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Strangers, again

by Wong Fu Productions • 15,362,464 views

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On this day, "Strangers, again" is 3 years old. It's incredible to see how viewers are still responding to it, and how it's affected peoples' lives over this time. Watching it now, compared to back then, many of you have a new understanding of the same video. Our work evolves as you do, and that's really amazing to us.
Thank you Wong Fu Productions
rewatching again :'(
wow, 15 million views. Never would've thought this video would reach this far, and represent so much to some. In retrospect, it seems like this video is means the most not when you first watched it... but when you look back on it much later. Thank you all!
sory man but fuck u u maked me feel so fucking sad
I remember watching this video 4 years ago. Shortly after this same exact thing happened with my ex and I. I just remember watching this telling myself, "why? Why couldn't I have changed that comfortable stage into a positive instead of dreading the inevitable". I have never been so moved by a short like this did. I mean it has so many real and deep lessons we can all learn about human connection. Needless to say I first saw this and cried for what seemed like was going to be an eternity. I remember even showing this to my ex and telling her that I'm sorry I didn't do better at certain points in our relationship. This video depicts such a common plague of young healthy relationships, complacency. It is an amazing cautionary tale. The frozen yogurt and piggy back rides dwindling down to dessert for one, the 4am late night talks end with 10pm good nights without an "I love you", not picking your phone up right away putting everything else before her. The writing and concept is absolutely brilliant. I want to thank you guys for making this and for this lesson being etched into my brain. I'm a fan of all your work and this will always have a special place in my heart. I watched it again today , 4 years after the lowest point of my life, and I was surprised to feel that same emotion. It wasn't sadness about my ex but it was acceptance. This video helped me accept the things happening to me that I couldn't control or rather no longer fix to make better. Today I'm so happy to be with there person I love dearly and I can honestly say that I wouldn't mentally be here at this point without such an amazing video to teach me this perspective of love. I know I'm one of 15 million views but if it means anything at all to you guys, I just want to convey how grateful I am to you for connecting such a positive message through this brilliant artwork of the human condition to some 18 year old kid who didn't know any better. Thank you wongfu
Call me a girly man but this one made me wanna cry over my ex, i held it in though, the hard thing is that i will be seeing her for the first time in nearly two yrs this friday and im not sure how we'll both feel towards each other when we see each other again for the first time in two yrs, The last time she saw me i was 245lbs now i am 164lbs. These videos always hit me where it hurts the most. the good thing is that i will see my kids again for the first time also. Great job guys, I love these videos.
+angela k oh yeah, my life has gotten better, i talk to everyone now and my confidence has gone sky high. At the moment I'm not intrested in a girlfriend but if the right one pops up then sure why not. I'm so much happier now but would be more if i had my kids with me. Thank you for liking my life story. Haha
+Jeremy Ornelas yea , dont worry your kids will want you back ! and yea no problem ! well have fun ! (: 
I remember watching this video when it came out. At the time my boyfriend and I were together 3 years going on 4, and we talked about his we'd never get to tolerable, how we've always worked on our relationship and we would keep working at it. Well somehow this past year we started tolerating eachother. And before I knew it we reached the last two stages almost all at once. Last night, after 5 years and 3 months, he decided it was too routine, and he didn't want to continue on, or even try fixing it. And it ended. And all I could think about was this video. I don't know what's in store for us now, but rewatching this has both caused me to sob uncontrollably, and give me some type of reassurance that things will be alright eventually. ;)
I've watched this multiple times, and at one point my boyfriend and I almost reached the last stages too but somehow, it worked out. Now we've been together for a little over 3 years and I'm hoping it won't ever get to the end stages again haha. I feel for you, keep your head up high, girl! 
My girl cheated on me after being in a relationship for 5 years .. it's been 9 months and I still remember how thing were .. I changed a lot I became a better human because I was an arrogant douche
It's been a month since since I broke up with my first girlfriend. What sucks is that while I kept on falling for her, she came to the realization that she didn't feel the same way towards me. We're still friends, and I'm really glad we are. However, ever since she broke up with me, I always feel this emptiness that I want to fulfill. I still really like her a lot, but time will tell what will happen. I'm only 17, so it's not the end of the world.
wtf im going through the exact same situation dude. She broke up with me but I still like her just as much while she seems to have forgotten about me. Every moment I want her back but she just wants to be friends. before my first relationship I never realized how much breakups hurt. I don't know what to fking do anymore but just glad there are other people who have gone through the same shit, and I wish for you the best dude
+Acarooni the same pretty much the same 4 me, I don't feel the same but awkward anywhere last week the teacher assigned new seats now we sit together way in the back. the worst thing is I wear glasses to see far, but I would 4get them sometimes or I don't have a clear view. I would ask  the person next 2 me. super awkward     
How do you get over a breakup? It's been about 7 months since my ex and I broke up. We didn't end off on good terms but I still kept chasing after him, hoping he'd give me another chance. He eventually blocked me online because I was annoying but then he started talking to me again after his best friend passed away in an accident. I guess he wanted me to comfort him. I cried over him countless times since we broke up, but when I discovered his loss, I cried for him because I saw how devastated he was. But he treated me terribly and didn't care for how I felt even when I tried to comfort him. I won't go into specifics but the last time we spoke, we argued and I ended up blocking him. It's been almost a month since we spoke but I can't get over him. I've tried cutting him out of my life but I still miss him and wish the best for him. I wish I could be there for him, but he's hurt me too many times. I want to move on and be completely happy. Any tips on moving on?
they have a video thats called "After Us" Its really helping me now with my own stuff.
So one of them had a pen and piece of paper while jogging?
currently at stage 4, except with more distance. what do i do
+guloewan actually, stage 7 happened last week. we both agreed ending it was for the best. i did the best i could to fix the relationship in the past month (and i hope he tried too), but in the end, it wasn't enough. we accepted that our feelings for each other faded. it's the sad reality; i'm still in love with the good memories we shared, but i'm not in love with him anymore. we've decided to stay as friends since he's pretty much my best friend. i don't know if it'll work, but hopefully it will. 
Rush yo marriage Divorce Take his property PROFIT
As much as i hate to say it but me and my boyfriend are at stage 5 after a year of being with each other. I know we won't be together. He's not there for me, his effort is half assed, and he takes me for granted. He teases me because he knows i won't leave him and that i feel nothing without him. One little thing i do wrong and he makes me feel like i'm the most evil person there is. I showed him this video as a warning and he changes...for a week. Then it was back to being half assed and teasing me. He gives me so much pain and i'm stuck till he gets tired of me. The only difference between my boyfriend and i and this video is that when we argue, he suddenly becomes mute, and he tells me he does that so i can tire myself out as if i'm a little child. It's not fair, i hate this
Everything you say is, I I I and me me me
Everyone of us deserve so much more better than this , I'm finally over my ex , she tried talking to me again and told her everything hands down to her face that I was done playing her games , im done dealing with her bs , im tired of crying for her , im tired of everything she's done to me and that I want NOTHING to do with my life anymore and now she's trying to hurt my friends reputation to get to me like honestly she needs to get the point! She's pushinf my buttons and if she keeps it up i don't know what im going to do honestly....
Nathalie, I'm so sorry I wasted your love for me. It's been a year now since we've become strangers to each other again. If only I never cowered back then... If only I fought for us... If only i wasn't scared of what others might say... We might've moved to stage 8: getting back up. I'm so sorry Nathalie. I'm so sorry...
Today me and my girlfriend broke up after 4 years of being together we had been together since high school. im having such a difficult time accepting the reality that we are no longer together i gave her my all, whenever she needed me i was there for her, i was there to catch her and protect her from harm if she needed a hug i was there, if she needed arms to hold her and for her to sleep in i was there. i made my mistakes when i was younger we both did but we pulled through thick and thin. she was my everything my first everything and the first everything i wanted. i never wanted anyone else but her she was the girl that always had my attention no matter where we were i never showed any interest in any other girl because the girl i always wanted was her and still is her. she has broken me into a million pieces yet i still love her so much and i want to hate her at the same time for the pain she is causing me but i cant hate her as much as i want to i just cant. as i sit here typing this with tears coming down my eyes i try to think of how i can just end this pain but there is none. she wants to be friends for now because she wants time alone to focus on school and herself and not have any commitment to have to text me call me or whatever. our relationship for the past 2 months began to decline i noticed her being less affectionate we really weren't talking anymore because we were busy but no matter how busy i was i always made sure to give her my attention i tried to be patient even though it saddened, but i stayed patient because i knew she had a lot on her plate yet i still supported her gave her what she needed as i received her minimal attention and id get angry sometimes when we would be out because she wouldn't realize how she was making me feel even after i would tell her she wouldn't say nothing all she would say was that she still loved me. all i wanted from her was attention not 24/7 but some of it. i wanted to feel loved by her but id get nothing. she wants to keep talking but as friends ,i do not know how to talk to her that way. i do not know how to be a friend around her how does she expect me to be around her and not want me to touch her and kiss her and caress her. she's the first thought i have in my head when i go to sleep and the last when i go to bed, and she expects to just act like nothing has changed? i do not want to imagine her in the arms of another guy or someone taking the place i had it would kill me but she acts so cold yet she tells me all this is hurting her too and she admits that she was being less affectionate and everything because she is stressed with school but if she admits it then why wouldn't she do anything to change it? i always tried to kiss her to show her something that way she knew i still cared and loved her. theres no point in me typing this because in the end nothing will change..
I am a girl, and i feel really saddened by reading this. It very seldom that we find someone who wants to stay with us through thick and thin. Being together for 4 years, and you supperting her, and you giving her your time evwn when you were busy proves that you are a great person. Hope you find true love.
yup. its her lost not yours, be glad it happened. deserving girl is waiting for u :) 
Wong fu, this video inspired many people especially this YouTube real life couple called Jamich. It would be awesome if u look em up now. They have an amazing real love life story.
I noticed how she's always upset that she has to make decision. This is because sexual polarity forcing her to act with masculine sexual essence depolarizing the relationship. Read "The way of the superior man" it honestly change the way I act towards all women for the better
What you said is so dramatically true, we can't even imagine how our biological nature affects our relationships! I totally understand and agree with what you say here. That's the same theory stated by John Gray with his "Mars and Venus" book series. Spread the word, man! Let's build a better, more balanced world ;)
Currently at stage 0. For 29 years. But I'm not sure which is more depressing, that or how this video ended.
Flunking awesome man :') tears of joy and sadness ^0^
Li Zhineng Shared on Google+ · 3 days ago
I can't love it more, currently at stage 0, LOL. I thought this is the best types of relationship description short movie I've ever seen. Found it at my WeChat Moment, the story is really similar with mine including the dialogue in it. Couples always quarrelling with little things. But anyway, please cherish your partner. As the chief actor said If life separates us and we end up in totally different places. I'll always remember when I passed the line for this period of time. And I'll be thankful for that. And I hope that wherever you are, you will be thankful foo. I totally agree with it. It's easy to remember your partner's name, phone number, birthday and so forth, but we not easily to forget about it, why did we make ourselves so hard, it's not necessary to force ourselves to shake off it, just appreciate the moment you stayed together. And it let me recall the similar quote in the movie Hachi, it said You should never forget anyone that you love. The dog knows, why don't we? Introduction Every relationship goes through stages. Where and how each stage develops is ultimately up to each person. While we always hope for the best, we often can't avoid the inevitable. Youku Link for Chinese:
holy shit, the beginning of the argument sounded so familiar...sounded like arguments I've had. but After 6 years, I'm still with my crazy yet lovely gf. here's probably why though... When I argue with my GF, no matter what happens, we never forget that we love each other. If we argue about something stupid we don't agree on, I've learned there's no point in trying to win. It's better to accept that we have different views. If it's a serious fight, one thing I've learned is that you can't be selfish. You have to understand that the relationship is not about what you get out of it, it's also about what your partner needs too. If anyone is selfish, things will never be fixed. teens in particular are so self-centered that many of them fixate on what they're getting, they never bend  over backwards to understand their partner's needs. that lack of maturity is one of the reasons why teen relationships don't last long.  It's pretty easy to fall into a routine, but one thing I've learned that is that you really do stop doing things to win her after a while.  I've learned to understand that you have to let your girlfriend know that you still cherish her and appreciate what she is to you. let her know she's beautiful. If you truly love her, you'll feel the same warmth she feels when you see how much you lighten her heart with endearing gestures.
Why is the end-all-be-all marriage? My boyfriend and I have discussed marriage and we're simply okay not being married, if ever. We don't need to be, if we love each other. We don't need to decide between breaking-up and marrying. Marriage isn't for a relationship. It's for our relatives and reduced taxes, haha. 
I think what they mean by the two choices is you can either break up with that person or you spend the rest of your life with them. You're right you don't have to get married but yeah.
Just shows how society has forced marriage upon us. 
When I watched this video, I realized how important relationships are in people's lives. And that no matter what happens you should keep building/improving on your relationship to make it the best as possible
I am glad to say I am not in the comfortable stage, for the first time in my life I feel like I am trying hard to be the best for more than myself. It's weird because on the surface being comfortable seems like the best thing in a relationship but it can lead to taking each other for advantage, letting yourself go and not speaking about things. It is nice to find someone to love and also light a fire under you. Beautiful story, loved how it was shot as well!
😭😭this made me cry
4 years in 2 months 😍 and seriously I just saw this short film. 😢😊☺
This is so accurate I watched this video when it was first uploaded and I was so scared this will happen to me and four years after I'm watching this video again and this is exactly what I went through just recently....
Same here. I didn't think this would ever happen to me either.  My ex boyfriend and I were high school sweet hearts and we were together for 10+ years.  It's been 4 months since the break up and I finally feel like I'm getting my life back together.  Be strong and know that time will heal all wounds. 
I have the ability to break up most asian couples. Most of us do.
I remember watching this video 2 years ago, and then a year ago and now today. This video helped my ex and I get back together after our first break up, and then a few times after the second break up because we didn't want to become "strangers, again." Although, nothing could help us get back together the third time, I hope 15:00 to the end, applies to us someday. Thank you for making this video. Seriously, It means so much to me.
As soon as I read "I hope 15:00 to the end..." I check what time my did was at and it said 15:01
Even though I've never been in a relationship (mostly because I'm still young), I still cried watching this video. It reminded me of the time I REALLY liked someone...someone who was like the other half of me, someone who was a missing part of me. I was always that cheerful, happy kid who would joke around, and try to lighten up the mood, and she was someone indescribable by words. Then, during what was becoming the most fun day I've ever had with my friends turned into the worst when I heard she was with someone else. I have to admit, when I heard the news, I could not blink for 10 minutes strait, and I was tearing up on the way back. Every time I watch this video, it reminds me of her, though it's silly to, because we were never in a relationship together. Oh, and her name? Coincidentally, it was Cathy~
I'm already at Stage 6 with my Girlfriend.. We used to make time for each other all the time, until we got into a huge fight. We made up but it's been really dull lately. She doesn't have anytime for me anymore because she says she's "busy" all the time ever since we fought. We're still dating, I just don't know if I have time left. I'm doing everything to make it work, but she doesn't notice it. I kept my feelings bottled up inside me and it kills. I always make it seem like it doesn't hurt me but it does. It's confusing I don't want to break up with her. Every time I tell her my problem with her she cares but then says "I can't do anything about it, I have no time". We still talk. but very minimal. I just want to try again.. I don't know what to do..):
TheRPChannel,If you told her how much you loved her,how hard you've been trying to make time to hang out with her and tell her you love her,she would realise that your a great person.All girls love a bit of romance 😀 good luck
Women need a man, a partner that's like a solid rock for them, for their emotional nature. A man who pays for dinner, a man who takes decisions, a responsible and emotionally balanced partner. A man who does all this is a happy, fulfilled person, because he feels strong, manly. A woman who has a partner with such qualities is a happy, fulfilled person, because she feels feminine, loved and taken care of. That's the trick!
Idk if this is just me but I like to play emotional drake songs at low volume in the background. I have no idea it just sets the mood more for me.
The guy I fell in love with was my best friend for 3 years. Our personalities were the mirror image of each other and we understood each other better than anyone else. That's what made it so hard when I lost him. It was like losing a part of myself. We had both recently admitted that we were in love with each other. Less than 2 months later, he told me he had fallen for someone else and thought that we should just remain friends and nothing more. I was hurt and enraged that he would choose someone he just met over me, especially so soon after expressing his "true" feelings for me. We never spoke again. The short-lived romance of it sounds like something that happens in middle school, but he was 25 at the time. Old enough to have known better. I've had other relationships since, but none of them have ever come close to the quality of relationship that I had with him. We were more than just romantic lovers; first and foremost, we were friends. That's what made it so special.
Crazy I watched this 3 year ago when I was in a serious relationship and it was relatable to a certain extend. I always did everything to avoid the last few stages but It just ends up happening.
my and my gf break up 2 days ago, she have lost trust in me, though it was really my fault, and i remember me and her always love watching wang-fu videos..and now i am coming back watching this video again, and we have watched this video together telling each other it would never happen to us, but unfortunately it happened, at this point i would have anything to have her back. But i know that is just selfish of me thinking that she would forgive me for my mistake.  
As always: thank you! It made me think a lot! However: I disagree about a relationship ONLY can continue if you break up or get married. And every relationship end up, where they have to break up :)
unfortunately, i can relate to this so much. my ex-girlfriend (and first true love) was amazing, she means more to me than anything else, but unfortunately our relationship started to crumble. at first it was just these small things that happened that made me think she didn't love me, like she would never say "i love you" when other people were around, "is she embarrassed to be with me?", i thought. of course, i ended up asking her whether she loved me, and she said she did, but i didn't feel she meant it, the response was like, "of course i do". then one day she started criticising the stuff i did which affected her, and it really hurt me. my thoughts of her not loving me began to solidify. I confronted her about it and she said she'd been feeling so depressed lately, but she wouldn't tell me why, trust is part of love, so again with the not loving me. eventually i just cracked and started doing the same to her. i still loved her, but it was almost just instinctive at that point to treat her that way. we grew further apart and started arguing over the stupidest of things until one morning after an argument the night before, i decided it would be best if we broke up and gave her the option of doing so, as earlier when she first started criticising me i remember thinking, "how can you be so mean to someone you love", so i just felt it was morally wrong to continue treating her this way, and by this time i'd just given up on trying to fix things, as she never tried to fix things.. again, because she didn't love me??? she agreed to break up, but i was so distraught, i felt i couldn't keep in contact with her and she understood. there were so many things left unsaid by me, like she probably thought i just didn't love her anymore, and i couldn't stop thinking of her in my every waking moment that following week. eventually i caved in and talked to her, and she seemed happy to see me, but even though i wanted to talk about fixing our relationship so much, we weren't even in one, so we were just friends for a while, and we were both nice to each other. several days later though, she said some stuff to me which wasn't bad at all, but i interpreted it as her mocking and criticising me, because of past experiences. "friends don't do that to friends" i thought, "so i guess we aren't even friends" and i stopped trying to start conversations with her, and when talked to me i just gave her minimal responses. the last time we talked was the first of november when she asked if i wanted to play a game of league with some of her friends. i semi-reluctantly said yes because i didn't think it was smart to say yes (responding to her no more than 15 seconds after she asked), but surely enough, a few minutes later, she says, "oh sorry some random joined, i was afk". and by this point i'm thinking, "so, if you wanted to actually play with me, then start a new game? she must just be using me to fill a spot and let her start the game", so i said, "wow, thanks" and we haven't spoken since. I still can't stop thinking about her, and if i think about her too much i just break down in tears, but i feel it's a lost cause, she's probably moved on,  and honestly i'll never be good enough for her, or maybe any girl, so now i'm just gonna try and focus on my last year of  school (my future), and hope that one day i'll forget her. it's not that i want to forget her, but hey, what else can i do. i still don't know whether to try talking to her or not, i really want to try and make things work, but i don't know if she's willing to do the same. i figure if she loves me, she'll try talking to me, but she might think i don't want to talk to her and that i hate her. it's tough. oh well, i guess i'll never know if she did love me, all i know is that i do and probably always will love her even if i do eventually end up forgetting her. <3
Its either you were just so insecure back then or she probably love you but not in the way you wanted. But either way, just try to move on. Mostly relationship work this way, once it was broken and you try to get back together for second chance, you will fall for the same problem all over again. But hey, its my opinion. I wish a very best of you. And sorry for my english, its not my main languange.
+Angus Clark well.. at least ask her if it's completely 100% over between you two
Okay guys.  Youtube brainstorm.  I have a story idea where this high schooler is the literal embodiment of karma.  He feels every effect he has on others himself.  I can't get a good arc going.  Does he meet a girl who he knows likes him, except they have never spoken together, does he meet another person with his ability, does he lose it and discover he can't feel emotion himself, or actually wants the ability back... I'm only in middle school and am not good at taking ideas to the next level. Reply with your thoughts!
In my opinion you should go with "he loses it and discovers he can't feel emotion himself". This idea seems like it could turn into a deep and meaningful story. You could combine the idea of the girl who likes him and the he can't feel emotions himself idea for an even better story. But you'd have to be good at making an interesting plotline and ending otherwise the readers will get bored. I am also in the midst of writing a story and as long as you're good at writing the actual story ( the words in the story, not just the ideas) then you're off to a great start.
WAIT THERE ARE MORE THAN THE FIRST 2 STEPS... ohhhh thats why I dont have a girlfriend... OH WELL
The girl is ftom a music video by NigaHiga aka Ryan Higa
nice. boy is good looking. and sexy.
I'm supposed to be asleep but my I saw a Wong fu video recommended...
What is that song at the end with the lyrics "Time to let go of you" Great short film btw :)
Never mind, it was on the description haha :p
So awhile back, me and my girl had broke up due to the loss of feelings after being out with her for over 2 years. Ever since then til now, I'm still in love with her. I know, I'm young and I have a whole life ahead of me. I urges to text and call her just to talk to her, hear her voice, and have our laughter. She's someone I see myself to be with and grow a life together. Lately, it seems like she's interested in someone else. It hurts me, but seeing her happy and smiling is what means the most to me. She's someone I can count on when my days are low and can lift me back up on my feet. Most people tell me to move on and you can do better. But it's difficult to move on when someone like her as become a big impact in my life that I don't ever wanna let go of. I miss her dearly and it's difficult to move on from.
I seen this two years ago and after my first break up about a year ago I just barely watched this again and this was exactly what happened I just cried over this 
My first fav Wong Fu short. The second one is The Last. :)
OMG this made me cry so hard it is so sad 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
1 month ago, my boyfriend broke up with me. His reasoning was that we didn't have anything to talk about anymore. Does that happen to other relationships too?
Im so love this video, it's so meaningful and i believed the story was took from the real life.... thanks for sharing WongFU
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Im okay until the last 2 minutes
This remembered me so much of my ex boyfriend and I cried like a little baby. We broke up July 2014 and I'm still not over it.
Great story, script, and overall production. This video made me cry!!! T_T
Is it just because I'm a guy, or does the girl seem to be the one who is being difficult in this video?
Rewatching this... Not even 2 minutes in the video and I'm already crying lol.
You already fuck her man, don't worry getting new one shit
This is why you westerners are crazy as fuck. You jump from relationship to relationship.   
why does everyone say "you americans" or "you westerners"? literally everyone from anywhere goes through relationship troubles at some point. This is a universal thing.
just cut the crap. it's either break up or get married. if you're still not ready for it even after stage 4, when will you ever be ready for marriage??
I don't think people can be friends after break up, it's really hard just to see each other.
holy fuck this shits deep
Being strangers is better than being friends, cause you will never can forget him and move on!
Must of been awkward talking to your ex's new bf/gf
What is the song during the last part? 15:51  please help~ 
watching this on Valentine's day was a mistake omg the tears
The phrase from a song, "Only know you love her when you let her go..."
this video makes a relationship last. but in depends on the couple. :(
This video makes me tear up, EVERY single time I watch it. 
4:12 is my favourite part :3 Sah cuute
This video is scaring me about my relationship... :/
i'm going to change my attitude toward my GF    now   (y)   15M   (y) .from Algeria 
Stupid video... Kina Grannis song... making me cry and shit... 
Great story and superb acting.
You know, nowadays online dating is a big thing, and I wonder how that changes the stages of relationships
It hurts a lot more. The feeling of not having the person you love near you is terrible.
Perfect together !👰🙎💐🌸🌷🌺🌹💝🎀🌂💄💛💙💜💚❤️💔💗💓💕💖💞💘💌💋💍💎👤👥💬👣💭
Cool lil video. That chick is super cute. 
The subtitles lol,, used to be, shoes to be.
Ahhh, I often end up at Step 1. Cheers!!!!
man this shit speaks so hard to me right now...
"She was my unicorn"
My gf and I fight sometimes we on stage 6 is working things out we don't want go on stage 7 is breaking up that happen few times we get back in relationship and we start over again
+Jason Walker Dude, if you go again and again with those stages, please stop, its not healthy neither for you or her
We broke up and I blocked her
I didn't plan on crying.
omg I think I'm going to cry!
It's fun how I really like this girl but I can't tell her how I feel about her
I love this ❤️😩
This always makes me cry.......God I'm so sappy
This is som fruity asssss video, but I must admit it is true...
Yup... Cried.... Definitely cried.... A lot! .... But, also smiled:) thanks guys! You guys rock.
caleb gonzales Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Do you always brake up.. How do people stay together till there 90 ect
How do you avoid braking up with everyone
DC Cruz Shared on Google+ · 3 months ago
will your mouth still remember the taste of my love...
Will you eyes still love me the same
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