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Dead Rising 2 Episode #1 by Whiteboy7thst

by whiteboy7thst • 113,925 views

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thumbs up so whiteboy will get skyrim!!!
I wish I could co-op with you whiteboy I would help you alot!
Yo do yo got a xbox if you do I'm FILLY FROST 45 ok so send me a friend request
WhiteBou7tsht can you have vidoes with gta 4 eflc : DDDDD
Whiteboy I'm sorry but you talk WAYY too much in your commentaries :(
OMG zombie 101 run past them
Tip: saving survivors will get you lots of PP!
I was wondering when this guy would shut up...
I know that buddy, I mean he should carry on with it haha :)
some other commentators don't have 100,000,000 subs
i dont like dead rising 2 dead island is alot better than it
WE WANT DEAD SPACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how do you play as chuck ? i only get the photographrr
this all happen because the elevator broke !!! :'D
u couldn't speak at 2:18 because u talk 2 much
its funny how he dont know that hes has to kill them later in the game
did he just say herpersephalitis?
Yes.....? The made another game too. Off the record or somethin where you play as the first guy
Youre very funny i want more of dead rising FRENCH CANADIAN APPROVED THIS SERIES
18:16 Why is Freddy Kruger munching on her boobs
When you make a other video put the gameds volume more
dont talk trash to a guy with any weapon ive tried didnt walk away from it
ilove to watch your vids they always cheer me up when i am sad
13:54 is that zombie giving the dead guy a bj
love the vid but needs more volume and not really a commentary of sorts i know its the thing u do but your kinda exaggerated on how good u r @ it ( not that funny ) kinda weird no offense :/
This. Game I died by the miltary
katey be rocking those pink beats by dre ;D
Saving survivors will give you a lot of PP LOLz
You really talk too much sometimes. Maybe you could limit the random noises and mumbling.
wow he got 12,000 dollars thats more whn i got 3rd place on who is that gay person
You should play The Walking Dead, its a zombie game and you have decisions to make which can be vital at times. Please thumbs up so whiteboy can see!!! :)
Saving surviviors will get you "PP?"
can u stop talking in shortcuts or when there takling
Like if you muted this annoying fag!
you should play dead island. it was an decent free world type zombie play
He always makes me laugh keep goin u rock
wait so you get to play as chuck... wtf?
Hey WhiteBoy! Do a Lets Play or something on Saints Row 3 or 2! Like if you agree!
more dead riseing plz plz plz plz
You also left out Left4Dead. Just sayin'.
"hello ladies u need some assistance" lol
katey's book bag had puff puff on h it. She must like Your Favorite Martian
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