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Slow-mo spitter

by Justin tooley • 828,236 views

Jose Valverde spits into his glove (with the ball in it) before pitching to the Reds Devin Mesoraco 6/10/2012. This pitch was strike 3.

You can try to explain or give reasons as to why its wrong but the fact is and untill I'm proven wrong it does nothing.... Spit is spit and the amount that would have to be on the ball to make a real difference is way more than you could spit on to it... I believe its more of a superstition than anything. Think for a minute that ball is rotating and the spit is flying off by the time it makes it to the bat.
Why is everybody hating on other peoples sports? EVERY sport has its challenges to it. Try hitting a baseball when you don't even have 1 second to react when its coming at you. Try kicking a soccer ball in the upper 90 perfectly or being the goalie that has to defend for it. Try not missing a hoop constantly with a hand in your face. Playing tennis is like doing shuttles constantly while concentrating on hitting a ball. Hockey and football you get hit hard, track you give it all you have and so
NASCAR is the most watched sport in America, just found that out. As a NASCAR fan, I am pretty happy.
I want to see what the pitch actually looked like
What matters about it is the fact that any substance on the ball, wether it's tobacco spit or just plain ol' saliva, means that it comes off the pitcher's fingers differently, giving it a more dynamic movement as it comes in towards the hitter. So yeah, it does matter because the whole point of the thing is to keep the ball off the meat of the bat. Meaning it's MUCH harder to make "square and hard" contact.
spitball or not, tigers are complete trash anyway
@AopoIIo K first of all I love soccer I play for for my school, I also play American football and I know I KNOW you have never put on some football pads on and let me tell you it still hurts like hell when you get tackled your helement barley protects u it hurts a lot but idk know about hockey tho I do watch it a little but I Amit dissing u I'm just telling u the truth
Yea, I did. 100 % of the times I was on the ice and 100% of the hockey games I have seen, NO ONE got smashed in the face with a puck. The probability is low... very low. I agree with you that hockey is the hardest hitting/action packed sport. However, you have to be a real idiot to say that soccer is not the hardest working sport. We fucking run for 45 minutes straight - 5 minute break - run 45 minutes straight again. Skate to the throat, happens (happened) what 2 times in history?
I thought I was going to see a nasty dip spit. So what if he spits on the fucking ball... You really think it matters if you hit that shit square and hard as fuck.
"quality of the sport" Right, because that's not subjective AT ALL, is it? And yes, that's sarcasm.
i thought u meant the spitter in l4d2 ><
Astros fans know that this SpitBall don't help SHIT
Reds fans suck! And my point was proven when the Reds played the Tigers the other day and there was more Tigers fans chanting and cheering than Reds fans on the road! #RedsSuck,andOhiosucks!!!!
Come over here and take one in the yabbles, if ya got any yabbles. Ya unich jelly bowl!!! American Sports, especially Baseball (not the old game of roundas, ya know) kick the Shite out of your shitty Euro sports. So stick it up your limey ass!
@greco8702 that "fat guy" happens to be one of the best closers in baseball.
Yeah it can cause the ball to slide a bit off the bat when contact is made.
Haha 501stscottie probably thinks NASCAR, golf and bowling are sports. I mean how could America's pastime be mistaken for a sport? Impossible I guess
I am saying "troll" is fag terminology. Apparently, if something is popular it is good, that is why people like it. I agree with you though, JerseyShore, Justin Beaver, they suck and tons of people like them. I always argue they are terrible.
scientifically yes since it has liquid on the ball it may move one centimeter higher or lower
Garza did the same thing tonight Search for Garza Spitball
It makes it slippery, allowing the pitcher to manipulate the ball easier when he throws, especially if he wants to add some spin on it & make it curve. Some use snot.
Toby in houston can suck a dick!!!
Pucks can go over 100MPH and they are rock hard rubber, that's why.
There is no "best sport in the world", calling something that is an opinion. As @CYMBOLMONKEY21 said,"YOU are not the center of the Internet. YOU are not the center of sports. YOU do not know everything."
I wonder if he spits on his own ballz. GO TIGERS!
Baseball is definitely one of the toughest sports out there. You have less than half a second to react to a ball moving between 80-105 mph and you have to tell wether it's going to go straight, drop, slow down, curve, slide, etc. not to mention you're hitting a round ball with a round bat thats about the same size...this is coming from a player himself and trust me, it ain't easy
Lmao I'm a tigers fan but who cares you know how many fishy things pitchers do and u don't notice.
What happen if they the ball is wet ?
He didn't say anything racist. You seem pretty dumb.
that fat fucking dancing troll............ now my dislike is justified
Nobody wants to touch it, so they throw it faster like a hot potatoe.
Don't let that fool you. He is all luck, very little skill. He's already blown 5+ saves this season.
Spitting on the ball makes it much more difficult for the batter to hit that shit square and hard as fuck.
Hum, sounds interesting. I advise that we have a meeting to discuss the meeting where we need to discuss the issue at hand. Do you have any further input on this?
It is a fucking opinion. You can say soccer is the most fun, or it makes the most money, but not every person will agree with you. YOU are not the center of the Internet. YOU are not the center of sports. YOU do not know everything.
Soccer players are pussies...i tried watching a game the other day germany v. Portugal i think...the fuckin little bitches were hurt plenty of stops in this alleged 45 minutes of running wit a 5 break
You guys didn't get anything accomplished through your whining. Go back to your meaningless lives and stop making excuses for everything. #IvyLeague
Valscarey!!!!! I wish dembrowski would find another closer he's all luck and it ran out this season
So if Soccer is "soooo popular", In the World Cup, China never is in, 1.4 Billion people, India was never in, 1.2 Billion, it's US' #4 sport 300 million, Indonesia never in, 260 million. Japan is more into baseball 180 million, Pakistan never in, 200 million, Bangladesh never in 170 million. I can go on and on... That's more than half the world population that barely plays world cup.
Valverde should be banned from baseball for this act. Thank you so much for exposing him!!!!!!!!!!!
You can't say that soccer is the best sport in the world and call it a fact. It's an opinion. Hockey is in my opinion, the best sport I've ever played. I've played baseball for 4 years, basketball for less than a year, soccer for 3 years, and hockey for 3 years and counting. This is an opinion by me. Anyone who has a problem about that can continue having that problem because I don't give two flying fucks.
NASCAR is a motorsport, just letting you know.
stop crying, if it really was a spitter then the officials would have done something about it, but, they didn't. Get on with your life, its just a regular season game. No where on this video can you see spit leaving his mouth and landing on the ball anyways, so I'm sorry but your argument is invalid.
Check out my music or get fucked in the ass!
Pitchers do that all the time. That wasn't a spitball.
Every action has a meeting afterwards? Sounds exhausting. We should have a meeting to discuss.
Like in the first comment every sport has its difficulties though
When I say soccer is the best sport in the world, it is not an opinion. If it wasn't I would not be saying it was anywhere. Why do I say this? Hmm, let us see. Every country IN THE WORLD plays soccer. More people in the world watch the World Cup than all other sports finals attendances put together. Manchester United FC makes more yearly income than entire countries' GDP. So does Real Madrid and Barca. This is no opinion. You are an American shit, that does not get what makes a sport be an elite
This decreases the surface area on the seams of the ball, thus speeds up the velocity of the pitch.
Reds fans always find something to cry about. You act like he's the first guy to do that.
@sukhjat, your right it's all bout them Jays. Shout out Scarbrough.
I understand its illegal to do, but if you actually watch him pitch, who cares. Im from Michigan and he is a terrible closer. Yea, he went 52/52 on save opps last year. He rarely ever has a 1-2-3 inning. Every time he pitches, its sketchy.
It technically becomes a spit ball, which is an illegal pitch since it killed someone many years back.
Wtf did that just mean, he spits in glove.
And 501stscottie you should probably go back to middle school because the civil war was not the late 1800s it was the mid 1800s. Tell me how it isn't a sport and obviously you don't like baseball so why do you come on here?
Why so many thumbs down U MAD BRO?
I don't see any spit coming outta his mouth. Besides...he's sucking this year. Its BS
for those of you who dont get why this is a big deal, its because spitting on the ball is cheating because if used correctly the spit can affect the rotation and direction of the yea valverde is cheating lol
0:27 you can see the fan jacking off!
Check out my channel for sexy stuff. Guaranteed.
The spit will give you more drop pr curve depending on the pitch
shit I thought it said slow mo splitter
Baseball is a joke. It is a league full of cheaters and fat people. It is the least exciting sport in the world. The games take forever. I do not care how hard it is to throw a 100mph fastball or how hard it is to hit one. It is boring and is becoming less and less popular every year. How about the fact that there is no salary cap in baseball!!!! Teams can buy world series championships! It makes no sense to me how anyone can respect baseball.
It may be the most popular sport in Europe and South America, but it is not the most popular sport in North America or Asia. The most popular sport in the United States is American football and Canada is hockey. The most popular sport in China is basketball, India is cricket, and Japan is baseball. That means that in at least half of the world soccer is not the most popular sport. In addition, just because something is popular doesnt make it the best. Justin Beiber is popular but hes terrible.
Suspend him, not like the tigers are going anywhere
Soccer is the best sport because it is the most popular sport in the world. Troll?... What the hello does that even mean?... I do not use fag terminology.
That was a waste of 30 seconds! Also, what was the point of this stupid video???
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