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Best News Bloopers 2012 (Part 2)

by NewsBeFunny ‚ÄĘ 14,500,720 views

Funny news bloopers that hit the internet this month. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! WATCH MORE: BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2012 BEST NEWS BLOOPERS 2013 FACEBOOK...

Miss "I So Pale" gets me every time! Lol!
You can't say she didn't recover from it impressively though, I would've completely crumbled if that was me.
That spitting woman is disgusting ūüė∑
The spitting woman wasn't a blooper, she intended to do that, she's just mental.. but lmao at the 'I was wondering what was in your britches'.. so awkward
That last clip just got weird
ew that chick spitting what a cunt id punch her in the face
can somebody explain at 4.50?? lol
+Johntsi Tsi Websters defines fascism as, : a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government : very harsh control or authority Throwing yogurt and yelling is not very harsh at all, especially when compared to genocide, concentration camps, the brutal oppression of minorities,  and all the other things associated with fascism.
Some faggot ass leftists where butthurt because the tv host had invited some faggot ass rightists. They are basicly the same shit only the one side is butthurt because the other side doesn't like immigrants. To be honest,even if i hate the rightists there are a lot of fucked up shit happening here because of immigrants. They are about 95% of inmates here. Why? Because most immigrants come to greece to steal shit and make easy living. Don't get me wrong,i'm not talking about jobs i mean literaly find easy targets for stealing. Hell some times they'll even rob people from their country who have found some prosperity and peace here. These illegal immigrants are fucking assholes.  But i really like immigrants who come here with nothing and make something of themselves these people are cool.
That disgusting rat at 4:15... Dirty bitch! 
5:00, now that's something you don't see everyday
oh god pls help me not to masturbate today
I think that the blonde in the first blooper is a former porn star. Anyone know her name
What's the story around 4:55? 
The fuck was that chant 5:00
1:52 puts foot in doesn't like, takes out then falls in lol
what are they chanting???
That last clip was hilarious - just when you thought no more would be thrown, here's a bit more for him.
1:10 what is between that girl legs?
It looked like a strap on dildo ūüėā
+priyasworld2001 It sure as hell did. For everyone saying "It's just a mic transmitter", I went to school for broadcasting and I have never seen a mic transmitter that looks like a 12 inch, black dildo. Sorry.
That woman spitting....what a jerk.
wtf was going on at the end of the video ppl chanting some crap throwing stuff at the news guy?
yea probably dat golden down nazis
The end of the weirdest porn video you've ever seen.
"I so pale." LOL!!!
Ain't nobody got time for dat
at 2.20,  she just got her period or something?? lmao
What in the hell was the last one?
how can something like 4:43 happen? i mean how fucked up does a country have to be for something like that to happen? Poor Greece...
+nljuggalo What was the point of THAT, troll?
+bryan adkins According to the news report and luckily for that joker, yes, it was yogurt.
3:56 why the fuck did he think that would solve anything? Lol
OH YAH SORRY BOUT DAT, yeah right, you dirty piece of crap 4:15
Did the idiot at 3:49 actually think it made her invisible? 
where's the last one from?
4:43 what happens when PETER NORTH protest !!! zing  !!!!
" I was wonderin what was in your britches!"
What did the lady in the red dress do on 1:10??
Black dick wtf she thirsty
I think she try to please herself... must be the same family as the ''fuck her right in the pussy man''
sara eisen is the hottest news reporter i ve ever seen i love her
Mmm, I wouldn't call that last one a blooper...
The news caster in 2:45 is being rick rolled
2:39 (not to be racist) but he's the bartender from the video
The first one is such a dumb woman..."i fo payyyle"
Did they seriously bleep "nigga"?
sara eisen is the hottest news reporter i ve ever seen i love her
the woman at 4:10 had me killing myself laughing 
lol at 5:20,, that nigga just took it,,, must have deserved it lol
Poor guy at the end.
1:10  strap it on baby, wtf
Oh my god I love how the girl at the beginning says with a trembeling voice: " You're on " lmaooooo
What just happened in the last scene...?
1:20 - what is she doing?
How did Spain get down there? Australia sure but Spain?
whatever she was doing, it was hot. i'd smash. 
Fixing her mic... She wasn't using a dildo :P
yo si fuera ese tipo agarro la silla y los fajo 4:41
she was NOT watching Spain. LMAO Plus why put your mic right there?
wtf with the last part i dont get it
Someone mine translated the last news blooper lol
4:10 SHE FREAKIN DID THAT ON PURPOSE LOLOL 4:41 what was that stuff?
4:42 is that some kind of Ooga Booga Land ritual that's being performed on the new guy or something? If not then why is the guy taking it and where is security?
welcome to greece (some anarchy guys entered the stage and started throwing em staff saying antinazi slogans
4:46 interviewer gets up and joins the hoodlums in throwing drinks at this dude!
at 5 there are nazi in the studio
the dog at around 1:40 that's just hilarious.
omid omid Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Why does some people think that throwing eggs and cakes at someone will change the world?
hate those antifa faggots
4:53 If that guy keep an assault rifle under the table.They're doomed.
1:10 What does that lady have between her legs?
"That's spirit in your britches... that's what ill tell my wife next time she complains" LoL... so inappropriate to say to children, but damn funny.
The girl in the re dress at the beginning pause it at when the camera hits her? What is that?
I was wondering what was in your britches... If you know what I mean ūüėŹ
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