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Men in Black 3 dominates Avengers! - 5/29/12

by Machinima • 100,541 views Click here to watch ETC Daily: Breaking Bad! Star Wars! Boobs n Piranhas! - 5/24/12 ETC: Men in Black 3 dominates Avengers! -...

And then Dark Knight Rises comes out and destroys both of them
i have khail as a friend on xbox, yey
Right, Right, Right, Right, He is Right, He is Right (well at least a bit)
Men In Black 3 & Avengers Full Movie Download - moviesdl(dot)org
It sounded like you was comparing Avengers 1.4 billion to MIB3'S 202.4 million
Well, it's just the fact that you were telling somebody not to post anything foolish on the internet, when you, yourself, are using bad grammar. Sort of ironic really..
shut up it dependes if u like it or not dont just judge
they have so many dislike's because they compare avengers to mb3..... avengers was one of the best movies iv seen in a very very long time. machinima videos are crap they have very few good people making videos nowa days.
i like Men in black. But no way that it beat The Avengers omg that was a good movie
But I wasn't complaining on the grammar, and by the way as i said it IS youtube not an english GCSE
dude good doesn't even begin to describe the Avengers, that shit was Amazingly epic i mean people are seeing that movie 10 to 12 times. that wouldn't happen to MIB
Well since grammar is so important to you I'll try and do better without using too many big words. I know pressing shift every once and a while helps your brain filter what I'm typing into English words. God forbid using logic right? 1. You were wrong. 2. Matrix? What are you talking about. 3. Good for it. 4. A "ruhtard" is someone who can't use logic to decipher that that's one of the most common phrases known to the American people, via the Hangover( in this case, you.) 5. Retard.
Alright, i got mislead & checked - Domestic Total as of May. 28, 2012: $523,907,202 from Box Office Mojo. You can relax now. But it still hasn't changed the fact that the title for this video is overly exaggerated :)
I dont care if men in black 3 has more than the avengers, cause it just cant beat it!
Could I play a GOOD game for 26 hours? Hell yeah. Could I play a shitty game on a tablet for 26 hours? I couldn't even play that for 26 minutes.
It only beat them because it came out almost a month after avengers
I took third over all at this thing, you can see me at 3:27. I plan on taking this competition.
How was that a troll......? It was just the truth.
This is why we don't record a piece to camera in the alley!
I say MiB3 deserves the spot, *spoiler* a Boglodite goes back in time to kill the one who arrested him, K. Partner, J, goes back in time to save partner, then finds out his dad was killed by the Boglodite, Boris "The Animal", Great storyline! On the other hand, Avengers. Asgardian steals cube... Blah blah blah, power cube, rule Earth, black dude calls a bunch of heroes while hulk can take on them himself, blah blah blah, save day, no ACTUAL storyline here, mainly just for the action...
I don't like Battleship is 2 fake. The MIB 3 is gonna be sick cuz one of my favorite actor was Will Smith.
@beybladermdm2009 Except everybody agrees.
i dont think you understand the fact that the comicbook AVENGERS had them in it.... and if they hadn't put them in it wouldnt have been the avengers.... so it doesnt really matter if you like them or not.
Are the contestants in the snapdragon competition wearing diapers?
Curious, why so many dislikes on this vid?
MIB won by the same amount battleship made this
Avatar 2 will, there will be more movie goers in 2015 than in 2012 as there were more now than in 2009 for Avatar.
Well spelling anything incorrectly can be considered as foolish.
you got a good point bro. but I stand by my statement that it wouldn't be avengers with out them
I know. My comment isn't in contradiction to that so... what's your point?
how could it have if The Avengers made 200.3 mill opening weekend yet mib made 55 mill...last time i checked 200.3 mill is a bigger number
Wheres todays video? This has been a show for only a week and youve missed an episode already?
LOL people who think the avengers is better than MIB. newfags
well, isn't 200.3 mill what the Avenger's got as to date, as M.I.B 's 55 million what they have just from their opening day?
MIB 3 wasn't bad people are just used to the comedy it showed in the first but MIB 3 did have some good parts in it..... HELL why are we complaining Steve and Larson were in this video let's show the love...... P.s WILL SMITH FTW
Note to idiot Chink: Will Smith is by far one of the top actors. Another note: MIB 3 was awesome and much better than I expected it to be. You need to introduce a new word into your vocabulary... it's called unbiased. You stupid, idiotic, pos.
oh my god you guys are still talking about the avengers!?! i saw that movie yesterday and im still falling asleep!!!! ahhh it was just soooo much talkkiiiiing, and the lines were so cheesy. samuel l jackson was all like; captain america the worlds in serious danger captain america; is it really that serious? i dont think its that serious.... samuel l jackson; i bet you ten bucks its serious captain america; YOUR ON!!! OK IM IN!!!
He probably thought Men in Blank was the movie with Ironman, Hulk, Captain America and al the others.
Sorry if words hurt your brain, maybe they'll talk slower next time so you don't get confused :P
Right, right, of course DKR will make more money than Avengers, everybody but you is wrong. The Hobbit could be more successful...if they do the marketing campaign right. If they just call it "The Hobbit", then a lot of (stupid) people will probably ignore the fact that is a Lord of the Rings movie. That's what would've happened to New Moon if it wasn't for the "The Twilight Saga: New Moon" bullshit.
wait, Avengers made 200.3 million and MIB3 made 55 million.....just how exactly did mib3 beat the Avengers...
I thought battleship was a good movie
because your freaking out about what movie will own the other one. Who really cares, besides the super nerds.
THANK YOU!!! like how in the hell could've it had beat the Avengers when it didn't even earn close to that opening weekend, the shit just don't add up
why is the guy on the right modeling
Well according to this dude, he said MIB 3 made 55 million so far. How much did The Avengers movie get overall?
how can you not even know who the villain was, foolish child.
well they must be cause that shit makes no sense whatsoever
I only came here to see the Gunnerkrigg Court shirt...I was not disappointed.
My god, they speak about sales numbers. Damn fanboys.
but it wasnt opening weekend though so it doesn't even matter...
for the fail. Avengers was best seen on the big screen
MIB3 > 40 votes The Avengers > 60 votes (Really I question 100 people and this came out!)
you sound like a wanker who would support a spin-off of Wack-A-Mole. seriously lady, log off, step back from the computer at that drug treatment center, bend over and fuck your own face. ~_~
i really like MIB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
There's no possible way an MIB movie is better than The Avengers.
it won't make more than the avengers so stfu haha
Yes, you are right, but I'm not wrong, Wikipedia: Characters do not require actual superhuman powers to be deemed superheroes; the term has also been applied to costumed crime fighters, characters without superpowers who perform the same functions as superheroes, such as Batman and Green Arrow.
Well by your standards all superheros are vigilantes.....
I really hope batman beats MIB3 I love batman and I can't wait for it to come out
26 hours? do they get bathroom breaks? or... sleep?
Avengers is way better then mib thats for sure
Nope......the avengers is better!!!
I'm sorry but Men in Black can kick the ass on any superhero movies and action movie so dude you are wrong . . .
I thought the Avengers made over a billion in 19 days? So how would MIB Top that? The avengers made history in the box office.
In my opinion Avengers sucked there was way to much talking going on if they had more fights instead of talk sessions i would have enjoyed instead of falling asleep near the end
I'm sure Machinima and their total over 4.4 mil subscribers will really miss you.
i was saying my opinion forgot to include that sry :p
if the movie thor had been better, then i might have considered him, but captain america was just so bad, i really dont like him, thats why i think that the two shouldnt have been there, perhaps its because they have "superpowers" i mean like thor is supposedly a god and captain america has always been something that i found laughable, so again, i find the two ridiculous
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