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Gorgeous Fast Food

by Gigi Gorgeous • 610,415 views

Follow me on Twitter! Although I didn't work at McDonald's for very long... the experience will have forever changed me.

Im 14 and work at mcdonalds. Its not that hard gigi 😂😂 but your stories are literally the funniest shit on youtube
+Connor Lozier holy shit connor, you are like so fucking late that i already ended the argument. At first i didn't know he was from Australia which is a completely different topic compared to America. You shut the fuck up cause you are just irrelevant to the debate.
I work at maccies and honestly, I found this video fucking hilarious gold! When you "just threw the bread out to customers", like I was crying, hahahahahaha! but you suffered with bad management! They were wrong to put someone who had only worked like 2 shifts in kitchen by themselves, so it was their fucking fault anyway :)
Nah she probably was overdramatizing it lol
This video made me cringe. "I didn't sign up for this!" .... But you did tho...
A friends Auntie worked at Burger King (the place was shut down a while ago). For some reason they had like mandatory doctors checks. On her stomach they found 3rd degree burns and she needed fucking SKINH SURGERY it was so bad...
Lol "flipping the shit" xD
это чё педераст?
What you're describing is called LIFE and judging by the thumbnails to my right, you were NOT born pretty or rich so you'd better get fucking used to it kid.
So you expected to get paid to socialize? :|
omg thats what im saying
i just started my first job at an Asian restaurant and I cant understand what my boss says so yeah but im catching on okay...I think I only got the job because I look Asian im not even Asian im Spanish and French so yeah anyway love you gigi this video made me laugh after a hard day :)
awesome you are working.. good for you..!
You're the WORST employee ever. Sorry Gigi but I totally believe you're that person no one wants to hire lol
Hahah I worked at mcdonalds for three years in highschool, I started their too cause my friends told me to xD It absolutely fucking sucks!
So.... I don't know how I got to this video and i rarely post commentaries..... You fucking suck, you spolied little brat. Who do you think was going to clean the vomit? The f**kin manager?!?! You are on the low end of the stick, you have the sh*t job, because you have no experience or education.. Some good people do that for a living to feed their FAMILY. Get your sh*t together and start appreciating other people. F*ck you, you spoiled whatever you are. Sincerly,  every working grownup, in the World.
I can't stand people who are not intelligent, I simply can't. Why can't everyone open up a book once in a while? 
oh my god, I am so scared right now, i just got hired at Mcdonalds and start next week... 
upadte: Working at mcdonalds is amazing for me! I work at the register and my coworkers are nice and costomers aren't always great, but it's not like you deal with bad ones all day! as long as corworkers are good, at any job, it'll be good!!
Stop judging, this beautiful person can speak the way she wants, anyways tho, i get inspired watching your videos as for me Im a transgender and watching your videos gives me a more or less image on whats going towards me and thank you for it
What the hell would he have done if he didn't have youtube to bring him in money? What is he going to do in a decade when he's old news on youtube and no one watches him anymore...?
So you applied at McD's and expected to NOT work?  Gigi, no offense, but I hope you marry a rich guy and become a trophy wife, because I don't see you making it in life on your own.
+Hailey Tegeder And she wears a lot of expensive stuff; and shes friends with Trisha, which means shes at least a little stacked.
I mean he (now she) was only 15
uh fucking excuse me?!!
Working in fast food is absolutely terrible.. Before I worked fast food I never realized how shitty the employees have it.
i love his personality
+Sarah Friedland no ,technically a female now...head to toe
+Brittany Ashley It's a he/she hybrid. His DNA is male (Xy), her look is female. 
You sound like a spoiled brat.
I worked at McDonalds for 2 years...I was sexually assaulted by other employees..they also made rumours about me and all the managers hated me and made me do like 5 jobs at one time and then give me a termination notice when I could not get them done in 5 minutes...and they were also my first job
because I was scared all my friends who I worked with would bully me at school if I did...and I needed the money
Lmao! I can totally relate to your video Gigi! Working at McDonald's is dreadful, thank goodness I got out asap! Loved your story though :*
This video is so funny! I love you Gigi! You are so fucking funny. Your reenactments are just hilarious.
I just found your channel and I insist on becoming best friends.
okay, a few months ago i was just walking home from school and i decided that i was going to look for a job. i walked in to a flower shop and just asked for a job. the boss called me the next day and said i got the job with another person, who i knew from before. i started working there and i immediately hated it!!! it was so boring and the staff looked at me like i was the ugly duckling. a month passed and the boss/manager called me in and said that there maybe be another working girl here, but they were not abel to have that many extra people there. so i was the one who MAYBE had to go... a week passed and i worked my butt of to keep my job. but a few days later, the manager said that they had to let me go.    the thing that annoys me is that i signed a contract and if they were looking for someone else, why would they even hire me??? 
some people are just not fast food workers.. i worked at burger king and i hated it .... absolutely hated it 
"picture me working." flipping the shit." XD
Lol my first job was at McDonald's when I was 15.
7:45- 7:50... those 5 secs made my life lmfao 
OMG I haven't watched you in so long. I didn't realize it was you when I was watching the new channel and the name said GiGi. I didn't remember your name I just remember loving to wathcing your videos when you looked like this. I saw the GiGi videos and liked them to but lol at first I just didn't make the connection
ur friend set u up, some of my friends that have worked at MD all said it was so horrible, and the worst job they've ever had smh
I have never seen your videos until now, and I am officially a new fan . I am literally crying with laughter . 😂😂😂😂
I've always wondered what it's like to work at Chapters or Indigo and stuff like that whole squad like idk has anyone worked there
No it's all a dream
so vapid. with expressions and mannerisms and values learnt from reality tv.  sad
i wish you would post more videos like this:(
Come on you guys! Almost al of us are that way at 15, i was almost like that. But now im 21 and work really hard and open to do way more things, its life!
This is what you want to watch the day before heading into work @ McDonald's...and I'm a newbie.
McDonald's ad before this vid hahah
If you didn't want to do the job, why sign up? 
fuck I hated working at mcdonalds lol thank god I was never in grill tho
weird right? you actually need to do something if you have a job.
The ONE time you have a chance to use literally the correct way… You literally got burnt, and you don't. But then, you say it was literally a scene from Saw… Gigi! 
She sounds like a prissy stuck up thats life get use to it.
You got burned, not burnt.  (grammar nazi here, lol)  
U fucking dip shut people work there as a living to try to feed their family make mean videos again I will knock u the fuck out u gay bitch
Hi my name is Gregor, I worked at McDonald's and I got burnt! 😂
I've worked at McDonalds for four years and I fucking love this video hahahahah perf
I worked at mcdonalds for two years
After I took the sh*t out of the hot damn oil lol
Hahaha I love this video! This is basically the story of how I got recruited to go work for mcdonalds as my first job!
I'm my world Gregs always right, you feel me? Cx
LMAO "Like, what's a rush?" "Like the perfume, Gucci rush?" "OH MY GOD MCDONALDS HAS GUCCI RUSH?" brb crying
Hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh ur were the worst
that's not your fault. they didn't give you sufficient training, hell they didn't train you at all. poor management. 
Gucci rush omg you slayyyyyy
OMG love the way you did your makeup and hair
Lmao this was hilarious
wow.... he should move to LA... irvine.... would fit in well.... parents must be rich cuz he lazy ...... this is a real personality? like...for real XD
Not to start any conflict or anything but I really miss Greg and I feel like Gigi is a little fake. :(
best. video. ever.
LOL you are just adorable GiGi hahahahhaha
did you wear makeup to work?
Its not your fault. They obviously needed a better training program.
Is your last name actually gougeous?
lmao!!your fuckin funny[x where do you work at now?:j
Oh my gosh you are soooo pretty. I am so jealous. 
I really hope you've matured since then and now have a better attitude towards work.  We all need to work in order to survive!  Being financially dependent on someone else for your whole life is no fun at all.
Girl I feel bad for you
Omg. So funny I can't I just can't I love you hahahah
not meant for work..... oh thats nice
"All lies, all lies." XD
Hahaha I can relate to you on talking too much in class. That was always my biggest problem! My parents yelled at me about it all the time! :)
Hahahaha I almost does watching this!!!!
AM i the only one that  Laughs  from  beggining to end of the video LOL   #LoveyouGG  
what does gigi do for a living? just youtube?
you lazy fucking bastard like boohoo you got fucking burnt get over i burnt myself with chemicals when i worked at tim horton's and didn't fucking hide in a washroom for it like fuck this is retarded learn to fucking suck it up it's a job you do what you need to and stop fucking whining you lazy bastard no duh they get rushes it's called being busy like any fucking store,  you only get money from fucking youtube for being stupid on youtube when you work for a store you learn the fucking menu you don't fucking whine your a stupid lazy no good for nothing shit this video is the stupidest thing ever if you can't follow build charts your a retard OMG YOUR A FUCKING RETARD you lazy bastard
Why are you cursing so much in the begging of the video she clearly made it obvious and stated that she was only working their to be with her friends and make EXTRA money not to live off it she was only 15 while she was working their so you should calmly just sit the fuck down and get off her channel if you don't like her so bye hunty ✌️
He was 15 years old. Yearssss ago. Stop slamming him about it lol.
Now I'm scared to get a job
That's just absurd that a newbie would be working during a rush. Stupid McDonalds.
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