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Sp00n tries the impossible game 2

by Sp00nerism • 55,122 views

Should I start a series in this game, till I beat the level? COMMENT BeLOW me. TSHIRTS : Twitter follow me for random shit and when to know I'm...

its 2015 bitches im from the future
I don't know whats so fascinating about a red cube jumping over spikes and other cubes but I find it mesmerizing.
Do a series on this game.... With sex grunts when u jump.
sp00n u cheater ur using game sharks
yay spoon got partnership with youtube
do i need xbox live to get microsoft points to get this
he is actually really good at this lol he keeps the music going so i like it, i can never listen to the music xD
I remember sp00n posting a video of this game, it was around the team he was doing an Amnesia play through which he DIDN'T FINISH. *low creepy voice* I'll never forget that sp00n.
spoonerism FAWKING TRIPLE SPIKES best part \o/
This game is way too stressful for me, I keep cringing every Sp00n gets to a difficult part. I'm going to get an aneurism
Keep playing this. You and nova should get on Skype together and play this game. See who rages first :)
you should totally start a series!:D
The orange block is sonic but painted orange and a block...
One of the secrets to the Impossible Game is to listen to the beat, which I assume Sp00n is sound whoring to right now.
please make this into a series!
Sp00n should watch these videos just so we could see his reaction /watch?v=OX50PN1nodE /watch?v=BFOmd0jAyD8
What mask? O_o oh you mean when he dressed up like a girl for april fools? I still don't get how he hid that mask under his skin...
Series with you beating all the levels! :D
sp00n: "OMG, I don't know what happens now!!" *DIES*
I understood most of it, but still, his grammar was shitty at the end.
To me, it kinda looks like this game is teaching me how to play guitar as I watch cubes fly across my screen in ordered sequence
That game hates everybody that plays
shutup about the music just because it doesent get ''fancy'' doesent mean you cant play >:(
No, that was actually a girl. I mean no horse mask. But apparently, the amount of idiocy in these people make them unable to see a ":P" at the end of my comment.
Come on Sp00n we believe in u and believe in urself
I'm not disagreeing with you there, but when someone has shit grammar and/or spelling. If i'm still able to understand it, I don't really care.
look up pictures of horses and you will then see what he looks like...
sp00n is sounding more mature is he 5 already?
Sp00n is the epitome of first world problems
I think you should start a series of this and try to beat every level
FANCY MOTHAFUCKA!! had me rolling XD!
omg he's so good at this compared to james
6 times of fail attempt 7=professional
Is Sp00n some kind of wizard that he can do 20x better than me in 10 attempts?
46 MSGS!!!!???? But ur right. Heavens music is amazing. Yet I hate techno. I still like heavens music
o my god sp00n has over 40 messages
i saw it, i'm not blind and i didn't skim the comment. the :P doesn't mean he was joking.
My mind demands more T_T and a lot of other people :D
thumbs up for being a fancy mother fucker...
I see what you did on the description
Wait a minute,i thought your username was Sp00nerism,why does it say TheCampingtree
What the fuck you were doing so good
Wow so many ppl took ur name on twitchtv
1. That doesn't make any sense, try using grammar. 2. Search it up your self dumb. Type in the song in impossible game its there somewhere lazy ass.
Definitely do a series, am impressed at how well you did - seems you got the skill & Nova got the patience :P
Sp00n - "the music is cool... make me feel like a superhero" Me - YOU ARE A SUPERHERO!
spoon is way better than i thought in this game
Yes you should keep this up, I love your commentaries. Something different is always a good thing c:
Yes. You should make a sires out of this.
Lol your like those type of people who ask for admin rank as soon as they join a new server xD
I refuse to believe that Sp00n has a face.
Sp00n should play Happy Wheels
Sp00n: -Almost 10 attempts it took him to get to the green part in chaoz fantasy- Me: -Almost 140 attempts till I got to the green part in chaoz fantasy- O-O
there's 1 diffrence between Sp00n and Nova Sp00n can play for shit and Nova can't but i love them both <3
Sp00n, please play Techno Kitten Adventure
i love how emotional this game makes him <3 women love emotional men
livestream MW3 and play black ops next sp00n
9:31 and 9:38 :))))) cool sp00n subscribe :D
@Xtremecallofduty except he's way better at this game than nova ever was :D
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