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Munchkin: Felicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh join Wil Wheaton on TableTop, Episode 5

by Geek & Sundry • 1,700,678 views

Want to play Munchkin with your friends at home? Visit your local game store to purchase it! Or buy it online at: (Please note: we played the Deluxe Edition in this episode....

Actually, Steve cheated... The potion at 25:16 has +5 (is there even a potion that has +4?), but he only substracted 4 (26 instead of the correct 25), finally bringing him to 19 instead of the correct 18. This would have tied him with the Monster making him lose since he was no warrior. Shame on the inventor of that otherwise incredible game, for winning by cheating. ;-D
Hmm interesting. After someone's comment about not having the 'cheating rule' in their version, I went and did some research - apparently, that line IS removed in later reprints, because apparently the only 'sanctioned' cheating that was intended was via the cheat cards. Some quick googling of various rules versions, as well as taking a look on the SJG forums, is clear indication of this. Interesting. Though this is certainly in line from what I've seen of SJG games in general - they tend to get erratta'd alot because the rules are usually rather unclear, or interactions between rules arent very well thought out, which leads to loads of house rules or erratta in the end.
I thought cheating is actually the fun of Munchkin. Isn't that actually in the rule set? As long as you don't caught.
I like the playthrough...but I HATE the behind-the-scenes moments; it's too high school. I think it bothers me more than it should because they're actors (some of them) and they're probably just acting affronted for the sake of drama...ugh -_- :P
No. I legitimately find you sweet, sickeningly so.
+Todd Zelin I figured, but I hope I made you at least laugh at how silly I sounded :P
I can't get tired of Felicia. She's sooooooooo adorably evil. <3
Does it bother anyone else that they ran away from the floating nose?
+sonictt1 yeah, now that jpage mentions it, are you sure you aren't thinking of Illuminati?
+jpage94gaming +jobrien 1d4 seems to agree with me. Although I've seem forum threads where people are on both sides, so maybe it's a version difference?
You got robbed, Wil!  "You may use the doppleganger only when you are the only player in combat."  25:11 
+m2pt5 There was a hireling in play. Felicia had it and it was carrying the Big Rock. That's why she was able to use a big 2 hand item even though she had all the other stuff in play. At 21:27 she's cursed to lose a big item and she discards the rock. To the left of the rock, from our point of view, is the hireling. At 23:07 he gets the Kill the Hireling card. At 23:24 it shows birdseye of the table again and you can see that Felicia's hireling is gone. Totally legal play, they just didn't show every detail of the game.
In The Rules Cheating is encouraged because it is allowed and if u are not caught doing it it's fine
Hey, can someone help me out? I just got the game, and I have a couple questions. First, can a card go straight from your hand to being carried (in play but not equipped), or do you have to equip it first and then put it in your "backpack"? Second, the rules mention playing one-shot items from your hand or the table. Does this mean that you can equip/carry one-shot items but not use them until one and only one battle of your choice? Thanks~
Did anybody read the bad stuff on the Amazon card? Was that for real? Respect for Steve Jackson -2.
Uh...since when poking fun at the "macho" stereotype is wrong? You oversensitive people should learn the difference between sexism and PARODIZING sexism. Did a sexist dude kill your goldfish or something? Relax, it's just a joke.
I did not know until today that this was the most extended episode requested and searched for. 
The best win i ever had was a dual cleric win. I was a level 9 cleric and fighting to win against 3 others (they kept hitting me with de-levels). Someone else managed to get to 9 and lost their class and replaced it with a cleric from the discard pile. The very next turn, someone top decks Divine Intervention and me and the other cleric both hit 10 together.
no offense but I don't like Felicia much
guys, in munchkin, cheating is legitimate unless caught
So it trains you for government work, then.
This episode made me buy Munchkin and myself and my friends have never had so much fun, really hoping SJG remove the DMCA from the modders who recreated the game for Tabletop Simulator.  I can fully understand why they did it, but I hope that they realise recreations of tabletop games on this platform can and often is a force for good, people play the game with friends online (some of which may not live close by in order to come round for proper Tabletop games).  In turn if they like the game themselves, there is a very good chance that they will buy the proper game and start a Tabletop game night of their own.
THIS WAS NOT THE STEVE JACKSON I WAS LOOKING FOR.... 'Steve Jackson is often mistaken for Steve Jackson, a British gamebook and video game writer who co-founded Games Workshop. The confusion is exacerbated by the fact that while the UK Jackson was co-creator of the Fighting Fantasy gamebook series, the US Jackson also wrote three books in this series (Scorpion Swamp, Demons of the Deep, and Robot Commando), and the books did not acknowledge that this was a different 'Steve Jackson'' My bwain hurts.
I want the opening and closing song yo!
For some reason my nose started bleeding at about 15:05. Weird, right?
You can use 2 1hand items and another 2hand item at the same time? 
Hireling allows that, I believe
Felicia and Will in the same game were you can ruin for the other players, guess what's gonna happen, haha.
last night i played with a friend and some family and we went on for 3 and an half hour longest match ever played by me and the rest but still a lot of fun with the backstabbing XD
I thought you could only have one other player help you in a combat.
I may be wrong, but by the three of them "teaming up," they meant that Felicia was helping Steve but Steve was also bribing Sandeep to play a card to help him. When aiding a player in combat, you use your own level. Since Sandeep just wanted to play a card to help, that's probably why it was okay. I may have everything mixed up though, sorry!!
So this is old as hell, but I just stumbled upon this game and this video.  I laughed so damn hard.  Felicia is damn gorgeous too!
#Munchkin comes with a level card and figurine for each player? Munchkin has advanced since my day!
the delux pack comes with tiny munchkins and a board
I trhink that Sandeep is very funny and cute. i liked him also in the guild. Btw Steve is a Cheater and can somebody tell me if the whole game is scripted or just partially?
so what's wrong with my statement?
+paleguy Nothing, your statement kinda sounds like you don't know the game allows cheating
As a Euphonium (Baritone Horn) player, I like this episode.
"Oh god I fell asleep while you were talking" 😂😂
I don't know why I find it so entertaining watching a group of four people play board games but I do.
Great episode, great game
I want to see you guys playing a hardcore bofferfighting/softcombat game...that would be awesome
Werent they all supposed to lose 3 levels because they lost to the floating nose which doesnt let you flee??
Looks like a fun game. 
I laughed harder than I should have after Steve said, "I know Muchkin pretty well...since I WROTE IT." Good episode :)
I wish i had friends to play with :(   Oh well
felicia looked so much hotter with long hair ^^ hope she let it grew back up xD
Omg I playb euphonium...
I thought you could only get aid from 1 other player.
steve didnt actually win it was a tie. when sandeep played the potion they only deducted 4 when it was supposed to be 5. so unless steve was a warrior at the time he lost the fight due to it being a tie
How did steve escape the floating nose? It sniff you out anywhere and you cant escape it?!?!?
When we play this shit, I love to be a thief, I steal everything I can and backstab everybody. I usually lose, but it's always a lot of fun :D
love this game and this review of it! However... according to my deck you can't run away from the floating nose... you gotta love that Steve is cheating in his own game... 
After watching almost every episode through season 3, this one made me laugh out loud the most, and it wasn't the game.  Wil, Steve, Felicia and Sandeep are really funny together!
will didnt have his turn around the 23 minute marrk
matt fraguel Shared on Google+ · 2 days ago
Munchkin: Felicia Day, Steve Jackson and Sandeep Parikh join Wil Wheaton...:
The Tuba also lets you draw a treasure card when you run away. He should read his own cards instead of telling Wil to do that!
Older version of Munchkin have the Tuba of Charm to only gives +3 to run away, you know, the way he wrote it
You really should get your facts straight before replying. The first Tuba of Charm gives the +3 in addition to snagging a treasure.
That Punjab guy is really gay but munchkin is awesome.
Steve won the game by cheating. A couple times actually. Doppelganger, Subtracting 4 instead of 5 from that potion, and running from The Floating Nose, which you can't do. Steve is a sly dog!
Yay! Euphonium power!
I am so glad this exist!  I played this like 10 years ago and always wanted to own it. I found the munchkin Zombies at a store and picked it up and realized quickly upon opening how i forgot to play the game and how useless the instruction are :/ There aren't any good video instructions online atm. 
Will is more like an all out assassin then a sniper ....
na na na an ninteteen good enough for ya? 22:23
SANDEEP YOUR RACE IS NOT INDIAN IT IS HUMAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
"I think the Euphonium is the sexiest instrument" -Felicia Day. YOU'RE DAMN RIGHT IT'S THE SEXIEST INSTRUMENT!
I love the game Munchkin... Message for Steve Jackson, I might become a game designer when I grow up and winning Munchkin feels so good :)
Funny... the winner actually shouldn't have won... Check the cards he uses to level up and check his math in the final foray.
Never mind on the level up... I see the card that lets it work. His math is still off though.
Is there anyway to suggest a game I want to see played? I love munchkin but I am looking at munchkin quest because I can play that with 2 players only. Would love to see it played.
At the end Will put the tape on the winner's shirt in a certain spot, but in the next shot it magically jumped over a bit. Didn't want to say names for spoilers sake... though other comments already spoiled it I guess... Just something I noticed.
Did Steve Jackson forget to get his treasure when escaping at 14:03 because of the Tuba? :)
for the "maker" of the game, he misplayed by not activating his tuba of charm while running away
I really like the background music when the rules of the game are being explained. Is there any outside source where I can listen to it?
This looks like so much fun.  I just bought it as a surprise gift for the family.  My husband has to work Christmas day (boo!) so I think I'll let the boys open it early so we can play while waiting for dad to come home.  :)
Is this  a "old rules" version? because in the one i have been playig for 2 years you cant intefere in the turn 1 and no more than 1 player can help you in combats.
WOOOOOOOOOOOO will  wheaton
At 14:30 how come sandeep didn't have to run away from the monsters? Also, what happens if they don't roll a 5 or better and can't run away?
As someone who just played Munchkin. His threat to slash tires is real. This game will make you more angry than anything else.
I like Steve Jackson and all but the way he almost "pampered" Felicia really pissed me off!
The best part of the game is right around when someone gets to level 7 and everyone switches from helping each other out to screwing each other over.
Uhm, in the end, Steve is in the battle, goes up to thirty, then Sandeep plays a +5 to either side and Steve only takes 4 off his score. He should have been even with the monster :o
He also cheated a couple other times. Munchkin actively allows cheating as long as other players don't catch you. :)
Steve Jackson cheated on the first door! He used a potion from his hand. Items must be in play, in order to use. And then, he didn't run away.
One shot items can be played from your hand. 
You know that you don't play potion out of combat, right?
Felicia Day is so pretty!! And this game looks so cute and fun 
i want to see more Munchkin
I will forever have a crush on Felicia 
15:17 "Trying to distract you, to make you visualize her in leather armor." You know, I think it worked.
I buy the game beacuse i watcehd this video and i LOVE IT! (the game that is, but also this video!)
Clearly Felicia Day didn't sleep with Ezra because there was someone better.
Our family has had a blast with Munchkin, even if we don't have a player as cute as Felicia Day playing the game with us.
7:19 What does the bad stuff do, because That said will loses 2 levels, but he is level 1? then boosts to level 3? wouldn't that mean it brought him back down to 1?
Steve is pretty entertaining. Makes me feel even better about purchasing his games over the years ;-)
Last time I checked you can't run away from the Floating Nose...
I'm not a shrieking geek because I don't shriek a lot. So I guess that I'm a regular geek.
had a friend suggest this channel to me. It's fun to watch but it's a shame that Wil Wheaton has such a stupid sense of humor.
I don't know where that came from but, you can probably excuse them because they're also dumb as shit. Really though, I don't think this show is meant to appeal to the majority of any country because nerd stuff like this only appeals to one type of person.
+MisterIkeJones but their is a ton of ner- oh wait I'm thinking of my neiborhood. Well 50% are into geeky stuff
At 10:18 Sandeep has a +2 to run away, what does that mean? Also what happens if he doesn't run away from the monster?
That means that what he roll when he runs away will be increased by 2 and as you need to roll 5 or 6 to run away successfully, this increase chance to running away
the cliche is real XD the creator is the winner
I Like all about this videos...its so entertaining and i often have to laugh ...pls go on with the good work !
Customers have been asking for this so decided to investigate! have to buy this game and demo it on our channel!!!
She didn't backstab did she?
Did I miss something or did they mess up the final turn Steve Jackson for some reason loses 4 combat levels for Sandeep playing the radio active acid potion (which gives either side +5) so by my math the monster and Steve would be tied and he would therefore be forced to run unless he had a card in his hand that allowed him to buff himself/debuff the monster
i thought that to, and felicia was a thief with backstab to which could have given him a -2
I know how Sandeep feels :(
25:17 , Steve either just skillfully lied his way to victory with a -4 instead of the card's -5 or he failed math and doesn't know how to subtract numbers >_>
While its possible it was unintentional, cheating is legal in Munchkin if you don't get caught. Its in the rules. So whether he made a math mistake, or it was on purpose, it's totally legal since noone noticed.
+ABigHairyMonster cheating is legal in anything if you dont get caught XP
Thanks for this great video! One thing though! I thought only 1 player could help out fighting monsters. Was I wrong? Can 2 or more player actually collaborate to defeat one or more monsters?
Sandeep wasn't actually "helping." He essentially made a side deal. To play a card for the treasure. I thought the same thing, but if he officially was helping he would also have had to run away when they came up short on points.
I'm 24 and still have never killed a dragon. (in D&D).
Can Felicia sell all the equipped items big and small? She had a level of 22, that's a ton of gold. Hence she should have won right?
You can only sell up to one level.
per turn? Okay, yeah I was confused. 
Doppleganger can't be used when you get help!
one of my favorite games, thanks for making this video. 
lol thats hilarious, I did not know Wil Wheaton had a show like that. I like what you do, Wil! Keep appearing in soaps and shows like that to spread happiness in the world! I love it :)
Why was steve level 2 after the first turn...didn't he fail to beat the monster?
He remained level 1 after his first turn.
looks like the shield was being held with a cheat....I don't think Steve was a the bad math math actually mattered
Clearly no-one cared much for the rules, since the winning battle was won by 1 point and they subtracted 4 with an item that subtracts 5
Damn good find, I didn't even notice that one, I'm surprised at how many of the rules the creator of the game broke (the kill the hireling card with no hireling, Felicia holding something in both hands and carrying the giant rock, etc...)
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