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Sumotori Dreams MODS w/Nova Ep.8 - HOLY SH*T THATS CRAZY

by UberHaxorNova • 1,795,675 views

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This needs animated classic.
Comment #remember if you remember the day this came out
I mı̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̸̨ade you wipe your screen..
I know that trick you didnt
6:38-6:42 grey gets smacked by a giant green slab.
I know, it's amazing xD
i was thinking i was the only one that saw that :o
Best video on Novas channel
6:37 and at that moment white man knew he fucked up
I got a really nice sound-byte at 1:38 that I'll use in a song or something. :D
Where can I get this?
Sumotori dreams + funny youtuber = funny shit
I couldn't breath for a while because i watched this xD
How do i get this mod? I want it badly!
1:37    HOLY FUCK   !!!!!!!!!
Never gets old lol, btw where can I find this map? I looked for years and never found it, And there it goes lol XD novas reaction lol
6:40 the grey guy got smashed
Stupid tags are stupid.
I love these old reactions from nova compared to the new ones. But he is still one of my favs.
u guys should play with sp00n gassey Mexican and Ze royal viking soon again
He curses too much it's not funny to me and btw I'm 14
10:37 grey guy glitches out lol
I love these old reactions from nova compared to the new ones. But he is still one of my favs.
6:39 grey got hit by the piece like a fucking truck
What is the Code for that Map?
 i was dying man that was awsome this vid is the best nova gotta give you a thumbs up
06:38 look how Grey Guy goes down
6:36 Look at white guy. He got hit by the piece of the level.
Play more moded maps
Multiple mid air cartweels
Reminds me of green hill zone.
holy shit did u see white guy 10:36
Like the white guy fall apart then the bodys come together
6:37 white guy gets knocked the fuk out
srry i mean grey guy lol
+ElfShock then he gets his head stuck
Look at this 10:32 keep an eye on grey. LMFO
Look at grey guy at 6:38 he got hit so hard!!!! Lol
Divide by zero in 3.... 2.... 1.... 1:36
10:38 Grey gets depixelized, then repixelized XD
6:37 green piece: SIT DOWN GREY
Sad how it's almost been 2 years that this videos been up and it felt like yesterday i was watching the day it was new. Damn time flies
ok its gonna be like dat earthquake episoode right? RIGHT??????????? 8:53
6:37 greay guy is dead no mater what
To make it clear cursing to me is like a normal conversation
Hey nova when u said I hit that peice look at grey guy he breaks his everything
12:03 Green Guy loses the possibility of having children.
Play a horror game I want to see how many times you would curse in it
Touch the blue and it explodes
Many of these views are probably me...
This is the first nova video i saw. this is where it all started for me!
There's a video showing 40 more levels
why no animated classic
11:18 Do you Viewed That The Brown Falled? at Right
you could smash grey with that barricade
Uber:fukin level just exploded
at 6:35 you can see near the mid left that grey gets spiked down onto another platform
Also at 10:02 there was a price just floating there
White just got fucking swatted by the level xD 6:37
There's a ton of new levels nova play them
Green is always the troller that's how he lives
There's a Ipad and Iphone version of sumotori dreams it costs $1.29
Thanks i didnt know that
This mod is not called that, it's called lolbreakspacentime.smo
You should upload more of this in 2014
Grey guy just got fucking slapped by a piece of the map.
omg lol look at brown guy 11:10
its his retarded jump like 3 sec or 5 later
When i first saw the level explode, I was like this.    O.o  Did the level just explode?!?!?
The fucking map exploded!!!
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