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MW3 Camper Commentary #13 - KYR SP33DY and Deluxe 4 (Funny MW3 Gameplay Moments)

by speedyw03 • 209,670 views

MW3 Camper Commentary with KYR SP33DY, Deluxe 4, and Deluxe 20. Deluxe 4: Deluxe 20: Jahova:...

MLG Dallas 1997 
 I Miss Camper Commentary
At the end of the rainbow, there's a guy waiting with a type 95, and he just kills you, and makes you wish you never bought the game
For some reason I had never seen this series before, even though I've seen just about everything else, but we need more of all the time. This is the best.
Yes... YES... More of this... MORE OF THIS!!!
Does he really drive a Lamborghini? Hmmmmm?
"why the fuck would you say that?" haha
Would uou ever do a gameing set-up video!!!!
Probably the funniest video i've ever seen! haha keep it up guys
I'm really pissed you're going to Make me edit something that never existed lol
I thought D20 and D4 are brothers?
i bet you will be able to calculate the percentage on how much i care at
ya. i got like 16 kills because everyone was fuckin spinning and trying to trickshot. a couple stupid fuckin rednecks threatened to 'hack' me, but other then that they all looked like god damn retards.
That shit wax real cray lololol
Haha Deluxe 4 Sounded Like Boomhower off King of The Hill at the end " takin a look at the killcam
wish he would do more of these
I think d20 talks like that as a joke guys lol
That sounded soooo much like an SC2 commentary.
Wow I thought this was legit...then I saw his title saying like the video... HAHAHAHA btw u guys are awesome👍 if u can play hmu
i wish i could like this so many times. i fucking love you guys <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
''I really love that annotation in the top right screen'' LOL
D20 actually talked!!! what sorcery is this???!!!
Every1 spam Deluxe 20 messages saying camper
Was the first camper fun fact true!
im trying to grow my channel so could you cheak it out and next 10 subs gets subed back and gets to be in the xbox 360 givaway
why does speedy use noobtubes on the G36C??
was deluxe 4 the guy that sells stuff at auctions
@TiToShOnDaLiFe *Cray ! Not play :O
Wat the hell I thought D4 was D20.
this was hilarious. you had a fun editing job on this one!
"Yeah i really like to have that annotation on the right side of the screen to my channel." "FUCK YOU!" XD
anyone else notice D 20's title was "Like the Video" lol
No, you can get it from here: w w w piratebay o r g AND NOT GET A VIRUS!!
does Deluxe 20 really drive a Lamborghini?
I vote for him at the camper awards of 2013
my cabana number is D20.....WOOT WOOT
You know what D20, that shit was real cray.
hey guys, please come check out my channel and help me get to 200 subs!
where's the link deluxe 4 was talking about
i just lost my nickers on that one!
just watching him makes me want to smack him in the fucking face
I'm not on the end of EVERY rainbow, but most of them.
I didn't know that MW2 was made in 1997..
crease crease d20 taking home bacon
have you actually ever played mlg before ?
did D20 actually win the 2007 MLG Camper of the Year Award
"D20 is having a rave party back here" I cracked up.
6:43 Yeah man I totally agree. *Mutes him*
"well, that shit was terrible" LOL.
The reason D20 doesn't know what is at the end of a rainbow is because he was camping at the other end. :D
Got em got em got em gooooooooot eeeeeesem
He is moving to fucking much lmaoo
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