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F*@#ing Ben Affleck

by Jimmy Kimmel Live • 5,950,938 views

Jimmy reveals that he is f*@#ing Ben Affleck SUBSCRIBE to get the latest #KIMMEL: Watch the latest Mean Tweets: Connect with Jimmy Kimmel Live...

Jimmy Kimmel Live Shared on Google+ · 6 days ago
Sunday night is our biggest show of the year. It is our 10th annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Oscars" special. This is the show on which we debuted “The Handsome Men’s Club” “I’m F-ing Ben Affleck” “Movie: The Movie” “Channing All Over Your Tatum” and more. We will have another major presentation for you this Sunday night. In the meantime, please enjoy one of our favorites...
That will teach Sarah and Matt who not to mess with. #paybackisanaffleck
How did I never see this?
that was hilarious...but i fucking hate american television for beeping everything! in germany you can say what you want on television and no one gets offended by the word shit or fuck or whatever....just saying
so it is ok if i say fuck her right in the pussy!
This.. This is our new fucking Batman.
Go fuck yourself.. This is a parody, asshole! :P
+farzadtheviper i agree aleck got swell for this roll and its more of a true comic book batman there ever before !!!
Was that Brad Pitt?
Yes. Along with Harrison Ford, Don Cheadle, Cameron Diaz, Robin Williams to name a few.....unreal the amount of talent in this.  I'm crying from laughing so hard.
OMG it was so funny until Robin Williams appears. RIP Captain we miss you. ♥
RIP robin williams :<
+Ashley Gonzales  this one time was enough :) you can put it repeat now.
looks like joe blow got owned and deleted his comments
Man...kimmel has lost a ton of weight.
woh F!ck the tonight show Jimmy kimmel way funnier!!!! 
Does anybody know if there's a fucking version anywhere on the fucking internet where I can actually fucking hear Sarah Silverman and Matt Damon say "fucking" instead of a censored version where I just hear a fucking beep? Fucking thank you.
I'd give anything to hear Robin William's line uncensored.
THIS video is fucking funny. I love it. I still laughed even 5 years later.
This is the best, most amazing thing that has ever happened on Jimmy Kimmel Live!
The only time the bleeping irritated me was during Josh Groban's solo - that voice would have been beautiful to hear throughout.
who was that singing with Cameron Diaz both times? Is it Huey Lewis?
I can't stop laughing x'D
3:23 who is that goth chick with that epic velvet voice?
+kingofmaiar Thanks m8. I figured it out a couple of minutes after the comment. Too bad she's gay though. But still epic voice.
so many celebrities for this gag holy crap hahaha
Robin Williams R. I. P😔
I cried when I saw Robin Williams....I miss him so much! :(
Nobodies mentioning that Harrison Ford was in this! That makes me happy.
Jimmy owned Sarah on this one!!!
Steven Jones Shared on Google+ · 1 day ago
Sunday night is our biggest show of the year. It is our 10th annual "Jimmy Kimmel Live: After The Oscars" special. This is the show on which we debuted “The Handsome Men’s Club” “I’m F-ing Ben Affleck” “Movie: The Movie” “Channing All Over Your Tatum” and more. We will have another major presentation for you this Sunday night. In the meantime, please enjoy one of our favorites...
It's funny. Jimmy said he went "into his cave" like where bats live, and Ben Affleck is the new Batman. 
Brad Pitt & Ben Affleck in one scene? WOW!!! I wish they'll make a movie together! =)
So funny. That was a larger than life moment
How did half of those people end up there? Lookin' at you, Pete Wentz. #dead
Lol I never realized how chubby Jimmy Kimmel was back then.
wow this is so bullshit have all the stars in a video that is 6mins long and has beeps over it like 95% of the time... when does america understands that u cannot limit people when there is freedom of speech... europe freedom of speech = "freedom" of speech this video would have worked over here but not in "we hide behind kids so limit your "freedom" pls" bs...
If you think about it, all of those esteemed artists are not that huge in soul if they are indeed willing to tarnish their careers for a childish gag such as this. RIP class
hahahah so fat lol love this show :)))
Is it me or is he fitter now?
Greatest thing ever
The last time Mclovin was funny.
Sarah Silverman ist the hottness, not only because she looks good, but because she's got brains, so yes, I'd do her anyday and if neccessary, Matt Damon as well if that is what it takes. Could be worse!
Omg...Robin Williams ='[. I was laughing so hard until I saw him, didn't know he was in it. RIP. 
Was that fucking Dominic Monaghan?
Still one of the best things Jimmy Kimmel has ever made! Wish it was uncensored though.
I've never seen thus video before until today. I'm applauding of how outstandingly hilarious it is. I did get really sad when I saw Robin Williams in the group. RIP Mr. Williams!
4:40 McLovin? Is that you? This video must be really old :D
robin williams <3
watching that in 2015.. Jimmy Kimmel lost a lot of weight!
He looks really young in this video
Where the BEEP has this video been all my life?!
Who are the two women at 5:08?
now hes fucking batman
Robin Williams always made me happy but now one thought of him makes me wanna cry :'(
One of the funniest bits ever
who is the first girl that sings not sarah silverman
Jimmy Kimmel reminds me of Joe from Blue's Clues idk why
this was great. and lmao pete wentz is in this.
I watched this just to see a clip of Robin Williams <3
Did Jimmy's cave happen to be Ben's Batcave?
So wrong but so flippen funny. OMGOSH. Love it.
man...this crap is so homo but still
Who's the guy on the piano
Josh Groban, search "You raise me up" and you'll probabily know the song:)
sachin verma Shared on Google+ · 4 days ago
Jimmy's revenge
Fuck me the beeps are annoying
Larry Ortiz Shared on Google+ · 1 month ago
I had seen F*@#ing Matt Damon, years ago, but missed this response to it. wow. what a production... LMAO
i wish they played this in the closing credits of Batman vs Superman Movie
Oh my god, Ralph Mctell I'm dying
This is too much ...
that was BLEEPING amazing!
BRADLEY COOPER???? Silver Linings Playbook, American Sniper, Guardians of the Galaxy, Place Beyond the Pines, the 1st Hangover, and I know I'm gonna get some hate, but American Hustle. Ben Affleck is a great actor too.
Kimmel has a pretty good screamy garage rock voice.
Anyone know who the woman is who starts singing at 3:20? Her voice seems kinda familiar, but i don't remember from where.
what the heck Batman? aren't you busy enough with Catwoman, Wonder Woman and Talia al'Ghul?
Who's the guy named hughie
Huey Lewis and The News. He's a singer (and that's his band's name). Big time in the 80's. His song "Back In Time" and "Power of Love" were the main, headlining songs to the movies "Back To The Future". Pretty much, when you hear those songs you think of those movies. 
This might be a stupid question but how much of this is true? Like i know ben afflack and Jimmy are both married now but were sarah and jimmy actually together and did she get with Matt? (I saw a interview on jimmy kimmel show where sarah comes as a guest and brings jimmy's stuff) But still really confused. 
It was a very elaborate joke. Jimmy and Sarah broke up and decided to make fun of themselves by doing this whole thing.
Too Faaarrrr 😂😂😭
Michele Di Trani Shared on Google+ · 3 weeks ago
looks like Jimmy  gained some weight ?? or is it the cameras 
4:20-4:30 who's that singing? I forgot his name😂
ok that just made my day
Who's the dude at the piano?
who's watching in 2015!?!?!?!
is it just me or did that black guy at 2:47 look almost too perfect?
Cameron Diaz sings like Liam Gallagher.
This is the best thing ever 😂❤️👌
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