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by Inga Rasen • 11,622,312 views

Pretty much my reaction whenever I see any "news" having to do with celebrities. Especially if it has to do with their personal lives.
I only want news about them if they get put in the hospital or died or something.
My reaction to when people say I'm a noob at games. WHO THE HELL CARES?
my reaction to people hating on the Star Wars prequels and special editions of the original trilogy
+1234Murphdog Pretend what doesn't exist? 
+thaggartxsoo the star wars christmas special
When you still see people talking badly about you.
My reaction to that stupid dress debate.
That's exactly why I'm here.
nah! he's talking to his momma
My reaction to Christians telling me I'm going to hell.
All i heard was " Oh my god! Who the hell ca....
my reaction to FNAF 3
My reaction to soccer fans who auto-correct me that the "correct" term for the sport is called football...
+Darude .Sandstorm and american football is for gays who like to jump on each other and touch each others butthole's
And soccer is for fags who like to fall over and cry after someone looks at them the wrong way
My reaction to feminists saying video games are sexist.
My answer to those who find Frozen overrated.
my reaction to your comment
My reaction to every comment section on YouTube.
my reaction to The colour of the dress
My reaction to people debating what color that dress all over social media is.
The Internet's most vital weapon.
That stupid dress shit brought me here.
Keeping up the Kardashians...
Joshua Starks Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
This is my reaction when I say "funner" and people say theres no such thing as funner
my reaction to people in youtube comments that state that they are a fan of a particular thing before continuing on with their sentence, {for example:(im a fan of mlp and i think this video's funny)} note: i am not a fan of mlp fuck that show.
My reaction to pretty much everything on planet Earth sums up to this video.
My response to "xxx brought me here" comments on YouTube.
Thumb up if that STUPID BEYOND BELIEF dress picture brought you here.
my reaction to all the comments.
My reaction to everyone's complaints on the internet.
If I cared  a little more I would link this video on all clickbait sensation videos on youtube
I've already posted this link about 7 times on Facebook, Peter Griffin sums up perfectly what I think about that dress color.
That fucking dress brought me here.
Show this to anyone asking what color the dress is.
My reaction when Activision announced a new call of duty game And to people who hated roman winning the royal rumble 2015 Now I'm public enemy no. 1
My reaction if Justin Bieber dies.
That would be everyone's reactions. Even his fucking parents.
Pretty much my reaction on the issue of #thedress
My reaction when pc gamers say they get 60-100 fps and consoles only get 30. I mean srsly who cares i cant even tell a differance
My reaction when someone says something when I'm about to leave on the last day of school.
"This dress is Black and Blue!" "No, you retard! It's white and gold!" Play video
Oh my god who the hell cares best line ever
When people keep talking about Frozen
The dress is blue and black or Golden and white?...
My reaction to Valentine's Day
Thank you Peter, you just decided to show my distaste for people who shoot their mouths off 
my reaction to the blackblue/whitegold dress
Category: Education. Indeed.
My reaction to internet arguments.
My reaction to the New England Patriots Deflate-gate joke, and constant NFL updates on TV and radio.
i hate this character. so this is my reaction to everytime he says something. fucking immature dick
My reaction to people who comment on how tall I am every time I visit...
To all the bronies, jk i want some attention :)
The Blue/Black White/Gold dress debate. -_-
Category education. Seems legit.
My reaction to the "Save the boobplate" campaign
i searched "the most retarded guy you will ever see in this world and he is so dumb i mean... WTF!? is wrong with this guy!? He should just go and kill him self cuz' he is just retarded and his brain... just banter. he's probably illuminati confirmed." and this was the only video it could find..
Hold down're welcome
My reaction to people saying their reaction in these comments
My reaction to the pc and counsel wars. I mean seriously, just play the game on whatever you have!
My reaction to anti bronies
My reaction to people who comment "first" in the comments.
My reaction to when people say girls like shopping and other sexist things like that
My reaction to Tom Brady being named MVP when the New England Patriots won Super Bowl XLIX
My reaction to 99% of Roblox.
+Purple Guy Is My Favorite. :3 Yeah.... that's because 70% of games are FNaF games, 25% of games are clones of Minecraft/Source minigames, 5% are shameless copies of other games, 4% of games are bland, and 1% of games are FUN.
When people starting bitching over Kim Kardasion showing her butt, this was my reaction! Actually this is my reaction to anything regarding the Kardasions!
My reaction when i see people commenting their reactions.
My reaction to people still bitching about the Kardashians. I mean it was cool then, now it's getting old.
what episode is this from
S7E6: Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
My reaction to reading all these comments
The category is Eduction...... Seems legit!
Eduction Pretty legit
my reaction to anything that a western feminist says
my reaction to every ''my reaction to...'' comment
my reaction to grammar police, littlest pet shop zoe "cute" face, i could go on and on. reply to this if u agree (or to share yours)
My reaction to haters.
my reaction when the news talks about other stuff than the weather
my reaction to my spanish teacher
Who the hell cares for being stupid
Press 4 then 8 "That Ass"
My reaction to people who complian about rule34 all the time. Let people do what they want to do dehind closed doors.(PS I'm not into anything weird like that just a disclaimer)
My reaction to the teachers
my reaction when i see fanboys fighting about what youtuber is better
Today i took a big nap :)
Which episode is this from
S7E6: Tales of a Third Grade Nothing
my reaction sonic 06 worst game 
my reaction to people who say  insert name here___________ is a moneywhore 
my reaction to people telling me their fantasy lineup
When someone brings up random subjects in YouTube comments. ex: Stupid Christians... Ex2: flithy Democrats...
Gavin Production Shared on Google+ · 1 week ago
I'm Bored I wonder what peter Griffin has to say
My reaction to when my dad whines about our landlord selling the place
Little surprise since that fact may affect you too.
stop saying "my reaction to" you little faggots
my reaction to my reaction to my reaction to etc.
Who else saw his mouth turn orange at the end..?
My reaction to anything that bores me
My reaction to GTA V fanboys, and people who still beat the my reaction jokes to death. Seriously? Those jokes are old.. Come up with something original.
my reaction to grammar police
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