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Minecraft: Survival Let's Play Ep. 1 - A Journey of Plural Heroes

by CaptainSparklez • 6,822,375 views

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Like if you're watching in 2015
Like if your watching in 2015
For the 2nd time, I will watch this. I will watch the evolution of CaptainSparklez and the origins of Jerry. I will re-live the creation of Jerry's Tree, and Yrrej, the magma cube. All for the sake of nostalgia, from when I was just old enough to watch YouTube. Let the memories begin...
I watched it like 3 or 4 times
I need a new vanilla survival lets play by Mr. SparklyPants
+Electrum Studios  By that logic, you should just say he did it alone :)
Anybodt rewatching this for the 3rd time or so?! And is watching aroubd October,2014?? Coz i am.I MISS THIS SERIES!
I'm watching now I miss it. He should start doing a new survival without mods or anything :)
My 56th time. Yes, I count the times.
like if your watching 2084
My let's play is also based in Jungle terrain. I built my doghouse today! :D
+Advixel Cheers Advixel! That really means a lot to me :3
+Volare Wow not many you tubers actually bother replying. Thanks
Dayum almost 6,666,666 views... Illuminati confirmed.
Loomynaytee cunfermed !!1!
Like if your watching in 3015
Captainsparklez was the first Minecraft expert 😃😃😃
I liked watching this is the past idk why cause this guy is sooooooooooo boring
"A Heroes Journey" God damn it Jordan...
omg you got 8000000 subs
Like if your watching it again in a marathon!
"Okay, we are totally making a treehouse right off the bat!" The beginning to everything
The cows will always be remembered 1/17/15
The cows from episode 1
I cant believe that its been over 3 years since the Minecraft Survival series started.   
This is where everything begins, Nostalgic Moments and stuff :,)
Why am I watching this if I'm in 2015?
I mean, I made a music parody called, Iron Active, a parody of imagine dragons, radioactive, on the music video, enchanted
glad im not the only one who wants to relive some vanilla survival
"My logs are getting stuck." -CaptainSparklez 2012
Like if your watching in 2015
+Kaia Stewart Shovel: Main method of mining extremely soft, but compact materials.
+Kaia Stewart Axe: Method of mining wood based materials.
Like your watching in 3015
Like if you are watching. Or. Or. Who gives a shit when you are watching. Just watch the video and quit fishing for likes.
Like if your'e watching in 2099!
Fritz Smith you and me both, first youtube i ever watched was this episode:P Tbh some of his new videos are to controlled or over modded, he should just start a new world mod free and start again. It's the same with mianite, now they are too focused on storyboard opposed to Tom invis with a strength pot. I miss the old sparklez:(
I remember this. Now I feel like crying.
2015 view from this to super utra modded survival the latest lets play of sparkels
like if watching in 2015
Guys, this video is special for me. This was the very first time minecraft was introduce to me.
jardon souunds so much like sky back then
I hate when people don't have organized hotbars.
Who the hell is Jerry and why Dairy exists? Right here, boys <3
like if you watched the series when it was new
hes whent far since 2012
you started this LP a month after my first time ever playing Minecraft, I have a recording of a friend leading me into a cave on my computer, I was terrified of all the mobs, and now, 3 years later, I play almost every day and my favorite thing to do is go to a plain biome and fight mobs all through the night. how things change. lol
I remember this such a long time ago tear in my eye ;)
Watching his entire minctaft survival all 5 seasons ( including aether) :)
watching Like 2016 you're if in
You seem like a really nice and easy going youtuber, so I will make sure to like, comment, and subscribe when I can.
Wonder what would have happened if he never spawned in that jungle
Who is watching the whole series again :)
Stop saying "like if you're watching in 2015/2014" it's fucking annoying no one cares when you're watching it.
Like if you're watching this in 2015
This was one of the first YouTube videos I wtched
loved this lets play but got bord of minecraft but im back in :)
Ah yes the old days before melons when wood was wood not oak or birch jungle or even the newer dark oak
Before the dark times before the wither
Back when meat had a dark outline
Started watching your vid now like it
its funny to watch him not know what the acheivmeants  are and watch him in the future whare he is a beast
those Cows were remembered. R.I.P MooMoos 
like if watching in 2014
I kill some pigs pigs pigs pigs I cook some bacon take a swig swig swig swig oh yeah there must be something I can craft about 20 years of craft do I shoot my arrows in the air some time saying hayo creepers cayo!!!
cries and rewatches this for the nostalgia
betty, bob, bill, dill, nick, matt, gabby these are the forgotten cows that were killed for the hunger of CaptainSparklez
I was here in da beginning I remember the birth of jerry
Minecraft used to be mature but now it has over 9000 7 year old kids
Like if you're watching this in 2016
okay I got the idea to watch u from my sister so I am glad I listed to her I am not joking!
Lol the coincidence of me coming to this video exactly 3 years later xD
I started to watch the series my first time in 2014, and I made it to like the 30th episode, then I just skipped to the important parts. Still only made it to episode 40, so I will finish it all! Time to watch a heros journey.
#memories  like if u watch ultra or super modded survival or hexxit
kid knows his vocab.
Is Minecraft PC on Steam?
+UltimateAssassinHD Yeah, you get a free Minecraft but it's not a premium account so you can't go on mist servers
Gonna watch these all! Epic marathon :D
Shouldn't it be "A Hero's Journey"?
This is the best lets play ever , it goes on for 1000 episodes
Like if your watching in Jan 2015
I am watching in 2099 not 2015 we have hoverboards now.
What is the seed name
Holy shit this was 2 years ago? Time flies.
I have a question. Why does this guy have 8,000,000 subs again? Not trying hate. I mean he's not even that good :/ just a regular guy playing minecraft. There's alot of normal people that play minecraft. Why is he so famous in Minecraft? That's like me eating a apple and a bunch of people run up and say "Wow it eats that apple so good" When there are alot of people eating a apple just like me.
He came into minecraft pretty early and remained in the community pretty strong. Now he may not be the most masterful builder but he is still a good one
He started playing before Minecraft was a major thing (it was big but not as big as it is now) he grew from there
The cow from episode one. The feels!! 😂
Is he playing 1.6.4
gg lol captain is bad at thing it is fuck
January 2015 watching a 2012 video it's getting to crazy to see how much he has progressed
+Dylan Jorgensen U do realise a heroes journey is the correct way of spelling a heroes journey a hero's journey is incorrect
No. Singlular = hero. Plural = heroes. Singular posessive = hero's. Plural posessive = heroes' or heroes's. The way he is using hero is singular, as his character in minecraft is the only hero he is referring to (as signified by the precursor "A"). And the journey belongs to the hero, hence "A Hero's Journey" is actually correct. 
Please do a Survival Island! Or maybe you have if so please tell me link!
How do u record the game ?
+FirePhoenixFTW He recorded this on console? If he did then yeah it is elgato, but if this minecraft is PC, he recorded it with fraps.
which video is the one where he has a house in a moutian
I believe that is ultra modded survival where he has a mountain house but we could be talking about different ones
Does anyone know one of the oldest minecraft lets plays?
one of pewdiepies is reallly old
This is my third time watching this series
Hey Captain! Im making an animation for this video on "Remember the Cows" Just so you know! See ya!
Like if YOU'RE watching in 6969
Its cool how u take jardon building jerry tree here. And watching him now having jerries tree 2.0 on mianite
Its the end of season 1
+Dominic Grimaldi That my friend is the start of one of the coolest minecraft builds ever.
Master do a creative sieries
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