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YTV One 2 One with One Direction

by nadiastan • 393,200 views

ALL CREDIT TO YTV NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED this was filmed on march 26th 2012 in toronto, canada check out emitchel89 & 89emitchel for more 1D videos! my twitter: nadiastan tumblr:...

that's me at 9:23. -_- my mom got free tickets.
Love one D!!!! Ziall!! <3 <3
ilove one direction 4 life!! :)
The face the security guards have while the boys are performing lol.
my sister got to meet 1D because she works with YTV
There, there. All that matters is you're here for them now :)
Omg Zayn's birthday is on Saturday!
A slight warning to all he earphone users
i think it was for charity xx :) but he said in an interview he's always wanted to :) xx
harry:pervert+flirt=perflirt i just came up with that!!! SWAG!!!
9:51 real life Fruit Ninja sounds like fun!
its a concert they're excited if you would be there you would scream
4:26 omg crying, why are you so yummyy!! D;
liam always says "mental" it freaking cracks me up cause its so funny!
vote one direction for breakout artist on peoples
You could tell Harry was waiting for Liam or Louis to mess with him during his solo, just the way he laughs at the end of it lol
I love how Liam's face lit up when the crowd started singing back at him.
how could i not know this ....... i live in toronto! stupid stupid me.....
ahahaha real fruit ninja is all fun and games until one of them stabs someone!
all those girls are suckers. Simon and Usher in their secret dens: $_$ *money makers...*
Interviewer: Candians are reserved people.. Liam: You guys are mental.
18:05 thats me In the backgroud, the girl with the glasses, I met them there
i hate how the girls scream when 1D say somethiing and im Canadian
i agree! i love this style but i also think the shaved head looks quite grown up :) arrgh these boys and their gorgeous hair!
every time they said toronto or canada they were screaming sooooo loud
when the man said one direction ladies and gentlemen i was like nigga where the gentlemen at
Ugh the crowd are so annoying.. Stfu
that host really looks like tyler from tvd omg
i love how niall says "third" :') 5:41
i mean holy crap i can't even finish the video because i can't stand the screaming anymore! >-<
4:37 taylor swift look alike O.O
You don't know how long I have been looking for this video!
I hates who ever hates zayn whatever jealous people cuz he is better than u
I seriously just thought this same thing when I came across this video! ha!
Lolz real life fruit ninja im gna play that from now on :D
Was waiting for zayn's high beautiful motebin the beggining .. Yes! Heard it xD
what the fuck Carlos, why have I never seen this before.
@Sarah Hutchinson no me and my friend tried it to
Only for One Direction do I bother to load and watch things on youtube longer that 20 minutes. :)<3
am i the only one who thinks that theres only pretty girls in this show o.o there all hot wtf?
lol nialls accent makes it sound like he said Turd even though he said Third 5:40
i live in toronto !!! <3 YEAH BUDDY !
The irish charm.. that is right<3!
Hey those girls were feeling Harry up!
YES!! Omggg I thought I was the only one who thought so!
He said Ladies and gentlemen i think theres only ladies
Who the hell let these boys play with knifes before going on stage?!?!
"Don't try this at home." Tries it at home.
real life fruit ninja!!! must play!!!:D
Liam said he was listening to Michael Jackson!!!! you don't know how much that means to me! I am a massive fan of both MJ and 1D so just to hear that makes me so proud to be an MJ fan!
Haha the girls always go for the guys crotches! Haha
Am I the only one who would SHUT UP if I was in the room with One Direction so I could actually hear their beautiful voices? Stupid.
It depends on whether you buy them direct or from a ticket buying site, or how popular the concert is in the particular city/how many seats the arena holds, really, and even what time you buy the tickets. It takes a bit of strategy and luck, really ♥
omg the way liam says sunburned
I just LOVE the fact that they sing LIVE every time they sing; not like Westlife, who ALWAYS lipsync (even though the were amazing singers) it just urked me that they never sang live until right before the retired, or if they were in concert, but never in little radio interviews or smaller venues like talk shows. GREAT JOB 1D u guys r amazing and deserve every second of fame an fortune that's come your way! mwah! xoxo
13:22 " look how good it its fine" aww harryyyyy
It's sad when you are excited because you found a video you haven't seen...
Frozen and can't breath... Love that part
The fact that Liam is willing to give up his solo to hear the fans sing...I love this boy so much.
11:48 like like like like like like ya
Interviewer: Wait, why do you think Niall would kiss the queen Louis: I think it would just be hilarious Harry: He's just got the Irish charm, she'd be like 'Oh Hello' HAHAHA OMG :')
7:29 Liam: You guys are mental. LOL!
2:13 mialls adorble jump. DON'T SPLIT YOU'RE TROUSERS,LUV!!!!!
I would've jumped on to the stage
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