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Secret Diet Busters! Foods That Are Sabotaging Your Weight Loss Diamondsandheels14 Cassandra Bankson

by Cassandra Bankson, DiamondsAndHeels14 • 155,694 views

Little Ways To Be Active Every Day! Foods To Help You Loose Weight By Boosting Your Metabolism! Increased...

Sugar doesn't make you fat. Look at Greeley the banana girl's website. Fat makes you fat unless you calorie restrict
I eat fat and getting leaner everyday ! Fat is essential for your bodies organs to function properly.
She's talking processed sugar. Actually Protein and Carbs are essential to losing weight because it has be to turn it into glucose. And banana are fating so unless your vegan or have fast metabolism then its great for you. Sugar will just be save in your body like fat to be burned for later.
Not saying anything you say is incorrect, but have you see Freelee the Banana Girl? She eats probably 3 times the amount you do, and she's also very lean, thin, and fit. She eats unlimited raw carbohydrates (healthy versions like fruit and greens) until 4PM. Then she eats low sodium, low fat starches such as potatoes or rice. She is very healthy and doesn't worry about her weight. Not trying to be rude or enforce anything on you, but you should check out her lifestyle. You will feel better all the time, and unlimited food is so much more satisfying than calorie restriction; not to mention it is much healthier in the long run!
Oh my God, no one gives a shit about Freelee the monkey girl. If you love her so much stay on her channel and stop spreading her bullshit everywhere because guess what, one skinny minge isn't gonna change the planet by showing how many bananas she can shove down her throat so that's that.
Sugar activates wheat to make bread, its a necessary ingredient
I think those chocolates she talked about are good if you don't have a craving. Then it would taste good, but you won't be consuming any sugar.
You are super! Love your energy xx
What about almond milk, is it also that bad as soy milk? Ps. Love you soo, I want to be like you! Just as healthy and successful in the model business as you<3 // fron sweden!!!
Will Cassandra, the only thing i'm going to buy from the market is vegetables and fruits even if they are chemically pesticided but still better than anything else xD
@JoyMercer sorry, activates yeast
i love you sooo much! you helped me sooooo much! you're amaaazzinnngggggg
You are so much more confident and poised in your newer videos, great job. I know what it's like to feel embarrassed around friends and family, I've also been on a journey to get healthy and I agree with all the things you said here too.
I've been avoiding sourdough for like ever because I thought it was bad :(
Cassandra you are my number one HERO! i mean it! ive watched ur channel for a while now and i have watched a bunch of makeup tutorial hair tutorial videos from ppl but ur DEFINATELY my fave! i LOOOVE YOU!!! when u posted your vid about how u were sick in NYC i serisouly had sympathy pains for u gurl! Keep being beautiful inside and out! LOVE LOVE LOVE Michele
You looks healthy and have so cute voice. I've learned new things watching this. Everyone must aware now with these foods that are sabotaging your weight loss.
The skinny cow bars are delicious, however, I did end up eating the whole box by myself in about 2 days because they were addicting!
How about Whey protein? The kind I use is a 100 calories per serving (if mixed with water. I just add it to my Buckwheat oatmeal for breakfast. >.> Because that meal has to last me 7 hours). It lacks sugar. It has some fat and a lot of protein. O.o Is it "Okay"? 
Sourdough bread tastes nasty to me. >.< I'm willing to try rye bread, though.
omg!! i love your demonstrations 
To regular people who want to melt fat some day, Go and Google Fat Blast Formula and get started.
What about almond milk?!
almond milk is great and you can make your own by soaking almonds to leave out the preservatives and sweeteners.
To regular people who want to melt fat some day, Go and Google Fat Blast Formula and get started.
Have you seen Crankmax fat loss? (Go google it) It is a quick way to burn up fat fast.
Have you heard about the weight melting system that lies hidden in your body. Copy And paste into Google Fat Blast Formula to activate it.
you should totally make more of these diet busters and weight loss tips. More then half the stuff you said I agree and are really helpful tips. I think just following stuff what you said weight loss would be so much easier then what people think they are doing right. Thanks for this!
Oh mi gosh thanks so much this was really helpful!
u look a lil bit like tylor swift :) in a good way nice video!!!!! I learned a lot <3
Hi vianey and I'm 14 and I I'm barely going to try eating healthy so I can lose some weight because I do feel that I'm fat
well i didn't.... but i have the same problem as u have.... i looked at all the ones i saw so: maxmuscleextend, avon fat furnace... and it always looks the same... and i heard of guys who sell books just to get the money... i'm not sure id that means it doesn't work as well... but that's the reason why i didn't boughty any if those books... oh and i am really worried about the kreditcard informations... cause u can use or sell those as well... if you go for it please tell me :)
Are Annie's homegrown whole wheat cheddar bunnies healthy in your opinion? hmm...
You look and sound like a brunette Taylor Swift c: <3
can you post a video about everything you eat based on your diet or like a video of cooking one of your favorite meals or any suggestions please
Hey, have you considered "BellyFATtack" yet? Just search Google. On there you can get a useful free video by a respected physician revealing the way to lose extra fat. It helped Khalid to burn his tummy fat. Hopefully it will help you as well...
you've been offered to promote the nestle products but you refused it?! Thank you Cassandra!!! because i ALWAYS believe in you... and if you agreed on it and you suggested it to us then i might probably eating now these products, thinking that it might help me! ='( you're really a good person =)
Cassandra... what a beautiful name, and a beautiful girl <3
Cass, I'd really love to know where you bought that beautiful shirt! It's super cute, but really elegant! ♥
Check facebook for 100 days of real food. They use common sense when it comes to food.
Cass I dont know if you will see this but whats your take on oatmeal bread?
You are probably the first person who has managed to explain food and nutrition in a way that I can fully understand in a way that is also really entertaining. Thanks so much - I learnt a lot from your videos :P
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I was thinking : English muffins better not be in this, thank God I eat the sourdough!
trans fats are the worst and saturated fats are pretty bad too. just as long as the label says there's no trans fats or saturated fats it should be good.
Thank you so much !!!! This explains why I couldn't stop eating the skinny cow but I could stop eating dark chocolate. Thank you.
There's so many things not to eat! Can you maybe do a tutorial on a variety of meals and snacks TO eat throughout the day? That would be amazing!
It would be a shame for you not to shed fat when normal people accomplish it so easily using Stupid Simple Slimming (check it out on Google).
FUN FACT!!!!!: nestle uses cocoa farmed from unfair child labor
Your hair is glorious. HOw did you do it.
What do u think about pretzels cass?
i love how youre a pretty girl whos very smart :) and for people who are going to bitch at me: yes i know there are smart and pretty girls, but its a huge stereotype that if theyre pretty theyre dumb. but i love who she isnt :)
we got some weight gaining soy up in here... :P haha
Looking for bread? Try Ezekiel Sprouted bread.
Hey, have you come across Bellyfattack yet? Simply search Google. On there you can get a helpful free video presentation by a longtime physician revealing the right way to eliminate excess weight. It helped David to eliminate his tummy fat. Why not give it a try. I hope it will help you as well...
To be honest if you want to eat pasta (or anything for that matter) 'healthily', just eat a smaller portion.
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I love how honest you are, really respect that! Great advice too :)))
They laughed when I told them I was going to burn off fat with Slim Body Maximizer, but then they saw the results. Go and google Slim Body Maximizer to see their reaction.
Great video, I love your energy and passion - you obviously practice what you preach regarding healthy eating! I couldn't agree with you more on the skinny cow products- pure junk, especially all the wheat additives.
rice flour is better for anyone then wheat flour, check out your stomach after you get wheat.
you say soy milk is not good...what about rice dream milk??
Any type of meat is going to have estrogen in it too. In fact, it'll have a lot more than soy. Just look at all of the growth hormones and antibiotics that are fed to livestock.
Rye.. could you talk more about that? i love rye... but i dont know why its better? =) does it has something to do with the glycemic index?
u sound and look a little crazzy
too much fat is not good, but fat is necessary to burn carbohydrates ;)
I don't think she's so skinny, just naturally slim and has a healthy lifestyle :) she is 6 feet tall so that helps too
Omg the pizza story, kill me now
i cant get "fat might be better for you"! could u do a vid about fat... trans... saturated... good type of fat?
Could you please help me? Ive been drinking soy milk all my life and I dont like regular. Would coconut or almond milk be better? please help:)
u look a llot like taylor swift
This is the 5th consecutive video I saw of yours and OMG I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!! so informative, funny, and interesting! keep it up!
It would be a shame if you did not bulk up when these normal people do it easily with Atomic Fat Loss (search for it on google).
the best thing to do when you want to take care of yourself is to try to eat as "clean" as possible. Meaning, try not to buy things that are PACKAGED and have a giant list of ingredients. Focus your diet mainly on fruits, vegetables and just natural foods.
fibres are sugars but there are not included in the "sugar" classification of the nutrition facts. They are indigestible sugars, structural polysaccharides like cellulose. The sugar on the nutrition labels is the monosaccharides and disaccharides, the fibre is the cellulose and other indigestibles and the rest of the carbohydrates are storage polysaccharides, like starch or any other kind of carb, like the sugar alcohols.
love this!!!! please do more videos like this!!!!!!
Instead of telling us what we should & should not eat, the govt. needs to make the food companies use better ingredients and STOP putting sugar & corn syrup in EVERYTHING!!! They say corn syrup in moderation is fine. How are we supposed to get it in moderation if it's in EVERYTHING we eat!!!
lol... im diabetic... if someone did thatto me for aday or 2, id die.... :D hahaha
Did you know, if you can't pronounce the ingredients then it's most likely bad for you.
im vegan and i drink unsweetened almond milk...soo yummy!
Skinny cow snakcks have sooo much saturated fat! Wow
Hey Cassandra, How much do you weigh??? Also, how tall are you?? Not trying to be intrusive by the way. :)
My sis had acne that was severe ever since the lady was 14. Today she’s 36 and only this past year completely got rid of her acne. She discovered the Acne Executioner (Google it) and it demonstrated to her how to cure skin problems. You can alleviate acne breakouts if you want to. You just need a suitable treatment.
thank you for this vido its helped alot with my new life stile
If you are going to eat bread, always always always opt for whole grain/whole wheat over white. The healthiest choice for bread is a whole grain, sprouted bread found in health food stores or in the natural section of your grocery store if they have one. Bread should be dense, not light as a feather. It should also have grains in it and not be bleached white. Look at the ingredients. If it has high-fructose corn syrup in it, don't buy it!
its like learning Biology by watching her vids! :)awesome!
An excuse to say they have no sugar but it makes you crave more and is awful x
are subway breads healthy? which bread will probably be the least fattening? i eat subway so much and there's so much carbo :(
This has been one of the most informative videos I've ever seen! Thanks for being so honest ♥
It has more calories because the grains are not split, when its white bread the good fat around the seed or corn is taken off... thats why it has less calories but will not keep you full =) Its much better to eat the whole wheat bread because the wheats are whole instead of stripped of their vitamins and minerals witch are in the outside part of the wheat =)
I love this video, it was so helpful! <3
would it be possible for you to make a list with the stuff you shouldn't/should eat and one with the secret sugar names you know? >_< It would help me soooo much
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