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Beat up Dad, Possibly Gay, Heros, and Replies

by WoodysGamertag • 251,349 views

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I love how all these guys think there great fighters, what the heck
Hey woody this is an acautally a problem I'm 12 I am highly addicted to porn I have for 2 years I masterbate 2 to 3 times a day and it's hard to not watch it it's hard to stop I need help cause I don't want to get caught.
Just stop or slowly stop. 1 video/session a day. then almost, then just stop.
+reaper blake Or get help with it. It's not unusual as a guy that you watch porn but 10-12 is pretty young.  You can talk to people like for example a psychologist in private or over the phone about it.  Now that it's been 7 month though you off it now?  Or at least got control over it?
Hell no you kill'en next time
omfg theres so many gay people that are coming out in my highschool .. im a bit homophobe but im not totally against it. but people are mostly coming out in highschool well in Here(DMV)
Are you serious? Here, this guy is, with a problem, and you say that? Do you care about anyone else's problems? Just fuck off.
The guy writing the second letter is completely awesome. Beating up a man probably twice his age to protect his mom is just about as bad ass as it gets.
I'm gay, but only for Tom Brady.
Woody, I just subscribed like 2 hours ago and I've been watching your videos. but I wanted to ask you/anyone who wishes to give me advice, thanks! I'm 15 and this girl and I have had something in the past, but I messed that up. We're still friends and we've started 'talking' again. I think I'm in love with her. she knows how i feel about her. but I don't know if she feels the same for me. we both go to different schools. im 15 so i cant drive to go and see her and do 'stuff'. what should I do?
F***king god!!' the guy that saved that guy, what a f**king legend, I don't care if the guy you did it for was worth it or not, or even weather he deserved it, *what goes around comes around*, his time will come but, whatever you ended up with is nothing to the way you should feel, if there was more people like you the world would be a better place, but was it worth it?!?! He'll yes! It was the right thing to do, I have a huge level of respect for that guy and so should everyone else! What a le
I think a scene is hotter when there are 2 girls, but guys cross my mind, so maybe I'm 2 or 3% gay?
im gay but only for guys who look lik super hot girls and are girls
Location – Raleigh, North Carolina (Apex, NC 27502) Address – 608 N Coalport Dr Possible IP
i almost did lol i love my mom and i dont care 2 say it
i watch lesbian and masturbation. absolutely not gay at all. i denounce the opinion that everyone is partly gay
i want another fps russia mail monday
I would of killed him not just broke my hand, good job
Please do mail Monday for the victims of the recent Colorado movie theater massacre...someone needs to do it...
U did good beating does guy up cause of that if u give me your chanle I will sub
Woody quik question. Is better to be born good or be born evil and overcum(pun intended) your nature? Kinda got it from skyrim.
the bible is NOT gods word it is mans word that people confuse for gods word. god has never writen a single letter of the bible his "prophets" have. as for supporting people when they are wrong thats one thing but just cause YOU dont approve of it doesnt make it wrong, what they are doing doesnt hurt anybody unlike stealing, lieing, and cheating does. so your counter argument was both invalid and stupid. also heres a little news flash, THEY DONT WANT YOUR HELP. so stop forcing it on them.
did woody mean heroes, not heros?
Well I wish i lived in Scotland then because America sucks and everybody is so judgemental in America.
I broke my forearm in 2 place and i still play cod with a huge ass cast :P
This is one of the few times I've disagreed with Woody. It doesn't matter if the other person would do the same for you. I mean, does Superman get pissy when he saves someone's life and they run from the danger while he takes it on? Of course not, because he can take it and they can't. So he does, and that's what makes him a hero. Just like the guy that told his story to Woody. He did the right thing. When someone's being hurt, if you turn your back, you're the lowest kind of person.
Hi there. I might not be woody, but here's what i'd do 1. Don't go beat up her ex. You never know what he could do to get back at you (like getting a gang and hunt you, getting police involved for assault, etc.) Heck, maybe he didn't know that she had a new boyfriend and just wanted to try to get back to her. 2. Be there for her. She said she was uncomfortable. You need to help her too and give her advise in case she meets him again. tell her, to tell him that she already has a new boyfriend
Why the FUCK would you live with someone who beat the shit out of your mom?
About that guy @ 6:18 Even though it was a extremely nice and brave thing to do then it still makes me think. Was it worth it? You cant run around and make everyone's problems your problems.
Fix up your spelling buddy. xD good to see you commenting on woody's videos Michael.
My point is being gay is a lifestyle you choose. Having sex with the same gender is obviously a homosexual happening, but does that mean you're automatically gay? No. One single occurrence in your life (Gay sex for example) won't set your lifestyle, it might be the beginning to you choosing a lifestyle, but one single occurrence can't set your whole life.
Hey Woody, just a question: I heard your voice braking up. Are you sick, or emotionally moved by these stories/questions?
You see your username in a box in the top right on thev youtube website? Click on that, go down to inbox (press it), press compose in the top right, type in WoodysGamertag or whoever you want to message, type ur message, and press send! :D
when he said hitting his mum i fort it was like the sex wise but then he said black eye
woody i really want to know somthing im 14 years old and im going into high school ive given up on dating since i feel like i have no faith with any intimate relations with girls because i dont want to hurt any of them is this a good thing please reply doesnt matter if you reply with mail monday or not just need your input and advice and keep up the good work
Whereabouts in Scotland? Because the town I am in absolutely hates me.
I'm sorry woody but that was not the best advice you've given. That guy did do the right thing by helping the 16 year old out. HE'S 16! he could probably not do anything and he was just beaten buy around SEVEN 20-25 year old's, why would he jump back in? Do you think he liked being beaten? Are you saying if it where flipped and he saw a fight between adults, that he should jump in at 16 to fight them all? Think Woody, what if that was one of your kids?
For some reason I just burst out laughing at 3:06
2:58 woody is 17% gay? good to know
Can someone help me with this. I'm having a lot of problems, and I'd like to ask Woody to help me with them, so do I just post it in the comments, or message him? Because I can't find on his chanel a place to message him. If someone could help me out, I'd be very thankful
I disagree with second answer. I believe it's best(especially in that situation) to help in any way. If the favor is not returned or even acknowledged, the right action is always to help. Just think of how the knowledge that you could've stopped a serious assault or murder but didn't would sit with you and haunt you. Even if guilt isn't a problem, help.
@5oundOfVictory wow you are sooo special and suuuuch a superhero
the kid was 16 and u expect him to stay andfight?? i wudda tun too man, 16 against 7 25s?
i agree with what he said and im very christian its the desicion they make. they might still love god and jesus and when we go to heaven thats all that really matters
the thing about the kid that ran though.. he could've just thought that the person was trying to help him escape so he did
found it funny that there was 2 fight stories and joe lauzon was in the game
i agree that marriage should not be given benefits by the government. however it would still defile the sanctity of marriage to allow homosexuals to be married
Why didnt the guy call the cops first?
hey now i remenber this gameplay xD
Woody I love ur Mail Mondays but I have to disagree with you on the hero one. When Batman or Spiderman save somebody thats getting messed with, they always run away, and you never see them help Batman or Spiderman. The kid was probably scared and shocked and hurt and he just wanted to leave. That guy did the right thing, and he should get an award for it.
It's not very fair on the kid that ran away I mean he was probably scared to death
the Bible is God's word, and I'm really confused on what your point is tbh. and i agree that you should support people, but not what they do if it is wrong. would u support a persons decision to lie? or to cheat? or to steal? you may not understand that we are trying to help gay people by letting them know its wrong, but we are. and when I say we i don't mean people who treat gays badly.
Eye for eye, tooth for tooth. The 2nd letter was not ok for him to do that. If she got black eye, give him black eye.
Woody my life is getting depressing I need some help. I'll start at the beginning a couple of months ago I failed my science Gcse anyway, when I toled my dad he said that he hated me and he wished I was never born this really hurt ever since he's been saying it every day now he grounds me for no reason told my girl friend I wanted to break up withe her witch I'd total bull shit I just need some advise my mum doesn't stand up for me anymore. sorry If spellings wrong part dilexic
hah funny im 13 ya twat n the reason i was cryin over my GF is coz we were 2gether for 2 years!
Sorry Woody but on the one with the guy who got beat up defending that other guy did do the right thing. I think it's in a way selfish to think like "would he do it for me" because if anyone so one kid getting beat up by a lot of other older guys, it would be wrong to ignore it, the kid probably ran away because he was a lot younger and just got beat up but my point is the true heroes in this world are ones who would go out of their own way to help others without asking for a thankyou.
im youtube retarded, how do you do that, i cant figure it out
The guy that beat his moms beater was a good idea
i think woody was a bit wrong in the last one, that kid could have had a broken arm or fractured ribs, and broken face. and woody says he didnt act correctly in running away?
But Woody if you think about it, the kid that ran, well he was a mere kid so obviously he was going to do the easy thing-run.
lol! woody makes me laugh.. thumbs up if you agree.
On the subject of heroes, I feel that if he only had a black eye and maybe a bloody nose, it would have been worth it. The broken nose was a little excessive, but still badass.
I like how your channel name is TouchTeenGirls :P
Guy that start at 6:18... You are a SUPERHERO! I wish I could meet people like you. People with the guts to stand up and not let evil happen, you abide by this saying "The only way to let evil win is for good men to stand aside and do nothing." You're a good person; a real life Peter Parker or Batman.
Man, this series really puts up some Arguements. It's kinda funny. And asking, would this guy do the same for me? Is a stupid question. Most people in the world nowadays only care about themselves. Me, I sacrifice my own happiness to make others happy. I have a friend who is unpopular and everybody hates him cuz he's a Stephen hawking (mentally) and can be a jerk. But he has no other friends and he basically is glued to my back. I wanna meet new people, but i dont wanna ditch him. It sucks.
The guy who saved the kid is good and the kid did the right thing. If he stayed he would of bin beatin up more
Definitely depends on the High School though, I mean of course.. but, yeah, I go to Garfield in Seattle, and there are a good amount of gay people and i personally haven't seen or heard of any bullying because of it. it doesn't seem to be something that people at my school think about, it's amazing honestly.
The hero am just gonna say that was awsome but think about it like this dont allways expect something back its not like you were doing to to get something back. You just stood up to what you know that was right there is no crime in that. In my book if those injuries are the signature that made those guys stop beating up that guy
Damn, I really respect you Woody. Thank you for doing this for all these people.
hey woody i need some advice I threw a party at my house the other night and have now discovered that someone at my party has stolen $300 from me. I have narrowed it down to three people who it could have been but they wont tell me who has it or give it back. what i really need to know what you think i should do about this. my first thought was to beat the shit out of them until they give it back or need to go to the hospital but im not sure if this is the best way to get my money back
DUDE....Get in there and F**K that girl, unless your under 16....if your under 16 F**K that girl discreetly.
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hey at 8:30 hey was maybe bean builling
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