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Do You Find Me Attractive?

by LAHWF • 2,281,653 views

This one's fun. I actually didn't have a hard time doing this one as awkward as it is to ask that. I got good tweets ▶ I got good instas ▶...

Love the guy at the end😊
how you feel inside matters... need more people to say that :/ 
The last guy changed my arse and touched my life.
i would delete all humans and replace them with the last guy
You too would be deleted, unless you're not human;-)
LOL That last guy seemed not at all surprised and gave a deep answer to such a random question. Physcology professor maybe?
that last guy tho............what a nice dude
Cool bloke at the end. Not gonna lie, that moved me a bit. :)
The guy at the end of the video changed my cat into a lion
+Manny S coffee all over the library keyboard, thank you so much for that comment ^.^ 
+Joe Geraghty hahaha im glad you like it, no problem ^_^
The last guy makes not very good-looking people feel better. 
love the last guy  great answer  !
It's interesting that people are more likely to answer the question if he uses the word "attractive" as opposed to "hot"
All those people were white or Asian. You should ask some black people. I think you're attractive, but other blacks might feel differently. 
+Arcturus Dunhelm That's...not true at all. Stop making generalizations -- it's unbecoming. +Rarru Prabi I have no words for you. Have fun living under your rock. The Everything-but-21st-century called. They want their racism back.
+Rarru Prabi No, that'd be you. Have you moved out of the 19th century yet?
The last guy was the best
They should get someone unattractive to do this
I agree. I bet the women would say "ahh this is a little awkward" lol
Did anyone else see at 1:48, andrew noticed that the guy walking by was listening, and not wanting to sound like a stalker, he changed the question, asking them if he looked fat, and when the guy was gone, he asked them if he looked attractive.
last guy went deep.
That guy at 2:22 sounds like Hershal from The Walking Dead lol.
The last guy went deep
The last one was beautiful ;-;
Did anyone else notice that small guy at 2:35 with the orange shirt? 
good pranks by lahwf, hold camera steady (shaky) and picture is blurry. /english is not my native language/
When you do videos like these please try and include different races (black, white, hispanic, asian) I like to know what a person from each race thinks. It also gives it more diversity and makes it more interesting.
Yes,you are attractive ! :)
:-D i wish i was hotter. Gotta work on it. Me But cool video and all. ^﹏^
The guy at the end was awesome
your camera guy is actually so terrible... :)
I wish the last man was my dad...
The guy at the end gave me hope in humanity no lie
-do you think im attractive? -yes -then can we have sex? -NO
the last guy seems a good guy
Awww that last guy. He knows what matters, and how to live life.
The last guy reminds me of Clint Eastwood. And he's badass too.
That last man said some deep shit.
Allways answer a question with a deeper question !
thts what i call a good editing!!!
The last guy at the end omg very trueeee :)
that last guy was a psych professor
I like the last one that older guy was cool :} by the way he is fine ass hell -.- he need to ask black girls shooot
Is it just me or is it that literally everyone else is attractive except me.
9 yes, 1 ok, 1 motivational speech
The last guy was amazing.  Loved his response.
Aw, the ending was cute :)
1:20 What she really means is... "Yeah, you're good looking... you know, for a guy." 
I know i stopped laughing at the end lol, made me think to myself.....
That guy at the end hittin you with knowledge 
+jb1563700  your opinion still. you are what you think. if a guy that you think is not attractive is only your opinion.
I like the last one.
funny video.appreciate something different now
lol 2:26 a friggin philosophy professor haha
Im fucking crying from this xD
The chick at 1:06 is my French teacher from last year. Ha I'll mention it to her Monday see what she says xD
Lol he hesitated when that dude was looking at him haha.
The two guys were funny && that last guy was awesome
Which celebrity do I look like?
That last guy was a boss
Well I dont think anybody would say no to this question unless your a fat hair nerd and the girl your asking is real cute and stuck up, then they may say no.
The last guy got me thinking...
2:25 I'm not English and i really want to know what he says.  Can someone write me please ?
last guy gave you a lesson :)
the last guy was so cool
haha go ask black girls
Andrew you are so attractive!
pokerface do u think I'm attractive?
Andrew how about doing a video that goes you telling people, "WOA Man! Its you! calling out to people around guys guys look! Its him from <random TV show> !!" and then fanboy moment. It would make their day. 
Kinda lost but the pranks are often good research from a sociological standpoint.
Last guy was awesome, bet he is a really nice person to be around
Do this in the hood pls :D
awwwww the guy at the end....
Great advice from a random man
Y does he have to make it so awkward
What should I do?? Lughing? Or what?
2:30 that's badass right there.
Hey Andrew I am just thinking of u doing a free fair taxi service kind of thing Thanks man U r great #Peace
I like the part where he is asking those chicks and a dude is walking by so he gets all nervous and is like uh....does...this...shirt make me look fat. The dude at the end was awesome. Did anyone actually say no to you?
Why the fuq u read this comment u better fuckin like now
no, you look like hayden christensen
That last guy just didn't want to answer 
the guy at the end was the best!
I think you are very attractive.
that old man though ! He rocks...
Ironically enough, Hayden Christensen has a clone. ♡_♡
Loooool Cowboy she got u dude
Epic guy at the end is epic
Yes I do ! :) Er- I mean....the guy at the end was such a cutey and a good sport ! Aww !
That was kinda gay when he asked the guy
No it wasn't, he was just asking if he thought he was attractive.  Can't you ever admit that another guy looks good? Open up your mind.
Male, female, gay, or can look at someone and see whether they're attractive or not. It has nothing to do with your sexuality.
The last man is genius! 
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