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The evolution of Minecraft (history of minecraft)

by ImagineCraft7 • 1,716,717 views

The guys at Hat Films Made an "Evolution" video about Minecraft, showing how the game has evolved over time. Like always, the guys delivers pure epicness. This video was first shown at MineCon in...

And then came horses and rabbits and it all just went to shits
new bosses and then came the dark ages notch abandonded his fans and sold minecraft
+Diana Kruger then microsoft ruined minecraft multiplayer runned on internet exploler!
Thumbs up if you know the 404 challenge... It was a great challenge. too bad they changed the seeds.
+Bl1PYCbl_OT_MAKCA Back when the Beta 1.3 update came out with the seeds you could write in the seed "404". You spawned next to some gravel and when you punched it away. you went down into a cave that went on for a loooong way. (if you used MCEdit and flew underneath the world you could see it was about 500x500 area of caves to explore) The challenge was that the first day you had to get some wood and when the night comes you are never allowed to go above ground ever again. Then you had to gather some resources like Glowstone, Diamonds, Gold etc. (Since this was before the 1.0 update there was no Ender Dragon so you couldn't really do much.) It was pretty fun because you had no health generation back then and the only times you needed food was when you were hurt. So that means you have to be super careful. You can actually try this challenge out still if you go into the Minecraft launcher and click on change profile and change the version of minecraft to beta 1.3. I highly suggest playing some Minecraft in the early updates because it's so different now from what it was back then. 
Vennesa loves the shit!
4:13 and a considerable amount of love! 4:18 they gave a-
The next page is yours isn't that from the hobbit or something like that when I herd that I started laughing not shure y
WTF that caption is wrong. Narrator:The Nether! Caption:Vannesa! Narrator:Then hit Beta! Caption:Then shit Beta!
wuts more annoying: creepers in chalanging Slmes in flat worlds near villages 100 charged creepers due to a troll (: herobrine!@@#!$
Who else would like to take the same walk Steve did in the video? :P
Im from the future in 2017!!!! Notch bought minecraft back and nows its soo cool!!!! Microsoft got taken down by the goverment and roblox was banned by internet!!!!! THEY REALEASED THE MINECRAFT MOVIE AND THE LEGO MOVIE 2
can i gets an knife pls
Then Notch gave Minecraft to Jeb to screw over the community and introduce horses and rabbits before Notch sells his company to Satan (Microsoft) and Walks away with 10,000 death threats and $2 billion
wow. i have been with minecraft since before survival. back when everyone used the WoM client. good times
actuelly its true notch mistaked the pig coding which made a creeper so he kept them
and introduced.. .VANESSA. not to mention a considerable ammount of love
They gave a shit beta!
aaand the nether wouldnt work in multiplayer for another 8 months after it came out... very awkward and pointless
What's up with the subtitles? Narrator: The Nether! Subtitle: Vanessa! Narrator: Then hit Beta! Subtitle: Then shit Beta!
And now, Its filled full of 12 year olds and every single one of them makes a YT-Channel and makes Minecraft Lets Plays.
The song playing in the beginning in the backround.. I know you're still here, indev days..
I love the new updates
Minecraft has actully changed like that
hahahah it was so funny when both of them got into the neather and the other steve fall down :P
Why do so many little kids play this game?!?!
I don't know but they broke it also beta and alpha were no kid
omg turn on ur captions 4:17 . . . XD
Mojang gave a shit.
Epic I miss those alpha and beta days :(
Francis Zealley Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
Best game ever. :3
this wasn't actually done in the older version because the pigs nose was flat back then  @ 2:10
At 4:48 I put on sub titles and I got "possibly double is taking up the rain" lol
Turn on your captions 4:00 "and introduced Vennesa" 4:13 "a considerable amount of love" 4:18 "they gave a **" 4:24 "cake redstone repeaters and dad's lightning holes of golf games
i started playing minecraft when it was 2 versions behind 1.0 it was beta but i dont know numbers it was 2012 i think , good old memories!
Or it was 2011 , all i know it was a really old relase , that nostalgia
+Neso Not really old lol. I played back in early Alpha in 2010 and even then the game was pretty popular. By 2011 Minecraft was huge. 
im going to take a wild gest and say tha uou are british
Wow, that was a cool video, thanks for letting me know, Epic Voice.
Creepers was actually the Awesome! Go minecraft! Ppl say creepers was actually the broken vision of the pig, is it broken Orr?
the code was botched and the body of the pig was flipped, so it looked like a tall body with four legs and a head. it was grey and untextured, and didnt look exactly like the final creeper.
This was one of the worst videos ever to be created by a human being. The narration was complete garbage, the update information was false, and the narrorator doesn't even know what Indev and Infdev means. How does he expect to make ANY Minecraft video without knowing those two vital factors? Plus, the overall video quality was worse than 240. I'm gonna have to give this a 100/100 this was the best video ever
"They gave a shit" Good game captions good game. Lol.also "And they introduced...Vanessa" i love captions.
they gave a shit beta wtf 
You deserve WAAAAAY more subscribers.
fun fact did you know notch add the sky damention that is the complite opisite from the nether that you can spawn ther by chance if you sleep in the bed but then removed it and replace it with the end??
LOLOLOL look @ the caption @ 4:26!
The game hit beta! And the caption is like they give a shit! LOL
3:45 all players in a nutshell now in this situation for the iron armour guy would be... :O a noob I'm going to kill him for fun, lolololololol, Wait why do I need his stuff? Oh well time to throw it in lava, LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. that Microsoft owns Mojang is that good or bad for us PC,Phone and Playstation players?
If Jeb Dinnerbone and others are still working there, I only went Notch
mojang is just gonna make microsoft exclusives (pc and/or xbox) but mircosoft said they are not making minecaft exclusive!!!! so not to worry if u did buy on a non microsoft system 
Well this really puts things in prospective we always thought the old versions were bad when there was a new update but now we all just wanna go back to the past and enjoy the old times because now Microsoft has bought minecraft and we have no ideas of what will happen to the gaming in minecraft well we will just have to wait... Like if this hit u in the feels ;(
I were watching this with subtitles in english and at 4:16 it said they gave a shit ahahhahahhahah what the hell youtube
Wait,wait,wait! When the screen cracked, that crack is th same in heavy fire: afganistan
Dude what are you saying?
The old 1.8 was considered alpha 1.8 but was named beta
Who else thought this was inspirational?
3:42 you can see herobrine behind a tree
omg turn on captions and watch it is hilarious
is this hat films?
Cool video that was great
pretty dark at the end man
at the part where it was cows in the game now,anyone else notice that the body of the cow was upside down and the udders were on the top
You forgot to talk a bout horses and villagers can talk in 1.6 versions
if a epic voice was narating my every move and thought in minecraft i would play minecraft every day and not when i get so bored then i by mistakly click minecrat and play some ctf
lol the pickaxe was named woode- must of have been cut out :P
There is no 1.8 yet lol
No prob. I LOVE correcting idiots on the interwebs
Did any1 else notice dirt in the tree?
notch is not his name idiot it is marcus
I think InDev means infinite development
I mean in development I think then InfDev means infinite development
I used to play classic, then got the 1.7.4 (not beta) demo, then got the 1.7.9 full now I'm on 14w31a. I think I first heard about minecraft in the beta times. I like beta 1.2 because squids were added. (I'm not in the sky army)
minecraft evolution: cave game classic minecraft infdev minecraft beta pressent minecraft
I want a account on minecraft
watching this video with captions is fun
Did hatfilma narrate this?
stages: classic, indev (in development), infdev (infinite development), alpha, beta, then 1.0. yeah, i did a report in 7th grade on minecraft. i got a really good grade too :)
It was 1.7 beta, not official 1.7 (good thing I have 14w31a)
Dynamic lightning - biggest lie of history. Every block had to change the light value, if looked liek a big wave of darkness growing from one side of the map to teh other, it was not smooth at all :D Gotta love everything befre the shitty 1.8 beta update, 1.7.3 for ever. Classic was cool aswell, had for months a MCLawl server (nice stuff, the bukkit software of those times)
Now Minecraft is just a shitty RPG wanna-be, i've stopped playing it entirely now. Alpha and beta will always have a place in my heart :c
Captions get ridiculous at around 4:00
They should've stopped the updated right where this video ended. MINECRAFT was way better. Now there are just a bunch of kids playing on xbox and creative mode and weird adv maps. Classis was better.
Minecraft was Junkboy's idea
I love the old grass texture. If you also do download nostalgiacraft and enjoy :). BTW : This is stolen
WTF 1.7.2 wasnt in 2011 !!
YEAH it was BETA 1.7.2 by 2013 its 1.7.9 alpha
-.- someone wasn't around for 2011
Am I the only one that finds this charming video to be downright beautiful? I just love it so much, all the nostalgia of it is just... overwhelming.
You the world is not actually not infinite it stops at 30,000,000??? blocks away
So not true! In mincraft before there were far lands and corner lands! And now you cant see the edge but you can fall trough blocks and if you go too far the game will crash
Lol, that is before the Minecraft Beta 1.8 (The Adventures Update) In 1.7 or before, there was only 30.000.000 blocks (meters) But in the official update, The world is infinite not 30 million blocks
1.8 IN 2012 With villages villages was added in 1.2.2 VERSION
Lol they gave a shit on 4:17 subtitles
only in mc classic and pocket addition
Beta 1.8 or the adventure update.
Minecraft came out with survival mode first IT DID
No Minecraft was creative first
I'm pissed that they took away the ooo sound.
:,] that was buatiful
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