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Minecraft: Quad Mountain Survival w/Nova Ep.1 - And So It Begins..

by UberHaxorNova • 1,255,729 views

Leave a like FOR QUAD EFFIN MOUNTAIN Map:...

holy shit where has the time gone last time I watched this I was such a fucking fedora loser in junior high damn
😯😯😯😯😯😯 sheet him mate
Rewatching the series again!
Lmao gosh so much shit happening in the first episode
Back when Uberhaxornova was good.
He still is funny, it's just he had a different sense of humor back then. People change.
I don't see the difference.
Let's go on a nostalgia trip!
like if you're watching in 2015!!!!!!!
I remeber waiting for each episode xD now i can watch it all in one session (or 2... or 3.... ok... maybe 10 sessions)
i started watching him, the first mountain survival i think........ i dont remember its been so long
Can someone please tell me the mod that lets him control fire because I want to use it
Re-watching what made Nova my favorite YouTuber. Oh, the good old days. I was one of his earliest subscribers.
+Cole Smith Asgard was accedentaly deleted
I want a Penta Mountain Survival
aaaah, good old solo Nova, sure do miss these days
I feel like this is HERO (terraria youtuber). He has the exact voice.
Back when I was in grade 7/8 this shit was good. Now, its amazing!
This was the second series i watched from nova/james. lol
My God, it's already been 2 years? Almost three now...It feels as if he uploaded this like, last year. 0.0
What update is he on ?
Holy shit. 3 fucking years?! How???
Idk why but i soo miss the old series nova use to do
I miss Quad Mountain :(
Now we need Penta Mountain
Watching this again to get away from Nova's acidic fanbase.
Me: sees Orcas in the lake NEEEEHHHHHHHHHHH 
Like this comment if u watch this in 2015 XD
Omg im so watching these again
I miss the minecraft and happy wheels Nova era
ah the nostalgia im having is going to give me a heart attack 
It's 2015, someone make Penta-Mountain a thing so we can watch him play that!!!!
can't believe this came out two years ago…… fuck we're getting old
this series was the reason I started watching nova and playing minecraft, it is really awesome
This was one of his best series
james, i practically begging here, please do a five mountain survival, penta or whatever. please.
I was around when this was uploaded :D
OMG I FUCKING MISS THIS. <3 This was my first minecraft series (series of any kind really) and the first youtuber I loved and got used to. He is the root of everyone I've seen since 2 years ago. ;^;
does anyone know the texture pack's name? the link is broken now.
It's called Tymix, I think someone is recreating it. I think.
I REMEBER watching this enjoying, laughing and nova did get me into Minecraft :') good times
still one of his best series :D
Anybody know what version of minecraft he is using? 1.5?
1.2.5 if I remember correctly
This is the best Minecraft series ever...
Ah, time to rewatch the series! Been awhile!
best minecraft series ever! right next to seamus's series!
Fuuuuck. Memories are coming back, watched this series 3 times! I love it!
I remember this playlist like it was yesterday! So much fun to watch. :>)yo
This and Tri mountain survival are my FAVOURITE series from him!
men nova should do this again  :)
Everyone request for nova to do this series again, or riot!
penta mountain survival!!!!!!!!!
Always coming back to watch my favourite series on his channel :-D ♡
Ahh I loved this series,I wish he'd play it again....T-DOG!
What's the mod thats used to absorb fire and throw it?
I was just looking in my watch again List and I saw this... It was unfamiliar how I would watch something like this so like other curious people I clicked it and I just had a flashback and instantaneously remembered..
im sorry but im a little bit behind in all these whats the mod for when you cut the last piece of wood and then the rest of the tree falls down?
What texture pack he used?
How can i get all these mods on? is there a modpack i could download? the technic launcher one doesn't work
what version of minecraft is this
Why do I love looking back at this lets play in pertucular? Oh yeah! DP! ^-^
this start is so f*cked up 4 midgets and a robot chasing him
Is there a mod pack on the technic pack? Because idk any other way to get mods........
Double by twice the amount.
This is my favorite Minecraft series that Nova played
So how about a Qunit-Mountain survival or a Penta-Mountain Survival?
Came back to this video about 2 years later after viewing. This was the series that got me to know Nova , and subscribe. I now watch every Creature channel. It also introduced me Youtube as a whole. Eachday , going on the computer watch Uberhaxornova is like a drug , but it's a small part of my day that makes it that much better. Thanks for uploading James ! Miss this series so much. -Avid fan and subscriber before 750 000 k :)
those who are wondering wat texture pack it is go on the last episode
Please do another solo series like this =)
what texter pack is that
He has the link in his description
He should do MountainSurvival (5 Mountains!!) please
Nova please play some more quad mountain it was awesome :(
LOL He actually DID die five minuets in!!! XD
So it begins... and never continues...
I want more chaotic fucking survival maps with all the mods n sht :D
Watched about 40 of these a year ago. Coming back...this is the most insane thing I've ever seen XD
This will be a bitch to catch up
He should've uploaded his Forge mods folder on a download website! D:<
Singular mountain survival...but the mountain would be incredibly huge!!! :)
new record, you died before the 5min mark
Double by twice the amount.
you english FUCK YOU
No for Dr.Pepper......
Where my camel? Now you gonna get it! IMMA BREAK YO FACE
Shoulda been you T-dog
I wish he would make more singleplayer minecraft but i guess if he doesnt like it its fine i still love treetopia
fuck it, im watching this series for the third time :)
I miss Dr. Pepper the turtle :[
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