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Steve Kardynal's Sexy and He Knows It (Behind the Scenes)

by Stephen Kardynal • 539,773 views

Here's links to the two videos I filmed: Steve Kardynal's Sexy and He Knows It - Girl in Bikini at the Beach -

This guy is GOD! Even Jesus is filming for him
I love you man, you make me smile and laugh so much
Dude you should have actually played im sexy and i know it irl!!! Play on a phone or ANYTHING IT WOULDve been soo awesome
I love how the leather couch wearing nothing but blue speedos treated you like the weirdo.
This look like in gta 5
Michigan boy O_O I'm a Indiana girl XD
Este no es el canal de Steve ignorantes, el canal de él tiene 5,000,000 de suscriptores, su canal Steve kardynal
This dude has bagged my groceries, hell yeah!
Este no es el canal de Steve ignorantes, el canal de él tiene 5,000,000 de suscriptores, su canal Steve kardynal
Theres a in and out burger here in Texas, just saying.
A dude who fits into Venice Beach demographics so well, not being aware of people around him? How will that make Venice Beach look?
They have in and out in texas
God damnit i miss In N Out
dude all that hard work and getting your ass in all kind of trouble AAAAAND you still fly economy . See kids this is a good reason for yall to go to school and finish your uni. 
We even got humpty dumpty here looooooool
This guy gives 0 fucks
thats the same place as california on!
If I ever met you Stephen, I will want to makeout with you XP lol You guys look like so much fun I swear XD lmao you guys are awesome thanks for the laughs ;DD
Anyone know the name of the song at 3:54?
ALEX!!!I love you!!!!
Weve got humpty dumpty in the house.
3:00 I'll give you a handshake cuz I have a boner.
I love everything! You are awesome Steve. I would love to meet you one day. We would have a blast! Keep them coming please!
You are so ugly. Shave your hair
At 3:14 I about flipped shit when I realized it was the place from Freakshow!!!
where is this place? it looks like GTA
We need a full body check on Steve here Robert
I kinda actually tell if Steve is homosexual? :)
Too much soul Vs half a soul
8:17 the dude in the backround drinking Lolz
you are awesome I WANT TO BE YOUR FRIEND
is that the guy from cartoon network?
lol 2:58 ill give you a handshake cuz i have a boner
Damn, if it wasn't for those headphones, you could totally pull off the "deaf guy (doesn't know that his farts actually make sounds)" routine.
"The girl next to me totally heard my fart, and, yeah, it was pretty awesome." xD Dead xD
LOLOLOL 3:00 "il give you a hand shake cuz i have a boner" LOLOL
I'll let you Hump me Karris but not steve, lmao unless I have to go through him to get to you! lmao cuz your sexy in your pic :) just saying
rockkkk cant belive ur not doing them chat thing x :)
Who is the kid with the long hair and flannel? He's damn hot
Dude Why are you gonna flag as spam his videos are AMAZING AND FUNNY AS HELL KEEP DOING WHAT YOU DO STEVE !!!!
OMG i love black people..they are so funny <3
Steve Teach me how to be not self concoius~ I'm to shy to do anything
Are you in an elevator with Thor
3:05 that's FREAKSHOW. The tv show on amc
...that's...not Shane lol! it's Jack from JacksFilms!! xD
you should come to nh and i'll do a video with out!!!!!
What's the name of the song that guy is playing on the back of his bike
"We've even got humpty dumpty in the house!" lmao
same place as kassemg right?
'have a hand shake cause i have a boner' LOooool 3:00
That's really great! People run to hug him! Amazing!
Steve ur FKing hilarious Man Lol Cant Stop laughing
lmao at 2:53 the 2nd kid in with the brown shirt looks down at steves package omg you can see his eyes go down and then back up again lmao. whatever i guess everyone know a days is attracked to the same sex
"I'll give you a handshake because I have a boner."
Hey Steve love that you rep michigan we love you
I don't care what anyone says your a fuckin legend!
It's on my bucket list to spend a day with Steve Kardynal.
why are you trying to tell people that they need to shave or change this or that, whatever your not him so who cares? thats his look, thats how poeple remember him, tell Keith richards to cut his hair see how that works for you lmao or tell the president to stop spending see how that works, the point is, is maybe if it was you, you would shave, but your not him and he's not you so live your own life thats all man take care
stop the vid at 1:40 she her legs
Steve either gets laid ALL THE TIME, or NEVER. Not sure which one...
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