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Jake and Amir: Airplane

by CollegeHumor • 1,173,914 views

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Was Amir watching CP?
Why does he need a USB cat hair trimmer? A razor would work just fine
they need to make this a tv show !! Jake and Amir I would definitely watch that !
Which jake and Amir does Amir light a $100 and get kicked out of the meeting?????
+Not Leonard Nimoy haha dude you are like on every Jake and Amir video and you get like no likes!
Arivadoorcheese. Danke.
What kind of porn was Amir watching??
+NessDendle I dont know what you're talking about... What FBI? I'm not FBI. Really.
I thought this one was funny
Anyone else notice Amir wave a fart into the face of the lady sitting next to him at 0:38?
The thought of jake and amir on an airplane is terrifying
I can imagine Amir causing a plane crash.
hmm. i always thought jake was the fat one
I just noticed he farts at 0:37 and wafts it in her face. Such a scumbag...
why is he a scumbag? He shared the love.
Amir is probably the farthest thing from funny.
+dev70194 He makes shitty jokes and gets pissed that no one laughs at them. Occasionally he does have smart wordplay, but no one really notices anyway.
I find him hilarious. To each their own.
"She's Probably going to get the now..." LOL
Jake somehow reminds me of Paul Walker..
CollegeHumor is dope, yo!!
That blond chick is unprofessional :joke
Sat next to a guy like this on a trip to Portugal a few years back. Didn't exactly talk to me, but he talked to himself so loudly, that it sounded like he tried talking to the pilot for 3 hours... Never in my life have i ever heard someone voice their every thought out loud about everything they did!
anyone else catch that fart at :38
Hhhahahahahahahahaha, love the last part!!
dear god. that chubby chick next to amir is such a terrible actress.
How the hell is that your definition of chubby? 
+Nicole Wilkinson He's into fucking sticks. Pretty recent trend I hear.
For Amir's announcements, did he mouth it on the plane then voice it over a microphone later?
this was actually very boring, didn't find anything funny from this at all. I know it's supposed to be a satire and amirs jokes are terrible, but it's not working for me.
The reaction of the lady at 0:38-0:39
Logic is so unprofessional
Why are they moving to la (Ifiwereyoushow)
Hahaha this is by far the best
Evhey Diezel Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
Rohan Jialal Shared on Google+ · 1 year ago
They stole this from a scene in Harold and Kumar escape guantonamo bay
When spending time on a plane, does time fly?
I love the "fanning" at 0:38 ... seems amir got a bit too excited and let a silent one slip
Amir was going to jack off. On a plane, that would be hijacking.
wow im 12 but i dont do this shit on a airplane
yeah, he`s walking around with god damn massage boots on his head
I want to see a face-off remake with Jake & Amir
... where was the jumping point between the two, bot?
haha he would be the worst person to travel with
look at the girl next to Amir. you can tell she is trying not to laugh.
i wonder how they filmed this ish
The story of my life: Rewatch Key and Peele videos and the watch Jake and Amir videos
Jake either was really high during this or just couldn't keep a straight face.
I don't know, that seems like a Lot of work. It would be pretty Boeing. ...Go ahead, people, downvote me for taking Michael's joke. Or don't. I'm fine with that too. :P
I'm gonna assume you meant that as a play on him not using 'actress' and not as a sexist joke.
Who the fuck would let Amir on a plane
Ahh but space and time are a single, more complex item. We don't know much about it but they are definitely not separate entities.
Omg, the lady next to Amir is THE WORST actress ever.
362/373 video of the playlist....i can do it, just a few more vids.
And all she is supposed to be doing is shaking her head! haha
Lol gotchya, my bad. But no I wasn't, I think if anything I was drunk. I don't remember saying that.
I know, I don't like them, but my friend Dyna might.
I found that really useful. I had been so mystified observing my best mate go from being lame to a ladies man. He started attracting chicks instantly. I found myself amazed. He acted like it was ordinary for quite a while. Then he told me while he was wasted on Bourbon. Turns out he uses the Jake Ayres Master Attraction Formula. Google it if you want to know about it... He's on a date now with a sexy girl... Lucky guy!
must.... go.... to..... sleep -__-
if jake hates amir then why is he always with him?
That's fine. It's the though that counts. If you know what I mean.... =3
I cant imagine what the lady next to amir is thinking
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