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Team Fortress 2: TF2Ware w/ Mark Part 1 - Worst Singer Milky Way

by CaptainSparklez • 685,684 views

Mark - Merch store! ● Minecraft Server: ● Twitter: ●...

i won 25 times already :3
i finally got the game and can play it
i just won with 20 points! First win thoe :p
Does anyone know the soundtrack for the frogger boss round?
+Jacob whydoesmylastnamematter Im Dimitri Reed - this is my tf2 account.  I just found the other. Lel.
I always laugh at the idiots who tell me to stop "team killing". It's every man for themselves in this game!
how do you do tf2 ware?
Is he plaguing the on the computer
Bulma from dragonball? 
whats the server name???
Luv the ghost busters music!
Was that Ghostbusters Music???
holy crap, thats a lotta people on this tf2 ware server
+JerryCrafts Yes, but hardly real looking.
Why did you download it takes up so much space?
Why doesnt Jordon okay with Mark anymore
" I always press t instead of y" ^ thats all minecraft
did the people that bought the game before it was F2P get anything special, just wondering.
0:40 "IM GOING TO KILL YOU !!!!!"
yo jordan is your username Dudermcbroblaster
thier is the gohstbusters song
Captain play with meeeeeeeee, Im a noob thou
Im actually Premium now, so? If you're so frustrated about grammar, then go to the school u fag.
i cant find this????? how do i find this?????
Ok guys I may seem like a baby right now, but is TF2 bloody?
Enable the developer's console... :L YOU HAVE THE INTERNET, YOU CAN LOOK IT UP D:<
team fortress 2 was a mod for quake then it turned into its own game so theres team fotress 1 then the orange box came out theres team fortress 2
1) 720p and "Large Player" 2)Find the part when he checks his weps/etc. 3) 1/1 Page. ?????? Profit.
XD captainsparklez doesn't crouch when rocket or sticky jumping
How do you join a server like that?
What do u type in log to search for TF2 Ware server
If you're so frustrated about grammar, then go to school you faggot.* there you go,corrected the sentence about good grammar :)
U guys know what u got when u bought TF2 before it was F2P ??? A HAT A FCKING HAT.
He uses different names for alot of his videos so people don't recognize him. For this video, it is his name, but not for every video
da fuq captainsparklez name on tf2 is girlgamer?
I am guessing that you just change names periodically, so CaptainSparklez I see in game right now is not really you?
its a server plugin. u have to find a specific server for this.
maybe pewds will enjoy this game , well he hate barrels
lol, i am actually Premium now. cause i got 48 items, and now i have 51... So... nope.
I can do the sticky jump Put on on the ground and left click made ju,p at the same time
How I do I play the tf2 ware I have tf2
Your supported too jump crouch rocket and same for stickies
Why the frick is his name girl gamer
can u do more of these like if u want it
apparently someone has no idea what FOV means.... and cod sucks.
CaptainSparkelz play some MANN-UP! on TF2
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