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3 Easy DIY Summer Headbands

by Dulce Candy • 339,101 views

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I love all of them! My favorite is the green one:)
I dnt c a problem wit them...they look realli pretti on u can make them howeva u want...loved the vid!!
This is a cute idea but i don't know about the nest head band... Its kind of weird why would you have a nest on your head. You should have also used all of the same color flowers cause the big white flower looks like it doesn't really match.
I think these are cute, but only on Dulce. I for one could never pull them off!
Why does this video have so many dislikes?
if there's 1 trend going around that looks the worst its this 1
They're so beautiful! Headbands always remind me of Gossip Girl, especially Blair!
I love your personality and all, but I can't believes those headbands are made by a fashion-design student
I personally don't like them, but that doesn't mean that nobody is gonna like them! Everyone has their own personal style and this is hers, I think it's great she puts in this much effort into her style. If we were all into the same things then this world would be boringggggg!!
These would be really cute for flower girls, especially for an outdoor wedding.
You're so positive and happy and you really enjoy life, and i don't even know you but it really shows in your videos. When im upset I like to watch your videos, puts me happy. I feel bad for the people who constantly hate on your videos, but I bet you anything they watch every one. They're so un happy with their lives or their ugly faces they have to pick on yours. Keep it up Dulce I love the Videos!!!
Makeup tutorial please! :D great headbands btw, i'll be trying these out. thanks! <3
Why all these dislikes??? She is just showing us how we can make them, and she can design it however she want to!
thanks i just dont like seing all the fighting about the headbands :/hahahha
LOL! Egg nests in your hair? Well these arent horrible headbands. I think if you are 7 and under it would actually be cute. Make this a DIY with your daughter/nieces and it'll be a fun little summer/bonding project. Im sure the kids will love it. Me personally not so much.
Dang, what's with all the dislikes?! I wouldn't wear those because I'm just not that bold but designing your own headbands is a good idea. Just use smaller flowers... sequins, pearls, bows, whatever you want.
I'm sorry why would I want a nest with eggs, in my hair, like really
dulce what happened?!!! those headbands are reallly awful, i loveee your style though so its a shame!!!
A bit tacky :c Good idea though!
I love all of them especially the green one! :)
I like it dulce! I m gonna try making one -3. You are and always will be my inspiration. Thanks for being so nice.
Or go to one of those ghetto dollar stores and buy identical ones
You like eggs on your head? Lol or on your face? DALE HUEVO DALE HUEVO
for all the haters,first if you don't like headbands why did you click of the video. second she says statement pieces which means there not typical one color headbands(its called style) and third i'm just saying but the people who disliked this video probably own a pair of birkenstocks.
Why is it that she makes a headband that some people don't like and all of the sudden 3,487 people dislike it. I gurantee you most of those people were her subscribers and that is so wrong. You dislike a headband and apparently that means you can berade her. Have you ever heard of "if you can't say anything nice don't say anything at all?"
Out of all your videos i like your DIY's the best, she doesnt deserve all them dislikes, i've seen worse tutorials on stuff like this, SHEEEESH!
WHAT? Whats going on with all that dislikes !!! omg.. I love this Dulce!
This is way toooo much for anyone :S !!!!!
in my opinion, everyone should just SHUT UP about how "ugly" and "tacky" these are. It's not everybodys style. I'm not saying I like them, but I'm saying that you need to be respectful.
it makes ppl look like little girls and grown azz women shouldn't attempt this..
So not anything I would ever wear but rock on DULCE.!!
yeah.., sometimes we're childish-just in different way, aren't we? Realize it haters, you are being childish already by typing bad words to her, instead of being mature - leave the video and say something in nicer way or say nothing.
She seemed really excited to show us how to make these head bands! Don't knock the girl down.
I bet if a celebrity wore one of her headbands people in the comments would fein for one.
I really liked those headbands Dulce, especially the pink one. <3
anyone know what type of camera she has
you did good the 20th is actually the first day of summer
Because some of us would rather the nests be in the trees and grass on the ground.
Those headbands remind me of something Harper would where on Wizards of Waverly Place.
you look kinda like jessica alba
Love the colour of ur lips!!! What lipstick/gloss are u wearing??? 😱😍
Goodness gracious so many dislikes, it's not that bad sheesh. This would be great if you had a little girl or a baby, they always look super cute in photos with flowers on their head
lol.. the head band are cut.. and i like them because yeah many you won't wear then to go out.. but in photo shoot they look really cute and like she said their a statement piece its, something different.. people only say it looks ugly because they know it won't look good on them but if you guys check there a lot of fashionable models who use these kind of head bands in the photos and it look very cool.
I liked the flower one but I think there were too many little flowers maybe one big and like three little on each side? Cute idea though!!! I'm not a fan of headbands gives me horrible headaches :(
HEY COME CHECK OUT MY CHANNEL:)! i just uploaded a new video and i really want people to get to know me and y channel :) and it would be awsome if you could come check it out:)
love your videos but these headbands seem a little childish and tacky.
i love your make-up. tutorial please :) thanks :)
@thegolddustwoman Dust woman? Lol hop off her nuts dusty old bitch . Your just a hater
love your hair today and the headbeands they 're so cute
she obviously spent a lot of time on this video for YOU GUYS so stop being rude. if you don't like the video, shut up and keep it to yourself. where the hell are your manners
the headbands be very cute for little girls!
Stop hating . Let her do her own thing, it's her channel. If you don't like it , don't watch.
It looks good on you, but if I wear it... I will look like an absolute idiot
Well you said our opinions don't matter... we all have different styles and should be able to say what we think without being ridiculed.
i dont know why people are being so mean to her, i think those headbands looks amazing! i'd love to get/create one like the "nesty" one, loooooooove it
the one with the eggs, would be perfect for easter :)
Dulce don't listen to them they are cute and you are the one wearing them not the haters!!! Love them going to micheal's today!!!!
People GROW UP!!!! Who said her videos were only for 18+ let's not forget that all ages log into YouTube every second! Listen to her words. Plus admit that this woman still looks good even if she were to put on a newspaper hat and some lipgloss!!!
But, I (we) still really like her videos, but not particularly this one
@monicatill25 what u say and what u do r two different things
Like them very much! I don't know why everyone is hating?
You can totaly change these up to suit any style weather u want a statement peice or not dulce I have watched you from the start and I love your videos tweets and instagrammes thanks for all the videos if u culd check out my channel any advice or anything wuld be so appreciated you have no idea xxx
Cute for a flower girl. Not so much for an adult.
I wouldn't want to wear a best on my head.
Luv u dulce, but the headbands r NOT working girl!!!!!!!!!
loved alll and im 20years old , i think it just depends on your personal tastes, if you don't like them fine don't make them simple as that. why all the hateful comments, you could also use this video as inspiration to make a headband that's your style. shes just giving ideas DAMN. YAL CAN ME SO FREAKING CRITICAL, I HOPE YOU ARE ALL PERFECT IN REALLY LIFE !!!!!! cuz its like she cant make a mistake or yal talk shit shes still human.
why is everybody hating on her.she was giving you ideas on how to make you're own don't have to make those exact ones.
I like the last one, the first two are a bit too flashy for me...
This is perfect for music festivals! Why all the hate?
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