right up there
@xXEp1cFailureXx cuz no man will be happy to marry hulk hogan :D
i dont care if ur gay people i just wanted to know a good tricp exercise Keep it out of a frickin youtube vid that has nothin to do with gays
really good exercise:-) I thought of my triceps explode
It should be called: 'Doggy kickbacks'
@hydra9800 Lol all would start starring and say: WoW what a ass ;)
why my eyes look at his ass ? o.o
@ES7upyours at least as big as the guy in the video
This man does almost all exercises and he still looks the same.
You are correct. we must kill the bad fat and belly first to get the 6 pack. btw!but ye one of my friend working in fitness field suggested me this 7 secret food items to kill our jelly belly. i found it here
When i do these m=the median head of my tricep feels sooooooo gooooood (:
Triceps are bigger than biceps so if u want big arms definitely do this
@RODELA95 HAHAHA it really sounds like a pervert calling you :D couldn't stop laughing after i read your comment!!!
Awesome video.This really helps.Needs some work on trimming the ass though =]
i used 2 work out until i took an arrow 2 the knee!
Try doing these on 14kg... It fucks you up about 10 reps in! Great vid though
I find this video hard to masturbate to.
@Taydude411 what are your goals? do you want to be really big or look like the guy in this video?
I bet a gay guy can jack off to this
LOLOL awesome videos... maybe to much detail of some unworked out human parts haha.
And that's what these videos are for. Do you have any particular reason you dislike them?
@Arubandanger99 no use your logic sense u can do it with 1 dumbbel ofcourse no need for doing them both at the time btw why dont u yust buy another dumbbel i recently bought a 20kg kit for 40 euros and today its on sale for 20 euro in the same store GODDAMIT!!
@okarma I use to do it 15 times 3 sets using the 5 KG weight . (I'm a girl)
Skull crushers are better. But this does the trick too.
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hola, tengo dudas sobre la respiración...creo que deberia ser lo contrario
how many weeks to get an nice result.?
stupid fat American bastards only know how to masturbate
looks like a guy from the gay gym
half of the time spent making these videos were modeling the mans ass
What exercise did you do for that ass?
@Ravinderz i dont get the point of looking at an animations ass if you need to have sex so badly go in a bar fucker
is there any way to do this while siting and eating donut?
mellomanis16@ how did you to to prison?
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