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Zooey Deschanel iPhone Commercial - CONAN on TBS

by Team Coco • 182,627 views

Zooey Deschanel and Siri are going through a bit of a rough patch.

I shall,someday,not today,but someday.
I paid over a hundred dollars to have the weather told to me as i watch it, and paid way too much to have tomato soup delivered. Now play music because nothing else that can do that. DIE.
free my soul of this prison... best line everrrrrrr 
I thought it was actually real! And I thought there were parts cut from the real commercial..
she is very fit...but that alone does not save the horrible commercial...
Google's Majel project is coming for ya'll.
Love it, can't stand Zooey !!!!!
Ah, who needs foreheads when you've got Zooey Deschanel.
looks like team coco didn't get the rights to shake rattle and roll.
The best part was watching a 15 second commercial to get to a 50 second video
She's so beautiful and has an awesome voice. I wish I could marry a girl like her......
WHO doesnt have atleast one can of tomato soup in their cupboard? shes a great actress ither way!!
Glad they made a parody of this, I hate Zooey
I tried to hit the reply button and accidentally pressed thumbs down D: But yes she is an amazing singer.
Lol I'm with you on Miley. You could throw Kardashians and Lindsay Lohan in that list as well. I don't like anyone on that list other than Alba. But I would say that they all are talented in some level at what they do, and became really good at whatever annoying "talent" they had, i.e. they marketed themselves really well and became ridiculously rich
Not even a phone would really wanna kill this cute girl
That's the voice over from the Xtra Normal video's on YouTube.
This makes me want the iPhone 4S MORE
who orders just tomato soup for delivery? probably $10 for some stupid shit like that.
I bet her lips are really, really pink and sweet. And i don't mean her mouth.
The number of parodies of this commercial is awesomely mind-boggling. Could watch them for hours LOL.Thanks, Zooey for being such an inspiration.
half the jokes are from youtube parodies that were better
Hate to agree, although not that violently. She is awful, just a terrible actress.
aww! :( I love zooey deschanel!
Thank God for the digital age. Now you don't need friends. Now you don't need God. You can just have computers talk to you instead. They are better at pretending to like you anyway.
I would plow Zooey seven ways from Sunday. But this is pretty damn funny.
i love conan cuz he hate apple
Of course she is mainstream. Mainstream = success, and she is good at what she does. The only ones who aren't "mainstream" are the ones wishing they were.
Siri parody in mid 2012? A little beneath you, Conan.
I liked Zooey Deschanel in Elf, but now she thinks she's way too overrated for acting 'kooky' and 'quirky' in every single movie and show.
I kinda want to buy a iPhone now...
Lolol "please can someone free my soul from this prison" thats why we invented jailbreaking
I don't know about you but when I see videos that I don't care for, I just don't click on them because I would rather give my energy and time to things that really interest me. Who knows, maybe there is a little troll hiding inside your beautiful body, take care :)
Hahahaha I haven't seen Conan in two weeks. I swear the show got funnier.
oh god... no. please tell me you are joking. I thought she was just untalented... now shes stupid too
there is no boobies in this video ... but there is a naked girl at 0:50
I would have told her to get a decent haircut for once. Bangs look nice... on 5 year olds.
Living in Japan has made me realize how much I miss and love Conan. Come keep me company so I won't be so lonely! watch?v=xqqHc4EGVTE
Watch 500 days of summer.. movie confirms shes a mega bitch.
No, I really enjoy her acting and so does my whole family. You obviously haven't seen The New Girl or 500 Days Of Summer.
Are you an idiot, or do you just live under a rock?
Most epic/ adorable moment in my youtube history is watching Zooey Deschanel dance to SHAKE, RATTLE AND ROLL!
lol "gone mainstream" the whole point of Zooey is that she is, and always has been, TOTALLY mainstream, but marketed (and highly effectively) as an Unusual Individual. Lame.
Are you stupid? That is the word she uses to describe herself sometimes...
If that iPhone kill Zooey, I'll kill the iPhone(? Ok, no, but... Hhahaha! Love it :D. Zooey, marry me.
iPhone sucks. and they just include Siri in there commercials?
No, you should be ashamed for using that word. Zooey's cool, people trying to make "adorkable" a thing aren't.
if you can't stand her why are you watching her videos? Duh... what are you a masochist? lol
Tsss tsss thats an angry robot or sumthin tss tsss
You have clearly never watched 500 days of summer so this joke flew right over your head.
I am not ashamed, not at all. She is a great actress, beautiful, and way more successful than you are.
Hate that commercial. Thank you Coco.
Dragons. What ? Oh i was thinking that we are naming thing that are not in this video.
Have you guys seen i-Robot?? Yeah, don't they look like apple products?? And doesn't that computer woman that controls them talk like Siri? And above all, her name was Vicki. Vicki, Siri? People, it WILL happen. Too many coincidences, too many I tell you!
silly robot, you have no soul, just like the animals
"Oh god i hate Zooey Deschanel." "Zooey Deschanel iPhone Commercial!!?, I'm clicking that shit"
who could Hate ZOOEY DESCHENAL ( with evey word, my voivce drops an octavie)
WHAT?? WHERE? WHERE IS THE NAKED GIRL?? Do not joke about stuff like this.
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