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Fecal Matter Invading Hotel Rooms!?!

by SourceFed • 197,932 views

Shocking percentage of "E. coli" is found in 19 different hotel rooms Order your SourceFed Posters here: Our Sources: Go to for...

The fact that they're not side by side is painful when they look at each other. You can just tell he's looking way further away than where they are in the video.
It would seem hotel service is falling through the cracks
every hotel i go to i take disinfecting wipes and clean EVERYTHING even walls
Technically by the time we shower the bacteria would be all around your body and soap (non-antibacterial) won't do anything other than move the bacteria around your hands. It is the cleaners fault for either not using antibacterial supplies, or not doing a good job.
I fart it up and walk around naked in my own home
Um... there's fecal bacteria everywhere. Because everybody poops. This is so not news.
To be honest. I don't give a shit about it. I've stayed at hotels many times, and as long as i don't get sick, i really couldn't care less.
Really Joe? It takes you 2hours to explore your body in a hotel bathroom? Must be all your hair...
It's ok Steve, you made me laugh. That's all that matters.
blame people that have excessive anal sex in hotel rooms
yeah same here. I'm never super messy when I'm in a hotel. I always just try to keep to myself, and keep stuff clean-ish. I'd feel bad making a huge mess, it just seems disrespectful. :/
People just need to wash their hand more. But you also need to remember, to have a strong immune system you have to sometimes eat dirt. You need something to fight in order to be strong. If everything you deal with is 98% germ free, you won't have the ability to fight when you come in contact with the other 2%. Just sayin'
there you go stating your opinion as fact . and you just stop. i offered a means to an end with my impasse comment. you obviously know what what smart is judging by your first reply . so oh how wrong i was . but im done, if you truely want to be done with this ignore this. "cuz i aint conteuin "
i proboly only shower 1 every 2 weeks the lest and i don't wash my hand's after taking a dump.
sorry, but traces of fecal matter are everywhere; mythbusters did an episode with a segment on it a few years back - there's as much fecal matter on your toothbrush when it's set in a holder on your toilet tank as there is on your toothbrush when it's set in a holder across the house as far as possible away from your bathroom. hotel rooms only have a higher amount because of their frequency of use by multiple different occupants.
When u get to a hotel room don't touch anything!!!!!! Becoz where the shit ISN't, there's spooge. Just stand there. Keep yur shoes on.
I think both sides should contribute. Regular people should be more considerate of the staff and future guests. At the same time the maids should make sure things are actually sanitary. And poop on handles and lamps!? That's just gross man. Sleeping in the car next time.
the same rag or duster they use to clean the bathroom they clean the whole room with. hence the spreading of s#&*!
You're the reason why people hate America, laughing at poop jokes give me a break here's a line you'll need when you grow up," Hey man spear some change." <---- You can thank me later.
Lol Bad or not, that joke was funny.
This comment probably won't make it onto comments but, I always clean up before I leave a hotel room, man. I would think the thought of another person cringing as they see your balled tissues, a condom stuck to the carpet, or worse would actually make you think about the way you treat cleaning staff.
wait a second, the University of Houston actually does shit? (no pun intended)
Gotta admit, I washed my hands a little longer after watching this.
i once found a used condom in a hotel i was staying at...ive never trusted them ever since
I think people need to be less gross! I use to work at a high end movie theatre and even then people would be so disgusting.
Ppl need to clean up their asses.
totally watched this while on the can in a hotel!
Those maids did a shitty job cleaning. Pun not intended.
George Carlin: You're All Diseased. Find it. Listen to it.
i liked steeves shitty joke...
Thank you Sourcefed, I can no longer live in ignorance of this fact, and will now be paranoid when I go to
I wrote an essay about this. :)
i've never actually been in a hotel and i dont know if thats a bad or a good thing
i´m actually working in a hotel.....IS IT REALLY THAT HARD TO PUSH THE F*CKING TOILET FLUSH RIGHT AFTER YOU TOOK A SH*T?!!!!?!! -.-*
Dude they should test after an anime con they may just find new life
where is PHILL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I'm gonna fart it up all day and walk around naked." Steve Zaragoza, people. *slow claps*
They won't hire more house keeping cause corporate is cheap, they try and push as much as they can and this is union with 14 rooms a person could imagine non union property
F*ck hotels, I'll sleep on a bench...
i explore myself in ur bathroom!!!
both. i dont stay at hotels often but when i do sometimes i even go as far as making my own bed, even though my moms always like the maid will do it. sadly this really shouldnt be too much to ask
It seems that you are upset, so upset you are unable to even realise by the giant picture that I am not a male. Your blind immaturity and epeen has blinded you to the truth in that sent you into a rage for 5 months. Your comment there only further solidifies my claim of immaturity and sillyness hidden from the use of cuss words and insults. You are also not very good at reading, as the flagged portion of the comment clearly was meaning of Emroth's but I guess Ill hold your hand.
Ugghhh That's so disgusting!.. I'm going on vacation next week! I'm gonna have to pack some Clorox wipes and clean everything as soon as I get there! -__-
I think Steve’s joke at the end really sent the seriousness of this story right down the toilet. ba dum ching
Cause then effect, effect then cause, who can say which really comes first....
Ew... I'm a housekeeper. NASTY!!
So i guess you could say, those were some.... (puts on sunglasses) Pretty crappy hotels YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAH! no,, we need more lemon pledge.
Probably because in Houston all housekeepers are Mexican.
Steve gets bonus points for his Boris Karloff's Frankenstein shirt. XD
Oh, and by being a housekeeper, do u know how long it takes to make beds? At our hotel, we are very sanitary, but it's sort of hard to take more time when the people higher up give a budget. And we have days we do "projects". Meaning scrubbing vents, mildew, changing shower curtains, etc. And we are actually changing out all the TVs which means newer, cleaner remotes. :)
Im in a hotel room right now and I am refraining from touching those parts of the hotel room! 😷
Well we pay for a clean room so we should get it
if i click like does that mean I'm liking fecal matters invasion of hotel rooms?
I wash my hands eveytime I go to the bathroom, when I come home, before I eat and when my hands get sweaty from gaming :)
not everyone is dirty in hotel rooms. i don't want to get sick because someone else was being a dirty bastard and the cleaning people not cleaning up properly.
People need to stop acting so damn germophobic. Simple as that.
"we were right on the end" haha steve, what you did there, i see it.
I'm going to return meals at restaurants and tell them the reason is because there is shit on it.
I'm going to a hotel this weekend..... I AM WEARING GLOVES AND BRINGING MY OWN BLANKET. O_O
Oh god D: I feel ill!! Hope Irish hotels are not the same :O
People poop on their remotes and bedside lamps?!?!?
Both, people should be less disgusting and wash their hands and all hotels should have or raise standards in cleaning
Omg, this is so gross. I will never travel and stay in hotel ever again. GROSS!!!!
i hate steve zeregoza, the others all seem natural...he seems like hes forcing it
Those are some nice glasses, bro. At least in my imagination.
Fuck that. I don't have to be tidy in a hotel room, I'm paying to live there for however long I keep paying for it. People are paid to clean it. If they do it wrong, it's not my fault.
I've seen houses with living conditions so bad, it's unbelievable. There are literally people in this world that are so lazy (or insane) that they never clean their homes. They even leave trash laying everywhere. And the smell... OMG the smell...
make an environmentally friendly one then with with natural products and recyclable package and biodegradable solvents and stuff.... It's just an Idea I am trowing out there
I heard they even found it on the fan...
Hey, this research was done by my college. Sweet! Go Coogs!
And if you look to the right side of your screen. You will notice that YouTube has graciously recommended even more poopy video's for your viewing leisure. Thanks YouTube! Insert poopy joke ''here''
Or bring your own disinfectant spray and go OCD in your hotel room.
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